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Hello lovelies. Im extremely behind alot but im going to catch up. So without further ado...:
Scenario 1

Today was the day! Steph was in Japan for the Spring Cherry Blossom festival with her best friend SungJong. He was always busy with his group and schedules, but that didnt bother her. He would always send a message whenever he was free. Now finally they would hang out and enjoy the Cherry blossom festival. Steph leaned against a wall waiting for her friend.
"Noona!" She heard a familar voice shout as she turns to greet him. He pulls her into a tight hug.
"SungJong-ah. I cant breathe" She gasped out. He lets go immediately.
"Sorry noona. I just missed you." He smiles.
"Well lets get going." she said putting her arm through his. The walk around the festival. Looking at each and every booth. Grabbing a bite to eat. The continue talking.
"How was the tour Sungjong-ah?" she asked.
"It was great! I love seeing how happy our fans are to see us." He said smiling. They get back up and as the sky darkens they rush to a hill to watch the fireworks.
"I had a really fun day noona" he said. She smiled, "So did I" They watch the fireworks. Beautiful fireworks for a beautiful day.

Scenario 2

First day of Spring and people are out an about enjoying the warm weather. Except for those who are working like a young women named Shinta. She unfortunately is stuck at work inside Woolim Ent. Dont get it wrong she loved her job but she would rather be outside.
"Miss Shinta." her boss spoke through the intercom on her desk. She was the secretary for the President of the company.
"Yes sir." She asked.
"I need you to go get lunch for the groupInfinite and deliver it to them. Its been paid for so get moving." He said. She gets up grabbing her jacket and leaves. This was a routine. Everyday you go pick up their food and deliver it. She smiles. You been work here since single they debuted. She is really close to the members. Especially with SungJong. He was like the son she never had. The members joke good naturely cause he calls you mom all the time. She didnt mind though. She treated him like such. After picking up the food she heads back. Once she gets inside she heads straight for the dance studio and enters.
"Mom! you bring food." Sungjong chears and rushes over helping unload the food.
"Hey noona. When will you go on a date with me." Myungsoo asked jokingly.
"When my son approves." She grins and Sungjong looks at L grinning."I wont ever approve."
"You are so cruel SungJong." L saids with humor.
"Oh mom. THe members and I got you something." he rushes over and grabs a vase filled with wildflowers.
"We picked these as a present for having to deal with our children on a daily basis." SungKyu said laughing. She was the "mother" and Sungkyu was the "father". L was the uncle.
"Also they are a sign that spring is finally here." SUngyeol said. We all decided to make a cheer.
"So a long and beautiful spring." We clanked glasses and smile. Though disfuntional we were a family.

The End.




"INFINITE It's not a HAPPY ending it's NEVER ending!"

i love these scenarios stef!
It's so beautiful I love our lil baby
:D So cute!! I loved it!