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I Was Watching​ Adorable Vmin Moments (as usual lol) & Thought I Should Write Some Scenarios :DD

p.s: I got very cheesy & fluffy with some of these... I suck at writing fluff, but the feels I get from Vmin is so strong... I couldn't help it


Taehyung: "Bro, I Love You" ❤

Jimin: "Nah Bro, I Love You" ❤❤

Taehyung: "But I Love You More"

Jimin: "Nah, I Love You More"


Taehyung: "Let's Just Agree That We Both Love Each Other"

Jimin: "Bro" :D

Taehyung: "Bro" :DD


[Jimin Picking Petals From A Flower]

Jimin: "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not-"

[Runs Out Of Petals, Jimin's Eyes Tearing Up]

[Taehyung Kisses Him]

Taehyung: "He Loves You"
A/N: im blushing asdfghjkl


Jimin: *laughing* "You Know What Would Be Crazy?"

Taehyung: "What?"

Jimin: "If We Somehow Started Dating"

[Both Laughing]


Jimin: "Wanna Go Out?"

Taehyung: "Yea..."
A/N: what if xD


[Something Funny Happens]

BTS: *laughing hysterically*

Jimin: [Laughing​ & Flings Himself Across The Room For Taehyung To Catch Him]


Jimin:[Whispering To Taehyung] "We Need To Keep Our Relationship A Secret From The Others"

Taehyung: "But What If They Find Out?"

Jimin: "They're Not Going To-"

Yoongi: [In The Other Room] "Literally Everyone Knows..."


[Jimin Stares Blankly At Taehyung & Namjoon]

Namjoon: "...What Are You Looking At...?"

Taehyung: "Ah~ I See. You Want Me To Bring Your Phone So You Could Message Jin Hyung About What We Should Eat For Dinner?"

[Jimin Blinks]

Taehyung: "Ok~ I'll Get It For You"

[Jimin Smiles]

Taehyung: "You're Welcome~"

Namjoon: *confused* "How In The Fu-"


[Jimin Notices A Bulge In Taehyung's Pants]

Jimin: *teasingly* "Is There Something In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Excited To See Me~?"

Taehyung: "I Have Something In My Pocket"

Jimin: "...Wat...?"

Taehyung: [Digs In His Pocket] "It's My Portable Phone Charger, Why?"

Jimin: "......."


Writing These Made Me Realize How Much I Love Them xD ❤


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I can see them truly knowing what the other is thinking