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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.
Mintaek's POV

He knew there was something Y/n was hiding from him. She spoke as if she had been to Janera before. He knew there couldn't have been anything in those books that would say there was a child behind that wall or even that it was a pup. He was annoyed that she was making him bring the child. The Elders wouldn't like this, they'd want him to be killed or returned both of which Y/n wasn't going to stand for. She seemed so comfortable with the boy though, like she'd known him forever. She masked his scent using herbs that grew around the outside of the Society and then had Mintaek hug him so his scent cover his. She must've learned how to do that from the books in the library. She was starting to learn more about his world which would've made him happier if it didn't result in her finding a child. He wasn't happy about it but refusing her now would've turned such a good moment into a bad one. He already soured the moment by wanting to kill the child in the first place. She wouldn't let him have her that easily again. She'd do anything she could to refuse him and make sure that he couldn't sleep with her especially since the kid was around but he was so happy about the way she let him have her again. He had tried to be on his best behavior when he was drinking from her but when she started touching him he wanted more. He wasn't sure what she was doing but she had brought him to a point where he had to beg her not to play with him because he wanted her. He wanted all of her.

They sat in their bedroom with the child and Mintaek asked Hyukwoo to bring them food at Y/n's request. They had a small little table set up and when Hyukwoo brought in the food for them to eat the child dug in. Hyukwoo excused himself silently after Y/n thanked him with one of her pretty smiles. It annoyed him that she'd smile at Hyukwoo but not him. She watched the child eat furiously with soft eyes. He watched as she reached out for his hand and he almost seemed to growl by habit. Her eyes narrowed and she pulled his hand down.

"You need to eat slowly. It's not going anywhere." she said calmly.

Oh so she had the ability to speak softly but she only did that for a child.

He was actually jealous of a child at the moment, a wolf child. He had captured the heart of his Marker much easier than he could since he marked her. He wasn't taking the Mark back but he wasn't sure if Hyun Jung was right. He wasn't sure he could earn her trust back, or get her to look at him that same way ever again. The boy settled his quick eating and wiped his face with his arm. She looked at him sympathetically.

"How long were you behind the wall?" she asked.

"Me and my parents were being chased by Chimera. I ran into Janera's temple. I didn't know that even the Chimera had sense not to run on holy ground so I ended up running and hid behind Janera. I happened to open the door by accident but I went in anyway thinking they couldn't smell me there. Things are changing, what season is this?" he asked.

"The fifth." Mintaek answered.

The boy nodded,

"Then I've been behind the wall for about three months now. Wow, three months. It still feels like it happened only a few days ago. I guess time moves differently there."

"Do you know how we can find your parents?" she asked.

"Oh my parents are dead. The Chimera killed them. It was kind of an odd attack, it was like they were purposely released to chase us."

"I'm sorry about your parents. You don't seem all that broken up about it." she asked curiously.

This time Mintaek chimed in,

"That's because Wolves are trained that way. They're told the whole truth so that they accept everything that happens. Death has no meaning to them."

"That's not true. It meant something to me." the boy said.

He looked up at Mintaek and Mintaek stared down at him. Y/n kicked his leg as if to tell him to ease up and stop being an ass. She just didn't understand that he didn't trust Wolves even if he was a child he still meant trouble.

"I cried for a while behind the wall just because we accept death in its true form doesn't mean it doesn't hurt us. I didn't get to bury them. I'm not sure where I left them. I don't know if the Chimera took their bodies back or ate them. I miss my parents. I still feel like you and anyone else does. Vampires are the ones we see as insensitive." he said.

Mintaek growled.

"That I can relate to." Y/n smiled at the boy.

Mintaek looked at Y/n hurt. She flashed a cocky smile at him because she meant it. The boy stopped eating and looked at the two of them. Y/n looked back down at Digit.

"You said there were answers behind the wall, what were you looking for?" she asked.

"Like I said I found it by mistake; however, in the midst of my cries I found myself wondering why my Parents had to die. There's some force at work I'm afraid. A force that would like to reenact the war between Vampires and Wolves once again."

"The last war was because of the Great Moon." Y/n said.

She had been doing her reading. He knew she would. The boy nodded,

"The Great moon gave Wolves amazing strength given to them by their holy ground. The Vampires lost large numbers and instead took to finding mates that could and would fight with them. They would triple their numbers over the amount of years that passed."


"Janera says that Markers are used for two purposes: to fight and to breed." The boy said.

Instantly, he felt Y/n get uncomfortable. She straightend up and looked at Mintaek. Mintaek felt exposed, she was to be his wife and she didn't know that, that was the hope he'd been living with since he'd met her. She didn't know that while he slept and dreamt of her he was waiting for the moment to wake up and make her his bride but he never saw past her and him being married, by that time he'd woken up. He was unaware of the furture she held with him when it came to having children but even as part Fae it had to be in their destiny to have children. Mintaek could feel the anger in her when she heard that though, her discomfort melted into deep annoyance.

"So all this time I've been a breeding tool for you?" she said looking at him pissed.

"That's not true. Y/n-"

"Save it." she said looking away from him.

"Y/n that's not true." Digit said.

She looked down at him curiously. It took Mintaek by suprise that it sounded like the boy was trying to protect him as well.

"What are you saying?" she asked.

He smiled,

"Janera shows us our destiny, our path in life, you merely have to ask the question and you learn the answers. Such as, why am I here? I asked that without meaning to but the answer was revealed to me. Janera knows the layout of our life if we asks she answers. She showed me that I was supposed to meet you and you prince." he said looking over to Mintaek.

