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Attack on Titan is my favorite anime of ALL time! <3 I've seen the first season multiple times, and I'm currently up to date with season 2 (soon to come) with a subscription to Crunchyroll. My favorite character being Levi, of course. ^^
This is for those of you who have, or haven't, seen this anime. This anime is about a young boy, by the name of Eren Jaeger, who lives inside the three walls (Wall Maria, Wall Rose, Wall Sina) that keep the Titans out. Titans are giant-like man-eaters, lacking clothes and sexual organs.
This anime has a military-like setting. These soldiers, who want to participate in extinguishing the Titans, can either join the Garrison (protecting the three walls), the Survey Corps (brave soldiers who go outside the walls on expeditions), and the Military Police (protecting the king, living an easy life away from the Titans, only available to the top 10 best soldiers in training). They use blades, maneuver gear, and gas tanks to maneuver across the area and kill the Titans, slicing off the nape of the neck, Titans only weakness. (Hence the name "Attack On Titan")
Eren's #1 goal in life is to "kill all Titans". Without spoiling, something traumatic happens amongst Eren's family that triggers this goal. Making it his #1 priority.
His dream is to join the Survey Corps, wanting to journey outside the walls to kill as many Titans as he can.
But something else is in store for him. Something that causes the whole population to turn against him. Something that will change his life forever. For the worst? For the best? Dont ask me!
It just takes one~ single~ self~ injury~