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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.


You spent three days in the library meaning on Earth six day must've passed since you left. You wondered if your brothers were worried about you. Every now and again when you were alone you'd open up your phone and look at the pictures of all of you together. You felt a sadness in your heart. You didn't belong in this place at the very least you should be able to move back and forth between both worlds at will. You spent alot of time reading and going through multiple books of anciet areas. One of which that stood out to you was Janera. It was an ancient area and considered to be sacred grounds. You wanted to go though you wondered if he'd stick to his promise and take you where you asked him to go.

On top of finding the landmarks, you had been going through past wars between the civilizations that lived in this world. The Wolves were interesting to say the least and the Chimera attacks were odd but they interested you. Something kept bringing you back to Janera though. While you were looking through alchemy books you were also reading through your little spellbook you brought back from Earth. Tetra had given you a few notes on your powers. She had trained you for a year and a half. She kept saying something about the 'gift' you have the 'gift' and you weren't exactly sure what this 'gift' was but she was more than willing to help you discover it. She kept mentioning the Fae Queen Genevieve she said that her land was beautiful and by far the most comforting place to ever be. She said you had her spirit but even more than that you and her shared the same gift. It was in your Alchemy research that you saw something that was referring to a 'gift'. With the more research you did the more you learned that this 'gift' was the power you were training yourself to use.

Thought projection.

They found it was one of the most powerful gifts in the Fae world. The Fae ended up placing their world in protection because they other cities believed the power was too great. They could very literally use their imagination to make anything they wanted. It was a cool power but one that was hard to master and even more control. You sat at the window today looking out at the large desert land. You had a thought though, you had been staring at Janera for a long time in the book you wondered if you could get yourself there. It was the same thought you had to go through the whirlpool, if you could use your thought projection to open up the portal again. Could you get there with just your mind? You closed your eyes and tried to focus on the cave that was in the page. You were trying to bring yourself to Janera. You sat there for minutes concentrating on Janera the more frustrated you got the harder it was to control the power. Same as Mintaek, he couldn't help but burst things into flames when he was greatly aggravated. You remembered Tetra telling you that you had to concentrate and calm your mind just because it didn't come automatically didn't mean it wouldn't come. You had to visualize actually being in Janera, actually being able to smell the wet walls from precipitation. You had to be able to actually feel the walls with your hands and see the ancient writings on the walls. The temple built in the middle, the flowers that were growing out of the wall despite the lack of sun. You had to make it real in your minds eye just like you made the knife real. The knife was real, it was there so you had to visualize Janera the same way. Like you were actually there.

There was this weird out of body experience you had once when you were a child and dreaming. You saw yourself running in your little white dress, only eight years old in a world of greenery. It was like a paradise for you, nothing but wide open grass and what you believed were fireflies dancing around with you. Flowers were bloomed everywhere and even though you were eight and only asleep you felt like you were actually there and actually awake. You were tired the next day and your parents couldn't figure it out since you had slept through the whole night. This was the same out of body experience, you didn't feel like you were dreaming you felt like this was real. You looked around and smiled in triumph.


You looked around at the large cavern. It was dark and damp just how you thought it might be especially from the pictures in the book. You walked down the stone steps looking around at the area. You came up to the wall to see the ancient writing there. You stopped and stared at one saying on the wall,

"He who enters prepare for the worst." you read aloud.

What was the worst?

You kept walking, looking around at the place. The water seemed to have a glowing magical effect that reminded you alot of Mintaek's eyes when he was pissed off. You didn't see any signs of life in the water even as you knelt down to look into the clear surface. It was beautiful and you wondered what it would be like to jump in. You scooped your hand through the water but you couldn't catch anything in it.

"I guess I'm not completely here huh." you said to yourself chuckling a little.

You saw the white flowers in the wall and then looked up at the statue of a large woman with her legs crossed and her arms out. You walked up closer to her. The statue wasn't moving but you still felt the need to move slow and careful just in case she moved. This place was a temple, perhaps the fore gates to Janera the city. You didn't know if you could go any farther than this. You stood at the base of the statue staring at the stone ankles and then looking up at her chin. You turned to the side and walked to see what was behind her. Nothing but a wall but you walked closer anyway to inspect it. You were a huge Indiana Jones fan as a kid so you were always ready for a trick door or a booby trap that might kill you, which was why your movements were slow and careful despite you not actually physically being there. You saw the inscription on the wall.

Beware what's beyond, for men step in and come out as something else.

What the hell did that mean? You saw something that looked like you could press a button and open the door. You were curious to what it meant but did that mean if you walked through your life would end? Your life was already different, you were already odd and away from your family. You were an outcast in this world and the only one that wanted anything to do with you was the very person you were trying to avoid. You started to hear cries though. Little child cries, you pressed your ear closer to the wall to hear.

