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'More Than Friendship...' by farleythewill, Chapter 5

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Chapter Summary:
It's finally move-in day! You excitingly pack your things from your friend's place, knowing that you get to move into Jaehee's house today. Along with Yoosung's help, you drive towards your new residence, with Jaehee happily waiting for you. Yet another day of emotion pours out, as when you two relax, a touching moment hits Jaehee...

More Than Friendship...

by farleythewill

Chapter 5: The Move-In

    "Phew," you gasp out, placing the last box into the moving van. "I didn't pack a lot of stuff before, but it sure seemed like a lot." You look over at Yoosung, who is breathing heavily. "You...you don't say...why did you friend have to live four stories up, without an elevator," he asks. "Well," you say, jokingly, "he always loved the low-cost rent places. Since it was the fourth floor without said elevator, the rent was dramastically cheaper."

    Yoosung laughs, then opens up a bottle of water, and drinks from it slowly. "Ahh...that was refreshing. Are you ready?" You smile sweetly. "Yep! And again, thank you for helping. I really appreciate it, as does Jaehee." Yoosung laughs nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "Heh, no problem. Anyways, we shouldn't keep Jaehee waiting. Let's go." The blonde youth places the last box into the back of the van, closed the door, then climbed into the passenger seat, as you open the door to the driver's seat. "I'm still jealous that you're able to drive this thing. I mean, it's like a tank. I was so nervous when I came over driving this thing..." Yoosung states, buckling the seat belt.

    "It's no big deal," you respond, "besides, you've worked so hard. You need a break." As you set up the GPS with Jaehee's address, your eyes went soft. "Hey...are you okay?" Yoosung asked, worried. "Yeah..." you responded back, "I was just remembering all the fun we had since I got the app. Watching you bounce left and right about LOLOL, Seven messing with you, Jumin placing a metric ton of work onto Jaehee...and having Jaehee finally leave her job...it was all worth it." Yoosung's eyes grew misty, watching your aura glow. "Hey...," he mutters out, then places his hand onto her shoulder, "we're all glad you came to our lives. Jumin, Jaehee, Zen, Seven, V, and myself as well. We don't know who that Unknown person is, but at least that person brought you to us."

    You smile, letting a tear roll down. "I know...," you brush the tear away, and start the engine, "thank you...now, let's head off. I can't wait to see her house!" You put the truck into reverse, carefully avoids the packed cars in the parking lot, and drive away, still smiling.

    "I know what you mean," Yoosung lets out, sleepily, "since she worked for Jumin all those years, she must have a nice house." You let out, happily, "Well, I don't really care what kind of house it is. It'll be our house." Yoosung smiles back at you, laughing as well. "I can definitely tell you care about each other. It's so cool that you two get to be roommates!  Besides, you get to watch all of those musicals that she has of Zen!" You widen your eyes, as if you have forgotten something. "Ohhh, you're right! She's probably gonna want towatch them tonight. I know she's been wanting to educate me into his works." As you look over at Yoosung, you notice that he has fallen asleep, his head placed gently on the window, which makes you smile.

    "You have reached your destination," your GPS states, as you look at your left, seeing a small, yet comforting, house. A small yard of green grass sways in the wind, with a blue mailbox labeled, "Kang." You soak in the emotion of finally finding Jaehee's house, or actually, your house, as you look on the patio, and see a familiar figure stand up, waving you down. You pull into the driveway, as Jaehee walks over to your door, folding her arms against the window seal. "What took you so long," she says, giggling. You laugh, pointing at a knocked-out Yoosung. "He definitely worked himself out. I had more things to pack than I thought...hey, Yoosung! We're here!"

    Yoosung snaps out of his sleep, looking around. "Huh, what?! Oh...hey, Jaehee...wait, we're already here?! How long was I out?" You shake your head at him, grinning. "Not long. For probably twenty minutes. I know you're tired...but do we want to go ahead and start unloading the truck?" Jaehee pokes your cheek, playfully. "Why not take a break, and come inside? I can show you around the house, and Yoosung can rest a bit more. We don't want to work him to the bone..." She shutters after that statement, as you pet her hair. "Right, right...we don't want him to go through what you did all those years...okay, we'll do that." Yoosung springs out of the truck, yawning. "That makes me happy...I really didn't get much sleep, so a nap would work wonders for me..."

