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Veteran idols nowadays have an incredible amount of songs under their belt. But each idol group has that one song that defines them, the song that each fanbase cherishes the most. Check out our list of idol groups' iconic songs below, not in any particular order: big bang - lies Sure, Big Bang has changed their color since songs like "Lies", but this is the first song that shot the boys up to fame. "Lies" snagged in fans from not just Korea, but all over the world, cementing the group as one of the top contenders in K-pop today and setting the stage for every single song that would become a hit upon release. Runner Up: "Haru Haru" 2ne1 - Fire "Fire" set up the basic groundwork for 2NE1. The girls do the best when they're telling haters and wannabes to get lost and letting everyone know how good they are, bouncing up and down on fast-paced rhythm. Sure, songs like "Lonely" or "Ugly" are amazing, but nothing says 2NE1 like their debut song. Runner Up: "I Am the Best" shinee - replay SHINee's "Replay" image is both a curse and a gift. While the boys cemented their popularity right from the start, they haven't really been able to break away from the image of little boys no matter what they do. Sure, fans will say they're 'men' now, but everywhere they go, they're still introduced with the 'boys who make noonas swoon'. Still, "Replay" is definitely the fan-favorite. Runner Up: "Ring Ding Dong" Girls' Generation - gee Ah, the song that's famous for turning the girls' numerous antis into fans. "Gee" definitely shot these girls into securing the #1 spot. "Gee" set a new record on 'Music Bank' (even though it was recently broken), and was sung and parodied by everyone all over the world. In fact, the song is so good that the girls themselves have yet to catch up to its popularity with their subsequent releases, but the girls are definitely still going strong! Runner Up: Oh! super junior - sorry sorry This is what I call Super Junior's "Gee". (Actually, once they sang "Gee" while the girls sang "Sorry Sorry", and I gotta say both were pretty amazing.) The boys won their most awards with this song, and their follow-up rode the wave to be just as popular. "Sorry Sorry" is so iconically Super Junior that they still perform this song at ending stages and special stages. Runner Up: U tvxq - Rising Sun One of TVXQ's most popular songs. Sadly, it is when they were five members, and strikes a sad chord everywhere whenever Yunho and Changmin perform it as a duo on special shows and ending stages. While TVXQ's "Hug" and "TRI-ANGLE" were hugely popular, it's "Rising Sun" that really set the groundwork for their popularity. Runner Up: Mirotic (also a TV5Q song...) 2pm - again & again Similar to TVXQ, this is a song where the boys had 7 members, and also their big breakthrough. "Again & Again" cemented the boys' images as 'acrobatic-dols' and 'beast-dols'. 2PM is of course still huge, but fans have been craving something big like "Again & Again" for a long time. Runner Up: Heartbeat