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P.O Thursday.

So this week we need to post our member talking, be it gifs or videos. Also, why we chose it.

Soooo, this may not be too
. But it caught my a
and made me laugh how they were like "
do it!" But he did it anyway xD
Him talking to his
thought this one was really cute..
like how he
the interv
for a bit to talk to her 😊😊
He tells a grandma about Block B while he waits for a bus.. he ends up missing it though 🤣🤣 how could
not choose this one?? Poor baby P.O 😂😂 *~•BBC Bumblebees Mod Taglist•~* @monbebearmybbc (mod) U-kwon @Changkyunie Zico @yehetmyohorat97 B-Bomb @KenyaMendoza P.O @awkwardjazzy Kyung @cns1391 Jaehyo @TheEnlightment Taeil •BBC Taglist• @Helixx @mitchix5 @melissaGarza @karlinamiranda81 @turntuptae @awkwardjazzy @AlexisJ15 @InfinitySky @stmarlene @SimplyAwkward @PolarStarr
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