Digit smiled even bigger looking more to him like a playful child then a wicked pup. He looked back to Y/n.

"I have no experience with love but I know from what I saw that Mintaek loves you from the bottom to the top! You're everything to him and even if you're not admiting it now you love him just the same."

Y/n looked over to Mintaek uncomfortable again about what Digit was saying,

"Janera showed my why my parents died and why I had to meet you, the both of you. Except that Janera wants you to come to her yourself. You have questions you want answered too. Like Genieve, the Faery Queen. You want to know where you came from right and why you're destined to be here. You play a much bigger role in this world than you do in Earth but Mintaek both worlds are her home, she needs both. So you can't keep her here." Digit said.

He went and looked down at his plate and began to eat again. Mintaek looked to Y/n, she was looking down at her lap and he could feel her emotions. She felt conflicted but there was this sort of light inside of her. It was like a beacon of hope. She was realizeing she would get answers from somewhere and that was more reassuring to her than anything. Y/n looked back up at Digit and said,

"You know for a child you're very insightful." she smiled sweetly at him.

"In your world, I'm probably ten but Wolves are smarter than humans." he smiled.

She chuckled not even slightly offended by the fact that she was half human herself. She let him eat before she bathed with him. He never bathed by himself, he bathed with his mother and Y/n automatically took over that role. Mintaek found himslef coming out of the shower after them to see her and him under the covers completely asleep. Her arm was behind her head and she was on her side, he was curled into her body and holding onto her tank top. He had gotten her a whole new set of clothes since she didn't bring anything but she kept coming out of no where with new clothes. Was she taping into her ability as a Fae? He wasn't even aware of what her powers were though, he didn't know if she knew it herself. Maybe she did and just wasn't willing to inform him. The picture laid out before him was sweet despite his distrust of the boy. The woman who should be his wife in bed asleep with a child. If she had been pregnant all those years ago he wondered if the boy would've been their child instead. A boy or a girl. A boy clinging to his mother and vowing to protect her even from his father. A girl that looked just like her and that Y/n would protect no matter what. She'd probably brush her hair and put her in a dress and walk her around the Society. Even if she hated it here, her child would've made it bare able. He would've taken her to Earth more often, bringing them both through the whirlpool and walking through the Maze hedge. She'd want to take her to Jeju to run around in the field like she did. That was the Fae in her, she loved the greenery, she loved the freedom.


Damn it.

He looked away from her and the boy asleep in their bed. He'd taken her freedom and that's why she hated him. He should've understood that both humans and Fae valued Freedom and being forced to complie wasn't what they enjoyed. Both Humans and Fae had a rebellious nature and she had both sides in her. The sides of her that wanted freedom and reveled in mischief. Here she was though, lying next to a child, becoming a mother. She was a childless mother all this time, with the arrival of a little boy she simply applied those rules and habits to him. He had seen her do it back on earth. Even when he was watching her for the three years she was released, he saw the way she interacted with children. It was such a natural thing for her. She loved children, as did the Fae. He was now beginning to understand the truth that Digit was reveling to him. She was a woman of two worlds not one. She did not comform to one, she did not adjust to change to fit for someone else. She adjusted to circumstances. She could live with two worlds as long as she had the freedom to see them both. Forcing her to love and be apart of only the Society was unfair, it was why she snapped at him when he told her all she had to do was ask him to come back. She didn't want permission to come home she just wanted to do it when her heart pulled her to them.

"Stop burning me." she whispered.

Mintaek turned around to see that his Mark was glowing on her arm. She was awake and looking up at him. He nodded and slipped into bed beside the boy. He was keeping them separate.

"I want to go back to Janera." she whispered.

"I have meetings with the grand Elders all day tomorrow and they want you to go to the training room. You can go back to the library after that."

"I don't care what they want or what you have to do. I'm merely telling you what I want. Right now he's ten times wiser than I am and he said I was meant to go get the answers for myself."

"He's a child."

"You finally see that too." she smiled.

She smiled like she caught him in a trap but it caused his heart to skip a beat anyway. She had smiled at him and the rising happiness in him was to overwhelming for him to hide from her. She looked down at Digit and kissed the top of his head. He snuggled up closer to her and she wrapped her arm around him.

"He's gotten the answers to his questions. I want the answers to mine."

"You always could ask me." he said.

She shook her head,

"Forgetting the fact that some of these questions can only be answered by a specific person the answers I need from you, you won't give me and honestly I don't trust that you'll tell me the truth anyway."

"You don't trust me?"

"I used to." she put simply.

He knew what that meant though, when she believed he was human. Long before her eyes had been opened to what he was. Long before he gave her his Mark she trusted him. Hyun Jung had said it, she had explained it to him. Y/n didn't trust him because of all the things he had done to her. It hurt him but the truth was the truth.

"I'm trying." he whispered back.

"With what?" she asked.

"I want you to trust me. I've kept my word so far right? I've taken you where ever you wanted to go. I gave you the library and I only come to take you back or to eat."

"Yes you've kept your word so far. Those aren't really things I need from you though Mintaek. I thought you knew me, maybe you only know the surface. Trust takes time to rebuild after it's broken it takes a lot more effort than a few gifts to get it back." she said.

"What do I have to do to get you back?"

"Sleep on it, maybe we'll have an answer in the morning." she said.

The hand behind her head came up to graze his hair before going back under her head. She gave a small smile before she closed her eyes. He felt the same light of hope that she had felt before. Her hope came from answers, his hope came from getting her back...
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