"Hello?" you said.

There was a sniff and you waited.

"Hello?" the tiny voice answered.

Wait you could be heard? You tried to touch to the button that opened the door but you couldn't. What was a child doing trapped behind the wall?

"Give me a minute I'll try and get you out." you said.

"Who are you?" the voice said.

"Um, my- my name is Y/n." you said not really knowing how to answer the question.

Here you had to answer you were Y/n and you bare the Mark of Oh Mintaek. It was a whole title thing that reminded you of how people referred to themselves in old biblical times. Joshua son of Israel, things like that. You didn't really think the kid would care or even know who you were talking about. He stopped talking, at least it sounded like a boy. You kept trying to get the door to open.

"I'm sorry it's not opening." you said.

"It's alright, people have tried to open the door before. Most are too scared." he said sniffling.

"What's in there?" you asked.

The boy was silent. You waited to see if he'd answer.

"Answers." he said.

You looked up at the statue before you. You kept getting this feeling like she was supposed to move. Janera was named after some Angel or goddess the people here believed in. She controlled both the Domain of Life and Death. Most people believed she was the judge of who lived and who died. He didn't say that there was either behind the wall he said there were answers.

"Answers to what?"

"Whatever you're looking for?" he said.

"What if I don't have any questions?" you said.

"Everyone has questions about life and death."

For some reason the first question that came to mind was a question you asked when you were thriteen. Why are you alive? You sighed defeated that you couldn't get the boy out but right when you were about to say something else you were whipped back into your body in the library. Mintaek had been shaking you and you looked at him once your eyes opened.

"Damn it." you growled.

You were trying to figure out how to actually open the door and he'd pulled you out of it.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"No, your timing is the worst." you shot at him annoyed.

You looked away but you could feel the disappointment in him. Damn it you'd just become so mean to him. Even you knew he didn't deserve that but you didn't want to tell him what you were working on either. You were trying to get away again and he'd have you watched or try and stop you. It annoyed you but Janera was an interesting place. You wanted to go.

Your Mark burned you and from what you could tell he was trying to tell you he was hungry without asking you. You didn't want him to bite you.

"Where's your cup?" you said.

"I don't like the cup."

"I don't like your bite." you shot back.

He sighed and came a little closer.

"Please it'll be quick." he said.

"Nothing is ever quick with you." you said.

You looked back into his hurt eyes and sighed annoyed. The longer he was here the harder it would be to get back. It would only take more time. You pulled your hair back to expose your neck and just gave into his will for the sake of getting rid of him quicker. He smiled and leaned in, he released his fangs and both his hands came to your arms. He had this thing where he licked the area he was going to bite before he bit into you. You weren't sure if that was so that you could get prepared or because he was trying to get you horny but whatever it was he did it every time and never strayed from the area he licked. You felt his warm tongue graze your skin and you tired to ignore the sensual feeling that it aroused in you. Your heat already aching for him to come take you. Your mind said no, your body said hell yes and the two were arguging back and forth in a maddening silence. His teeth finally sank into you a little sharper than before making you moan a little. You closed your eyes to focus and let your head roll back. His hands slid down from your arms and down your side to your stomach. You shivered at his touch while he continued to drink from you. He came up for a second to take in a breath and then came to your neck again. You found your hand coming up to his hair and tangling your fingers in them. You felt his hand come to your thigh and push it over so he could come closer. You could hear him swallowing your blood and his heavy breathing through his nose. You tugged at his hair and said,


You were feeling a little faint for a moment. He pulled up to look at you. His eyes met yours in deep temptation. He licked his lips of your blood and your eyes settled on them. You lifted your hand and let one of your fingers come to his fangs you could feel the prick and your nose scrunched. Mintaek took it as an invitation to suck on your finger which only made you weak. Your body said it had been six days since you last had sex. You'd gone longer but for some reason you really wanted it now. Perhaps it had to do with his bite mixed in with the fact that he was just as horny as you right now. You felt his tongue swirl around your finger and then he came away from it to take in a sharp breath. You could tell his heart was racing probably at the same pace as your own. You thought back to the first time he made love to you. It was after a movie, you didn't know who or what he was then but you liked him. He liked you too. He leaned in to kiss you and his hands cupped your face. Once the kissing started you came up once to invite him in the house and he took you to a paradise you didn't know existed. You were in such a euphoric state you didn't want to come down. It was like being high and never wanting to be sober again. Some how the memory had led your hand to his crotch to feel him. He groaned making you snap out of the memory but your hand didn't stop teasing him. He cupped your face and brought his forehead to yours. He was panting heavily, fighting an instinct that came naturally to him. To just take you, you wondered why he was fighting with himself when you realized you told him to never do that to you again. He had become so frustrated with you the first night that he drank your blood and went into a frenzy, tying you up and taking you the way he liked. Round after round, your body had erupted in powerful orgasms you hadn't experienced with anyone but him. He was trying to hold down growls while you began to pet him a lot more. You leaned into his forehead but you weren't saying a word just acting. You weren't even sure you were thinking anymore. Your body took over and said just feel don't think. His bite was dangerous, the last three days he bit you, you kind of wanted to sleep with him. It finally got to you today.

