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Hello everyone! Happy Thursday to you all. I hope that you are having a wonderful day. This card is dedicated to my lovely unnie @VeronicaArtino who is feeling under the weather. So let's send her lots of love and positive vibes to help her feel better soon ! Hope you like your card ❤.

Jinyoung- Blue
You- Gray

As soon as Jinyoung heard that you were sick he would be worried and text you
As soon as he got to your place he would immediately call you a jokely call you a pabo again , reminding you that he had told you stay warm , rest, and take care of yourself.
Before you could protest, he would smile and usher you go the couch,getting into full mom mood. Checking your temputure before wrapping you in blankets,making you tea and bringing you your favorite soup.
Once he made sure you had everything you needed he would sit down on the couch next to you carefully wrapping his arms around you so the two you could cuddle.

Kind chessy, but I hope you all enjoyed it.
Hope yall enjoyed it! All credit for pictures/gifs goes to the owners!

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I love it! ❤
Thank you
awe I love it. wish he could take care of Me right now...but that's ok I'm watching Anime currently laying down so I can feel better
Thats a good idea!!!