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Why are my trees going to NY?? Sucks man.... Also Up10tion my friends are going to be there....they have a nice lineup
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I seriously hope LAs lineup will be amazing for sure I want Highlight (Beast) to come but I wonder if they can perform some of there older songs or maybe they don't have the rights idk I just know it's not that simple but still I really wish they can perform those songs
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Yay I'm so happy I haven't been much up to date cuz life gets in the way especially work which I hate lol but you gotta work to buy merch and go to Kpop concerts hehe
7 months ago
I'm also crossing my fingers, toes, ankles, knees, eyes, kidneys for Highlight in LA.
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Yes I'm crossing everything as well lol if they come for sure I'm going this year
7 months ago
yay Up10tion, KnK & CnBlue
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