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As the main star in some of the most popular Korean dramas of all time, including the currently airing Kdrama, Heirs, everybody knows Lee Min Ho. But do you really know him? Put your knowledge to the test by taking this quiz that proves whether or not you can truly call yourself a Lee Min Ho fan. 1. What does Lee Min Ho do with fans at fan signing events? A. Free hugs for everyone! B. Free Kittens for everyone! C. Free high fives for everyone! D. Free finger locks for everyone! 2. Lee Min Ho has a pet named: A. Fee-fee the poodle B. Choco the mini pinscher C. Sharky the goldfish D. He gave his pet to an orphan 3. Lee Min Ho works out: A. Obsessively for 3 hours a day B. Never. He was just born that way C. Only 3 months before he starts a new drama D. By doing Zoomba followed by Pilates 4. In his free time, LMH likes to: A. Watch action shows and sleep B. Ride ponies C. Think of you D. Look at himself in the mirror (Cause that's what I would do if I were him) 5. Lee Min Ho has dated: A. Park Shin Hye B. Park Min Young C. Gu Hye Sun D. All of the above, but only in his dramas since he's not allowed to date in real life. 6. Lee Min Ho likes his coffee: A. Hot and strong B. Warm with two cubes of sugar because he's so sweet C. Sweet and cold D. Black like his lonely heart 7. Lee Min Ho has the habit of: A. Biting his fingernails B. Talking in his sleep C. Swirling his hair D. Counting his steps 8. Lee Min Ho's ideal type is: A. Song Hye Gyo B. Lee Hye Young C. Yoo Jae Suk D. Coco Kdrama (What? It could happen!) 9. What is one of Lee Min Ho's special skills? A. Knowing 5 languages B. Whistling C. Being ambidextrous D. Tightrope walking 10. If Lee Min Ho was not an actor he would have been: A. A psychologist (I think I need to be seen!) B. A soccer player (I'd suddenly become a soccer fan!) C. An astronaut (a really hot astronaut) D. My husband Ok, count up your points to see what kind of fan you are! ANSWERS: 1) D 2) B 3) C 4) A 5) B or D depending on who you believe 6) C 7) B 8) A 9) C 10) B SCORE 0-3: Min Ho FAIL!-Do you even know who Lee Min Ho is? Have you ever even watched Boys Over Flowers? You haven't lived. 4-6: Min Ho FRIEND- You know as much about Lee Min Ho as that one kid who always brags about knowing someone famous when in reality they just know that person's third cousin. 7-9: Min Ho FANATIC!- You've put in the time to call yourself a true fan, but let's face it, it's hard to take in all the LMH goodness. Keep trying! 10: Min Ho's WIFE- Look at you, you little stalker! But I can't blame you: true love is true love. You now have the right to post the following meme on your Facebook or Twitter, just don't be surprised if you're attacked by a million fangirls:
Aww I had 6,Lol but I'm still totally a fan thi
hahaha I got 9, almost perferc..love you hubbyyyyy...
hahaha...u just get 4score on this quiz...i just Lee Min Ho friends...
I'm a fanatic too..I got 9 right on the quiz...I didn't know he talked in his sleep. I put he played with his hair...because he does all the time in his videos. LOL
I'm Min Ho fanatic,i got 7 scores on the quiz..hehehe