    You get out of the van, closing the door behind you, as Jaehee turns around, walking you towards the front door. "Now, be sure to take your shoes off. I'm very particular when it comes to cleanliness." You rub the back of your head, laughing. "You don't have to worry about that. I've been doing it all my life, so I'm used to it...oh, by the way, Jaehee...tomorrow." She turns her head to look at you, still walking. "What about tomorrow?" You smile, eyeing her outfit, which consisted of a dark brown turtleneck, black slacks, and black slip-on shoes. "Well," you begin, "I think tomorrow will be the day we go clothes shopping. If you want a new perspective in life, we need to get you something...brighter."

    Jaehee turns her head quickly, blushing, but smiling as well. "B-brighter? I don't know if I can do that...I've always worn dark clothes, mainly because of Jumin's taste in attire." She opens the front door, leading both you and the tired Yoosung inside. You look around, admiring the scenery: the light pink walls, decorated with small frames of peaceful artwork. The black leather furniture, facing the small TV. A small grandfather clock, ticking away quietly. The dark brown, hardwood floor, spreading over the living room, going into the kitchen. The strong, yet admiring aroma of fresh coffee brewed, moving throughout the house. "Mmm...that smells good, Jaehee...is that your coffee," you ask, smiling.

    Jaehee smiles back, going into the kitchen, as Yoosung and yourself take off your shoes, placing it near the entrance. "Why, yes it is. It's been sitting for a few minutes, so it's not incredibly hot." She pours a cup into her white, ceramic coffee cup, and walks over to you. "Here," she says softly, blushing as she hands you the cup. "Jaehee..." you let out, blushing as well,"...you didn't forget." Jaehee beams with happiness, knowing you would remember as well. "Of course, silly! How can I forget your and Zen's little fight on who's going to get to try my coffee first? I thought it was incredibly cute..." You take the cup, and slowly lift it to your nose, taking in the strong aroma of the coffee, as you take a small sip from it.

    "...Well? How is it," Jaehee asks, waiting for a reply, slightly impatiently. You drink a bit more of the coffee, then grin. "It's delicious! It's the best coffee I've ever had!" Jaehee beams even more, quickly hugging you, startling you, as you try to maintain the cup of coffee. "J-Jaehee! You're going to make me spill it!" She giggles, holding you tighter. Yoosung sighs, smiling at you two, then proceeds to move towards the couch, sitting down, enjoying the softness of the cushion. "I'm glad you two ladies are having fun...but I think it's time...for me to crash...wake me up...when..." Both you and Jaehee turn to look at the couch, watching Yoosung doze off, his body sliding to the side, finally laying down, his legs draped over the edge.

    Jaehee loosens her grip on you, takes your coffee cup, and places it onto the counter. "C'mon. Let's place him properly on the couch." You laugh, following her to Yoosung, as she grabs his arms. "Let's go ahead and lift his legs, while I pull him towards the armrest." You nod, gripping his ankles, placing them onto the side of the couch, watching Jaehee struggle to pull him. "Silly, let me help," you say, walking around, standing hip-to-hip with her, softly gripping Yoosung's shoulder. Jaehee begins to blush again, smiling. "Th-thank you. I didn't realize how much his dead body weighed..." You smile back, pulling his body, resting his head against the pillow of the armrest. "Yeah. It kind of surprised me, too..." You both lean back up, and stare at each other, then begin to giggle. "You know, we actually make a great team," you say, rubbing the back of your head. "Yeah...we do," Jaehee responds, closing her eyes, laughing.

    The two of you walk back to the counter, as you sit down, taking your cup back, watching Jaehee pour herself a cup. "I still can't believe you're here...," she says sweetly, walking towards you, "it's like a dream come true." You smile, sipping more coffee from the cup. "Well, get used to it, because I'm not leaving," you let out, smirking. Jaehee raises an eyebrow, giggling. "Oh? Do I sense a bit of stubborness from you? Well, that's good. We will need that stubborn nature to do good with our business...by the way...what do we want to open up?"

    You ponder a bit, then quickly come up with an idea. "Hey, wait...don't you remember what Yoosung said yesterday? He brought up the bakery...how about that?" Jaehee widens her eyes, smiling. "I do remember...and honestly, I've highly been thinking about that. I did tell you that I wanted to learn how to bake...and we get to make coffee there as well! We'd have all kinds of beans from all over the place, our own hand mill...what?" She blushes when she noticed you resting your head onto your hand, watching her every movement, smiling. "No, please...go on," you say, soothingly, "I know how much you love coffee. I want to hear every second of your favorite drink."

