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Ji Su woke up with the sun shining and the birds singing. She smiled thinking how her mood matched the birds and the sun. Though her good mood disappeared when Jungkook wasn’t next to her. Frowning, Ji Su sat up taking the top blanket wrapping it around her when she stood up. Before she walked out, she found her underwear and put that on. She smelt coffee when she opened the bedroom door. A small smile appeared when she thought on how he was still there. Following the scent, she found him lounging on the couch reading a book, shirtless and wearing gray sweats. Walking over to him, Ji Su picked up his black t-shirt and put it on. Jungkook raised his arm and welcomed her when she climbed in next to him.
“Morning beautiful.” He whispered kissing the top of her head.
“Morning baby bunny.” She mumbled back to him feeling her eyes grow heavy, still feeling sleepy.
“What is it with this ‘baby bunny’? You called me that back at the spring show, which caught me off guard.” He asked curiously. She propped her head on his shoulder to look at him. She smirked tapping his nose. He glared at her. “Sharing is caring Ji Su.” He grumbled.
“Do I have to share?” She asked lifting her left eye brow. His response was growl which made her chuckle. “Alright if you insist. It’s because of your handsome baby face and the way you scrunch up your nose makes you look like a bunny. I have been calling you that since we first met, my baby bunny.” Ji Su explained and then pecked his cheek only for him to turn to where he kissed her on the lips. She giggled when he dropped the book he was reading to wrap his arms around her.
“If we are going to have nicknames then you’ll be my ‘Miss Coconut Cherry’.” He told looking at her bright sapphire eyes. She gave him a questioning look to have him explain. “After that night we met, all that I could think about was how you tasted like cherries when I would kiss you. The smell of coconut became a drug to me that I would have withdrawals when you weren’t around.” That made her smile as she snuggled closer to him loving the warmth that radiated off his body. They laid there in silence. Jungkook picked up the book he was reading and she read along with him.
Shortly after a while they both got up and dressed for the day. She put on her jeans she wore yesterday, still wearing his black shirt. Jungkook dressed in jeans with premade holes and a matching black shirt that showed his muscles underneath. Walking out hand in hand they went to the beach. Jungkook told her that since the storm was bad that most of everyone stayed in the city or with Jimin’s parents. Jin and Mi Sun made it back before the storm got bad. Jin sent a message to Jungkook telling him, though Jungkook didn’t see the message until that morning. Ji Su told Jungkook that she told Mi Sun about them.
“When did you tell her?” He asked. “
A few days ago, when we had our fight. I was a mess and she was worried, so I told her. I’m sure she already told Jin.” Ji Su told him as she stopped walking. She felt his hand that was around hers grip hard when he thought about that night. Jungkook stood in front of her and cupped her face with his free hand.
“I promise to never hurt you again and let my damn emotions take over.” He promised her. Ji Su stood on her tip toes kissing his chin missing his lips. She let out a chuckle when he leaned down just to kiss her. Ji Su wrapped her arms around his waist breaking the kiss. She believed in his promised and hoped that one day he would never break it.
Walking back to the cabin, they spoke about telling the others. Neither of them had a problem with it, since their relationship became exclusive. Secretly Jungkook wanted to announce it to the whole world if he could, but threw the thought out thinking of telling those he was close to was more important. He walked her to the cabin she shared with Mi Sun and kissed her goodbye before heading back to his cabin.
Ji Su had a goofy smile on her face and it soon disappeared when Mi Sun took a picture. Ji Su chased Mi Sun around that cabin telling her to delete it. Mi Sun refused and put her phone done in her bra smirking knowing that Ji Su wouldn’t dare reach down there and take it. Pouting, Ji Su walked away to sit down on one of the couches.
“So, did you guys work things out?” Mi Sun asked being noisy.
“Yes, we did.” Ji Su told her holding in information that Mi Sun really wanted to hear.
“Alright, I’m sure you’ll tell me when you’re ready. Tonight, were going to have a bonfire on the beach. Jin and I have some news to share with everyone.” Mi Sun told her sitting next to Ji Su.
“So, I take it that Jin is ready to tell them about your engagement, and the possibility that you’ll be moving out.”
“Yeah. We talked last night thinking it was the best to tell them now before it was too late. We’re thinking about having out wedding in August. We called his mother this morning to tell her. She told us it was about time we figured out the month, now we just need to figure out the date and where.” Mi Sun shared while groaning thinking about having to come up with a date and a place to have the wedding.
“I’m sure you and Jin will figure that out in no time.” Ji Su reassured Mi Sun.
“Thanks, you know you’re the best friend that anyone could have.” Mi Sun told JI Su.
“We have been through a lot together which makes family.” Ji Su placed her hand on Mi Sun’s and gave her small smile.
The sun was setting and everyone was in the girls cabin packing food that Jin made for everyone. Shortly after everyone headed down to the beach. Hoseok was full of energy that lite up everyone’s mood. Yoongi and Namjoon were at the beach getting the bonfire set before everyone showed up. When everyone arrived, they saw Yoongi telling Namjoon to leave the fire alone and to make sure no one was around so he wouldn’t set anyone on fire. Jin walked over to them to help settle this matter. Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok were making fun of Namjoon getting in troubled. Jungkook did his best to not laugh.
The three girls, Reena, Ji Su, and Mi Sun shook their heads leaving the hyenas pretending they didn’t know them. The girls sat on one of the logs that were around talking with one another while the guys were being dorks making fun of each other.