"Don't do this to me puppy." he hissed.

You undid his pants with both your hands and pulled out his hardness. He was going commando today. He held onto your face still panting. He sounded like an animal growling through heavy pants.

"Please Y/n I want you. Don't do this and leave me." he said.

He was begging you to let him have you. He wouldn't be able to stand it if you got him this hard and then told him to get out of your face. You almost wanted to laugh at him. You kissed him and his mouth took over yours quickly. He kissed you hard and heavy, his teeth cut into your lips as he kissed you. He was too turned on to really realize they were out and he wasn't going to pull them back in. They were going to stay like that. You held onto him with one hand while he kissed you furiously and you continued to jerk him off. He groaned into your mouth loving the way you were touching him. He pulled away from you, his eyes glowing, teeth out, his entire Vampire nature coming out. You pushed the book to the floor,

"Take them off." he ordered.

His voice was animal and in serious want to fuck you. You complied feeling a coil in your stomach twist hard at the tone of his voice. When you were okay with having sex with him, you loved his demanding tone and his dominance. You hated it when he tried to use it over you and you didn't want him to. You quickly pulled off your pants while he removed his. You were taking off your shirt when he started to lick at your heat. Your eyes rolled back and you moaned into the large library to hear the echo of your voice come back from the ceiling. No one was in here but you two. No one was ever in here but you. His tongue teased your clit only flicking at the top before he flatened his tongue to lick you up all the way. His tongue continued to lap you up with no reservations. You pushed on his shoulders and moved him back and dropped to your knees. Your mouth quickly went to collecting his heat. Your head bobbed up and down sucking him off and slurping him up. His hand came to the back of your head and moved you faster on him. The way your tongue licked him from below then turned to the side had him moaning loud in the library. He hissed when you came off him to only lick his tip. You let your tongue lick his tip from below slowly but consistent. You spread your spit up and down his shaft to use as a lubricant. You were soaking in your nakedness so much that even after you two had gone they would've been able to smell what you both did in here. It was better than a vibrator. Your nipples were perked up and while you continued to go down on him you fingered yourself to get ready for him. Your own fingers spread inside of yourself to stretch you out. He pulled you up and kissed you hard tasting himself on you. He took the hand that had been inside of you and licked your fingers clean to mix both tastes together. He kissed you again and had you stand up. You came over his lap and aligned him with yourself. Neither one of you wasted time, he grabbed your hips and you immediately started to bounce on him. He hissed while you moaned. You gripped his shoulders to control your ride on him. He kept a hard grip on your hips and moved with you as you did. He bucked his hips into you as you came down on him making you moan loudly. He continued to fuck you while you rode him and the experience was something that brought you back to other times you two had made love.

"Oh! It feels so fucking good." you said through moans.

"Fuck, puppy. Come on baby girl. Make me come." he said.

You nodded and pushed down on his chest and continued to move up and down on him. He brought a finger to your ass making you nearly scream as he did. Your hips slowed down as you tried to adjust but he shook his head,

"Keep going baby. Don't stop." he encouraged.

You kept moving but you had slowed down from your normal pace. It felt oddly good though to have two places being prodded at the same time. His tongue flicked at your perked nipples but he didn't suck on them so that he was careful of his fangs biting into you. He lifted you up and came behind you. He pushed you down so you'd bend over more and he entered you from behind. He moved faster and you let your voice loose. He let his feral growls mix with yours finding no need to hide either of your sounds.

"Fuck!" you moaned.

"Come from puppy. Come so fucking hard." he growled.

He slammed into you harder.

"Oh! My Gooooodddd." you shivered.

You let out high pitch mewls that had your eyes rolling back. His hand wrapped around your neck while he came over your body. His lips came to your ear as he said,

"Don't you want to come for your Master?"

"Yes Master. I want to come. Make me come please. Please." you begged.

This wasn't even you anymore, your body over took you in pleasure and your mind wasn't able to think, refuse or call you out on being submissive to him.