    Jaehee softly grips her turtleneck, right above where your chest begins to form. "My heart...it's doing it again...," she thinks, staring into your eyes, "this feels strange...I like it, but strange...it's like everytime she looks at me with those eyes, I feel deeply connected to her...I know that's what I've wanted, but...why does it feel like...it's more..." You notice her tear up, and begin to look worried. "Jaehee? Are you...okay?" you ask, softly. Jaehee snaps back into reality, shaking her head, wiping her tears away. "It's nothing. I just...got extremely happy. These emotions I'm feeling...I'm not really used to them just yet. It's going to take awhile...," she lets out, half-crying. You stand up, walk over to her, and wrap your arms around her waist, surprising her. "I understand. I know it's overwhelming...but let's take it one step at a time. How about showing me the rest of the house," you ask, sweetly.

    "You...you have to stop being so cute," Jaehee quietly lets out. You think about tightening your grip on her, but remember Zen's warning, of not shaking up the bottle that is Jaehee's emotions. You loosen your grip, wiping her tears away from her eyes. "I don't think I can do that, especially when my best friend is in front of me." Jaehee smiles, giving you the same look she gave you when she first handed you her key. "Thank you...really..." She then walks over to the hallways, looking behind her shoulder. "Cmon, you...let me show you your new room."

    You return to your happy state, following Jaehee down the hall. "As you can see," she starts, "I don't have a whole lot. It's a nice, small house, but always felt empty...now, that'll change." She opens a door, turning on the light into the room. "And here it is...I hope you like it." You walk into the room, beaming in delight. In front of your eyes, you see a twin-size bed, complete with a fancy metal bedframe, a small bookshelf, a mahogany nightstand, and a desk, made of a similar wood, with a high polish coat on it. "All I did was clean up," Jaehee lets out, "so I want you to decorate it the way you would have at your new place. I don't mind anything extravagant, because whatever you put up, I know it will reflect your personality, and I wish to learn all about you."

    You turn to her, smiling ear to ear. "I love it, Jaehee! It's perfect for me!" You sit on the bare mattress, feeling how soft it is. "And I'm pretty sure I can sleep peacefully on this bed. The one in Rika's apartment was a bit too firm for my taste." Jaehee blushes, happy to hear these words. "I'm glad. We can start moving your stuff in whenever you want" You softly bounce your body up and down on the side of the bed, testing the springs. "Hmm...well, it hasn't been long since Yoosung started his slumber. Do you think we should wait a bit longer? Or do you want to get your hands dirty, and help me move in," you ask, laughing. Jaehee rolls up her sleeves, and walks out of the room. "Let him sleep. Cmon...let's get you moved into our place," she boldly states, looking past her shoulder, smiling. You smile back, standing up from the bed. "Okay! Lead the way, partner!"

    Yoosung slowly opened his eyes, stirring from his slumber. "Wow...that was a great sleep...what time is it?" He hears the shuffling of dishes in the kitchen, as a figure walks around the couch, setting a cup of coffee on the living room table. "Wakey wakey, sleepyhead," you playfully let out, smiling. "Oh, hey...what time is it," he asked again, still stirring from his sleep. "Hmm..." you look over at the grandfather clock, admiring the hands on the face, "if you're asking how long you've slept...I would say it was a good hour and a half."

    Yoosung sprung up, looking around, seeing Jaehee washing some dishes. "Wh-what?! Why didn't you wake me?! We still need to move everything in!" Jaehee lays a plate down, looking over at the blond. "You don't have to worry," she lets out, smiling, "the two of us got it done. We didn't want to wake you, since you looked so peaceful. Now, hurry up and drink your coffee." Yoosung looks at the cup, and starts to shiver. You take notice of his violet eyes losing some color, and tilt your head. "Huh? What's wrong?" Yoosung looks up at you, shivering. "I...I'm still kinda recovering from what Seven did to me...you remember, right? About drinking caffeine?"

    You widen your eyes, patting his head. "That's right...that was pretty mean, huh, Jaehee?" She shook her head, but quietly chuckled. "It was definitely childish of him," Jaehee begins, "but I told you before, Yoosung, that no such disease exists. You can drink it. It isn't as strong as the one I made her earlier, so you should be able to handle it." Yoosung slowly reaches out for the cup, picking it up, and slowly sips from it. "T...thank you, Jaehee...and to you as well," he shakingly says, drinking a bit more of the coffee. Jaehee turns off the water to the sink, dries her hands with the handtowel, and walks over to the two of you. "You're very welcome. It's the least I can do for you helping her out." Yoosung smiles, beaming with happiness now. "Well, I couldn't say 'no' to such a cute girl now, can I?" You blush, fanning your hand towards him. "Aww, shucks...I'm not that cute," you playfully say. Jaehee folds her hands across her chest, pouting a bit. "What are you talking about? You're incredibly cute!" She blushes as soon as those words left her mouth, looking away from your gaze.