“So how long have you and Jimin been together?” Mi Sun asked Reena who was playing with the tab of her can of beer.
“About 6 months.” Reena told Mi Sun who turned red feeling nervous being around Mi Sun with her questions.
“Have you two, you know?” Mi Sun wiggled her eyebrows asking how far Jimin and Reena have gotten.
“Yah Mi Sun don’t ask her that!” Jimin yelled at Mi Sun while walking over to his girl.
“I was being harmless. I just want to get to know her.” Mi Sun defended herself while Jimin pulling Reena away from Mi Sun. Ji Su sat there holding her stomach laughing at Mi Sun who was pouting.
“You know, Mi Sun, its ok to not ask questions.” Jin said walking over. Mi Sun smiled and stood up hugging Jin. Soon they left leaving Ji Su by herself trying to stay warm from the fire, but the breeze from the ocean wasn’t helping.
Long arms wrapped around her and a pair of lips touched her neck. Ji Su looked up to see if anyone saw out of habit before turning her head to face Jungkook with a small smile. He sat behind her and rocked from side to side holding her.
“You cold?” he asked.
“Yes, but with your body heat I’m sure I’ll be warm in no time.” She told him. He let go over her to take off his hoodie and handed it to her. Ji Su stood up to put the big red hoodie on before sitting down. She smirked noticing the hoodie smelt like him. His scent was a musky woods scent with a hint a fresh dew in the morning.
“When did you two become so close?” Ji Su looked up to see Yoongi standing in front of them. “Why do you want to know hyung?” Jungkook asked pulling Ji Su closer to his chest. “Because some of us were in line before you Kookie.” Yoongi pointed to himself and to those who were looking, Taehyung, Hoseok, and Namjoon.
“I didn’t know there was a line. Did you know there was a line Ji Su?” Jungkook lying and joking with Yoongi. Yoongi laughed saying he was joking with them. Hoseok came around handing everyone cans a beer. Once everyone had one Hoseok stood in the middle of everyone.
“I pose a toast to congratulate our maknae to having his first girlfriend. Also, a congrats to the parent couple making it official on their engagement.” Hoseok raised his can of beer in the air and others followed. Jin asked Hoseok on how he knew about the engagement when he and Mi Sun hadn’t said anything about it.
“Hyung you are just too easy yo read at times and we also have ears when she is over when you both think that we are a sleep. All I have to say there is more happening than pillowtalk.” Hoseok shared with everyone. Jungkook and Ji Su held in a fit of giggles after hearing about the parent couples pillowtalk. Then Mi Sun turned red and hide behind Jin, embarrassed. “How long have you two been together?” Reena asked taking a sip from her can, only to have it taken away from her. Reena glared at Jimin who just gave her his famous eye smile before finishing her can of beer.
“That is another story for another time.” Jin told her knowing that no one wanted to sit there and hear about how the parent couple met and how long they been together. They heard the story way too many times before.
“I will tell you that Ji Su played a big role on how we ended up together.” Mi Sun said pointing at Ji Su. Everyone turned their eyes to Ji Su and Jungkook. Ji Su felt her face burn and noticed that Mi Sun was smirking. Mi Sun turned the attention to the newly made couple away from the parent couple.
“So, have far have you two gotten? Would you like some advice on how to make her feel good?” Jimin asked curiously only to get hit on his arm from Reena. Who told him he was being inappropriate.
“Hyung wouldn’t you like to know.” Jungkook replied making Ji Su hide her face with her hands. Everyone laughed and decided it was time for some games. The first game was Most Likely. Namjoon went on to explain that game but was cut off when Yoongi told everyone that they need a drink and need to come up with a most likely question. The one with the most votes must drink on how many votes they receive.
“Let’s play a practice round.” Hoseok said and everyone nodded.
“Alright who here is mostly likely to change their clothes more than once in a day?” Namjoon asked. Everyone pointed to him drink his whole can of beer and start another one. After the practice, round they started to play for real. The first most likely question was who has date more than one person. There was a tie between Taehyung and Yoongi. They played rock, paper, scissors to see who would have to drink. Yoongi won and cheered watching Taehyung drink more than one can. The next one was who was most likely to be a drama queen and Everyone pointed to Jin. The game went on until one or more passed out.
When the fire died, everyone cleaned up and stumbled back to the cabins. Jungkook carried Ji Su on his back taking her to his cabin. He placed her on his bed covering her up before he walked over to the other side to lay next her. Ji Su was asleep but woke up when she heard giggling and moaning. She sat up trying to figure out what was going on. She looked over to her left to see Jungkook reading a book.
“I wouldn’t worry about it. Jimin and Reena are having to fun. Apparently, she isn’t as shy as we all thought.” Jungkook told her. Ji Su scooted over to lay her head on his chest.
“You are a light weight when it comes to beer.” He stated and winced when Ji Su poked him. “That’s why I drink that cherry drink that Yoongi makes. I can have so many without feeling anything.” She told him and yawned.
“That’s why you’re my ‘Miss Coconut Cherry.” He told her and Ji Su mumbled something before falling asleep. Jungkook kissed the top on her head before he drifted to sleep with her in his arms.

Sorry for this chapter being short and the feeling that I threw it together in a rush. I (J)Hope you all enjoy and look forward to more chapters to come.
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