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Jay Park Birthday Bash Weekend : Finale 😎

A short smut stroy of Jay Park.. made by the Jay Park Community.

◆Warning...Smut Ahead◆

Here is the link of the 1st to the 7th scenes.

Here is the link to the 8th scene.

Now it's time for me to end this!!! (─‿─)

Him and his hoe tendencies. God why this feels soo good.

"I hope you had a good birthday babe"
"Not yet. I want to take my time and enjoy this fine ass juicy pussy. SO, Crawl on the bed, and stay on all fours."

I love how deep he gets when he takes me this way. He positions himself behind me and slowly slips inside me, pulling out and then pushing in a little further.

"God, Jay."
"You feel so fucking good. You're so god damn tight."

I feel the orgasm he cut me off from starting to rebuild and I push back to meet his hips. He smacks my ass with his hand and I yelp, looking back at him in surprise.

"Stay still."

Oh my. The more he thrusts inside me, the more I feel the need to move, to search for the orgasm lingering on the horizon. I gasp when he plunges deep and holds himself still, circling his hips. He lets out a groan.

The sensations feel overwhelming, so good, I need to move. I arch my back and press back into him. He smacks my ass again, harder this time and I yelp again. He rubs his hand over the sting.

"I told you to hold still, baby. Don't disobey me or I will tie you up."

I meet his gaze over my shoulder.

"I'd find something to tie you up with." "You're into the kink?"
"Not usually, no."
"What? I bring out the caveman side of you?"

He chuckles.

"Something like that."

He smacks my ass again and my pussy clamps down on his cock. He groans and rubs his hand over the redness covering my ass.

"You like being spanked, huh, ?"
"I've never been spanked before."
"Your pussy gets so tight and you gush with each slap. Your body loves it and that's really fucking hot."

His thrusts get a little faster, a little harder and I moan. I'm so close. My clit is throbbing and tingling. One little brush would send me over the edge. I reach between my legs and almost get my hand to its destination when Jay smacks my ass again.

"I told you to be still. That means no bending down and touching, no moving. You don't get to rub your clit. Only I get to. You'll come when I'm ready to let you." "Savage."

Jay laughs then spanks the other ass cheek and pulls my hips even closer. He holds himself deep, pulling back just a little before pushing back in fast and hard. Each short thrust wrings a moan from my lips.

"Jay please."
"Please what, baby?"
"I need to come."
"Not yet."

He laughs again.

"Let it build up so high and tight that when I touch your clit and slam my cock deep into you, you explode."
"Fuck me harder Jay."

He grunts and obliges. His hips slamming against my ass, his balls slapping against my clit with each push of his hips, and it has me hanging on the edge again. I need to move. Just a little so when his cock goes in hard and deep, his balls hit my clit just right. I can't help myself, I shove back to meet his hips, searching for that orgasm that has me desperate for release. He feels so good fucking me, but I need to come so bad.


My pussy tightens around his cock and he grunts.

"Jesus, baby"
"More, Jay. Please."
"Soon, baby. Soon. Let it build."
"I can't wait."
"You can and you will."

I growl in frustration and he laughs. I see nothing funny about this situation. He has me desperate and writhing and he won't let me come. Cruel-hearted man. I wiggle my ass, remember how it drove him crazy when I did it before, and he grunts.


"Your ass is going to be too sore to sit on if you keep disobeying me, babe."

He's rubbing his hand over my heated flesh as he takes his time fucking me, going slow, then fast. Going gentle, then hard. It's so inconsistent that it's driving me crazy.

"Please, Jay."
"How bad do you need to come?"
"So bad, Jay. Please."

I can't stand it anymore. My head hangs down.

"You want to come now?"

He grunts.

"Okay baby. I'll let you come. But you're going to come again because it feels too good when you squeeze my dick tight inside you."
"Oh God."

He grunts.

"Hang on, baby."

He thrusts hard and fast, his hips pistoning into me, his balls finally hitting my clit in just the right spot. In less than a minute I'm coming so hard and long that I can't catch my breath. It spreads throughout my body, going to my toes and the top of my head. I tingle everywhere as my walls convulse around Jay's really fucking magnificent cock.

"Fuuuuuuck, that feels so good. Come on my cock, baby."

His dirty words turn me on even more and I'm still coming and I can't catch my breath.

"Holy shit. Oh my God,"

I cry out and I feel another orgasm right there.

"Oh yeah,"

He says hammering into me,

"you're going to come again aren't you baby?"
"Yes, oh God, yes,"

I scream out his name as the second orgasm slams into me harder than the first, each wave crashing fiercely.

"God damn, your pussy grips me so tight. It's all I can do not to come."
"Come, Jay."
"Not yet. You're going to come again."
"I can't Jay,"

I tell him, my weight resting on my elbows now, my forehead pressed against the bed.

"You can and you will."


"You can and you will."

He pulls out and flips me over. His eyes are glazed over with desire, passion, lust. He lifts my legs up over his shoulders and slides back inside me. He grunts.

"You feel so fucking good. I could come right now but I want you to come with me and I'm really enjoying the way your pussy feels around me."
"I don't know if I can."

He smirks.

"You can."

He grips my hips tight and starts thrusting deep, so deep I feel the tip of him touch my cervix.

"Oh God, Jay," I groan.
"There you go, baby. You like it when I nudge you deep?"

I hiss. I can't stand it. I'm so wet I can feel it dripping down the crack of my ass. I have no idea how the hell he gets my body to respond like this, but shit. He groans.

"You're getting close again. Your pussy's squeezing me. Fuck yeah."

He thrusts deep and hard and with each nudge deep inside, I get closer and closer to the edge. So, close.

"Jay, please."
"Almost there."

He fucks me and fucks me and fucks me some more and just when I think I can't take any more, he slams into me so hard he starts pushing me across the bed. He pulls me back to him and slams into me once, twice and I'm flying, screaming his name and I really don't care if they can hear me on the other side of the house. My toes curl, goose bumps pop up all over my body, my nipples tingle, and the orgasm goes on and on. One more hard, deep thrust and Jay lets out a shout of,

"Fuuuuck baby."

Then he grunts and breathes heavily with each spurt of cum that my pussy milks from him. He keeps moving and coming and I see the surprise on his face. Now he knows how I feel and I'm so fucking glad he found that with me.

"Christ," he says.
"Happy Birthday you mother fucker"

We both laugh as we catched our breaths. Then he turns to me and he kiss my forehead. We both close our eyes and let this night take over.

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Yep and in 9 months, a little heathen appears
ohh mmmmhggggg
@MarrickeJ33 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@QueenPandaBunny lmfaoo yup so true!!
Dayum (in my Jay voice)
😄😄😄 wasn't expecting that.. it was good.
Wow! what away to end it 😲
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BTS 2019 Summer Package In Korea Preview!!!😍☀️
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