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안녕하세요 친구

Welcome back my fellow Fantasy and soon to be Fantasy loves.


It's your SF9 Taeyang mod supporter here 이솔다 bring you an ideal of how I picture this sunshine as a namchin or namja chingu or boyfriend.

As a boyfriend, I imagine us on baseball dates (bc I used to play softball up until college) and to check him out in them pants..
[Seriously look at how cute & fine he looks with that bat]

He will have eyes just for me at fan meets
[That dreamy look...lawd]

He will probably take & send selcas of the other one whom I like to be cruel...all fun & games
[After I die, the just a solo of him to remind me he's mine jajaja]

Would show off the gifts I give him

Lastly, I picture him as a romantic type: a little rose and dance never hurt anyone

Overall, he will be the sunshine in my lifeu.
Oppa waiting for me to appear before his eyes!


안녕 판타지

Taeyang climbing up bias lists in 2017!!
I know and I gotta keep an eye out for hwiyoung and Inseong too?!?!? lord
He is cute.