"Mintaek!" you gasped.

Your body eurpted to the point that your legs felt like jelly and he just kept going. He growled hard, low and long when he came inside of you painting your walls with his stickiness. He held onto you and sat you down on the window again. You went to go catch your breath along with him. This wasn't even like three days ago when you came back maybe because you weren't resisting but more willing. You felt satisfied at the least. You looked outside. Night fall wouldn't be for hours but your mind came back to Janera's temple. The boy behind the wall. You sat up and pulled out of his arms.

"Move slow." he told you.

You started to get dressed and so did he but much slower than you. He was watching you get your clothes back on.

"Do you hate sex with me that much? That you'd regret it afterwards?" he asked.

You rolled your eyes,

"I never said I regreted it and I know you don't feel that coming from me so don't go assuming things just because I start getting dressed." you said.

"Still as firey as ever." he said.

"I need you to do me a favor." you said.

He leaned forward to hear what you had to say. He was looking up at you with dull eyes, they weren't shining or glowing like they normally did but he was intrigued in what you had to say.

"I need you to take me to Janera." you said.

He looked at you strangely.

"You said you'd take me where ever I wanted. Janera is where I want to go." you said.

He looked like he had gotten caught in a trap but sighed and stood up.

"Fine but you must be careful." he said.

You nodded and you both headed out of the Library. There were a few Vampires that had smirked when they saw the two of you walking down the hall. No doubt they heard the both of you fucking. It was wild and animal but god it was so fucking hot. You couldn't let him have that too much. He'd get the wrong idea. This wasn't love, it was animal sex, just that. Sex based off instinct, pheromones, no love just pure instinct. He got one of these machines that looked like a bike and had you get on it behind him. He rode you across the desert sand with the air below it kicking up dust around you as he headed for Janera. You two came to the front entrance of the cave and you smiled at the fact that it was exactly how it was when you projected yourself here. You ran in and Mintaek chased after you.

"Be care Y/n Janera's temple is-"

"Sacred I know I did my research." you said.

You pushed his hands off of you after he caught you and you made your way through the place just as carefully as you had when you projected yourself here. You looked at the statue still not sure if she'd move or not. You came to the back and listened again. You didn't hear crying this time.

"Hello?" you said.

You waited for someone to speak back. Would they speak back this time? Was that just an illusion? Were you even right about talking to someone here? Mintaek stood behind you and whispered,

"Who are you speaking to?" he asked.

"There's someone back there or at least there was." you said.

"Have you been here before?" he asked.

You looked at him and decided not to answer that. You stood up straight wondering if you could open the door. You pushed the area you saw before and the wall began to creep open. Mintaek pulled you back and a white light beamed from behind the wall that was practically blinding. The wall began to move to close again and then you could hear his voice.


You pushed Mintaek off of you and looked through the opening. A young boy with dirt all around him and short cut hair was running towards the wall. He was running as fast as he could. You held out your hand to him as the wall continued to close. Your heart was racing like he wasn't going to make it. He jumped and grabbed your hand; you quickly pulled him out before the wall closed him in. You held him in your arms trynig to catch your own breath at the close encounter. He could've been around eight or nine years old. You looked down at him and began to sniff.

"He's a wolf." Mintaek said.

You looked up at him, his eyes were glowing and he looked ready to kill. You pulled the boy behind you and said,

"Mintaek don't."

"We're not taking him with us. You should've left him in there."

"He's a child."

"He's a wolf."

"What does it matter a child is still a child." you shot at him annoyed.

He glared at you,

"Wolves come for us. He's a child that will grow up and terrorize us. He'll try to kill us. He's just another one of those filthy dogs." He lunged at the boy and you stepped in front of him.

"You hurt him and you'll lose me I promise." you said.

"Why did you come here?" he said.

"Janera is a city of life and death. The flowers that grow here- they were used in ancient practices for fertility." you said looking away from him almost ashamed at what you said.

You felt his heart drop immediately and his attitude left. He walked away from you while you knelt down to the boy. You gave him a smile.

"I'm Y/n." you said.

"I remember talking to you. I didn't know you were a Vampire's Mark. It's hard to smell behind that wall." he said.

"What's your name?"

"I'm called Digit."

You gave him a soft smile and picked him up.

"Come on Digit, we need to get you cleaned up. We can talk about what you were doing behind that wall later." you said.

You walked out of the temple just as carefully as you came in and Mintaek was waiting outside. He was looking off in the distance and didn't seem to want to look you in the face now.

"They'll be furious if we bring him back." Mintaek said.

"Now when have I ever cared about how they felt?" You shot back and walked over to the bike.
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