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The concert
just ended the highl
could see were only after the second half 1) during
the speakers πŸ”Š busted they keep going but stop after a
Suho said this had never happen before during their tour, it must be the passi
of Mexican EXO-Ls. 2) When some mem
were changing clothes Chen said he had
Nachos and salad πŸ₯— with Nopal that
a cactus 🌡
he added but
the needl
s. 3) When
out they said they saw something in the
and they said it was the Mexican
it very bea
!!! 4) When they post
the moment
said he wanted to post sexy
it Chanyeol had the Mex
flag in his hands from Lucky πŸ€ One to the very end. It was
concert the whole
was filled to the 4th level thanks
view !!!
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I was at the NJ concert the other night.
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We stood in the rain waiting to get in, and the doors opened 45 minutes late. It was a mess. They didn't sing all the songs since the concert started so late.
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