    You smile, laughing. "Aww, Jaehee...you're incredibly cute as well! Possibly cuter than I am." She looks back at you, blushing a bit more. "Noooo...you're cuter than I am! Don't forget, I used to work for Jumin." Yoosung laughs, rubbing the back of his head. "Come now, ladies...you're both equally cute. I know for a fact that you two are cuter than I am...or else, I'd have a girlfriend..." He then sighs, drinking the rest of his coffee. You and Jaehee exchange looks, then both look at Yoosung. "Don't worry. If we find someone who we think you will like, we will introduce you to her," you say, sweetly. "Indeed," Jaehee followed up, "If anyone in the RFA deserves a girlfriend, it'll be you. Jumin doesn't have time for one, and Zen is busy with his acting. You, on the other hand, are free."

    Yoosung smiles, standing up. "Thank you, you two! Hopefully, I won't need your help...but I appreciate it! Though, I hate to cut myself short, I should leave. I have a raid to attend in a bit, so I have to head back. You sure you got everything out of the van?" You smile, nodding, "Yes, I did. All you have to do now is drive back home. Please, be safe." Jaehee smiles as well, picking up a loaf of bread, and hands it to him. "Here, take this. It's one of the first batches of bread I baked myself. It's not the best, but it's something to eat. You need to eat something right after drinking coffee." The young male smiles, taking the bread, and walks over to the front door, putting his shoes back on. "Thank you, Jaehee. And don't worry, I'll be careful driving. Thanks for letting me rest here as well!" You laugh, as Jaehee waves him goodbye. "Don't be a stranger, you hear?" Yoosung laughs back, nodding, then opens the door, and exits, closing the door behind him.

    Both you and Jaehee stare at the door for a few seconds, then stare at each other. "So..." you let out, "What do we want to do now?" Jaehee thinks, then quickly goes over to the bookshelf of DVD's. "I know! We can relax a bit while wactching one of Zen's musicals!" You laugh, then move over to the couch, sitting down on the soft leather seat, watching Jaehee insert the disc into the DVD player. "Sounds like fun! I know you've been wanting me to watch some with you, so why not let it be the first thing we do since I've moved in?" Jaehee smiles back, and sits next to you, holding the remote to turn the TV on. "Well, it's no lie that I wanted to show you. Besides...it's Zen. We have no choice but to watch his elegance and beauty!"

    As the two of you watch the musical, you pay more attention to Jaehee's body language, watching her every movement with your periphical vision. "Now, pay close attention here. You only get to see it for a few seconds, but when the antagonist shows up, Zen clentches his teeth, while his hair wisps in the air perfectly. It's so...beautiful..." she says excitingly, then begins to tear up. "You're beautiful..." you let out quietly, looking at the woman you're in love with, right as an action scene takes place. "Huh? What did you say," Jaehee asks, looking at you, confused. You blush, shaking your head. "I was just agreeing with you." As Jaehee returns her focus to the musical, you feel your eyelids become heavy, closing them shut, falling asleep.

    Jaehee jumps as a scene of Zen getting cut by a sword, holding a hankerchief in her hand from her crying. The force of the jump forces your body to slide to it's side, your head placing itself against her shoulder. Jaehee freezes, tensing up, looking over at your sleeping body. "Hey...you okay?" You begin to snore quietly, peacefully sleeping. Jaehee blushes deeply, looking at your face as if it's a sleeping angel. "Oh...you're just asleep...you must be tired from the move." She clentches her shirt again, much like before.

    "Why? Why does my heart beat faster everytime you do... something... anything... even the smallest smile you give me brings me happiness, and makes my heart skip a beat. Is it because you're finally moved in with me... or is it... because... no... no, that can't be it... it's not accepted here... but, maybe... it is... ugh, why are my feelings so confused?!" Jaehee thinks deeply, her eyes watering up again, forgetting about the musical. "...Jae...hee..." you softly let out in your sleep. As soon as she hears you say that, she begins to cry, then softly places her head against yours, petting your hair. "God...," Jaehee softly sobs out, "this is the happiest day of my life..."

    "...I finally get to feel...how it is...to have someone who cares deeply about me...be with me."

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