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SO BEAST! 안녕하세요, 비스트 모드 스쿼드 입니다!

This week we were forced to choose ONE performance.. I mean, how can I choose just ONE?? Ugh 😑 but here goes it.

This week Dongwoon is whom I'm going to post about.

Suki chose this one. 👇👇

"The reason I chose this song is because their voices are really good together. I love how their voices are matched perfectly."

I chose this one. 👇👇

I chose this one because.. well, it makes me laugh, and I love it so. If I'm feeling down, I could watch this and I'm all better. 😊😊

Jas chose this one 👇👇

"I really like this one because of Dongwoon's voice (and Doojoons). His voice is super amazing and Doojoons voice compliments his very well. I also really like the contrasting blqck and white in the video, it's very aesthetically pleasing."

That's what they said, and I totally agree!! (I
know how they were able to choose just one.. I don'
know how
did so either, but HEY )

I hope you enjoyed the videos, till next time. PEACE!

Great job!
This is a tough one. Dongwoon has this beautiful soft yet powerful voice. I want to choose Suki's moment because Yoseob, and the Hyunseung moment Kenya picked is so funny, but Jas's moment is my favorite. The pairing of Doojoon's vocals with Dongwoon's and the emotional impact of the song just grab me. This was a great stage. I hope to see more duets from these two.
omg Kenya!!! i eould choose the same moment for Dongwoon too!!!
😂😂 I love it!!