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“How about this fabric?’ Mi Sun asked Ji Su. The two of them made a trip to the fabric shop in hopes to find what Ji Su needed for the men’s line and Mi Sun’s wedding dress. The fabric that Mi Sun was touching was the one that Ji Su wanted to do for Jungkook’s suit jacket.
“Yeah that one would be perfect for the butterfly look I am going for.” Ji Su spoke feeling the fabric. One of the employees walked with them taking the fabric and cutting how many yards that they needed. Ji Su had a month and half to make the suits for the 7 men that lived across from her. Each one of them gave their options when she asked them to help.
Yoongi wanted his suit to be black. He didn’t care what design was on the fabric, he just wanted it to be black. Hoseok wanted the same color as Yoongi, but a hint on metallic and silky feel to it. She didn’t ask Jungkook what he wanted since she already had his in mind. Namjoon told Ji Su to just surprise him and that he didn’t care. Jin wanted something that was silky, but Mi Sun was the one who was going to decide since it would be his suit for their wedding. Taehyung asked for his to be simple, but also that matched his personality. Lastly Jimin told her that he wanted something that had a cool Arabic type of design. He didn’t care what color, but he did tell her to make it simple.
Ji Su was lucky to find what they asked for at the fabric shop. Mi Sun walked around on her own to find was she wanted while Ji Su went around to find other fabric to use for other designs that she was working on the side. Once both found what they were looking for, they paid, and went back to the shop. Ji Su went to work when they arrived and unloaded their purchase. The first suit in her men’s line that she worked on was Jin’s since he worked at the shop. He was also the hardest to work with since he had wide shoulders. So, she had him come in one in while to make sure that the measurements were correct and that so far, the jacket to the suit worked.
Ji Su worked though out the night and into the next day. She did that the next few days to complete Jin’s suit. When she finished, a week went by and Ji Su was starting to feel sick. Mi Sun was worried about her. Telling her that she would pass out from over working.
“I’m fine Mi Sun.” Ji Su said before having a coughing fit.
“You’re not. I’m calling Jungkook so he can take you home and make sure that you get better before stepping out of your room and coming back here.” Mi Sun put her foot down worried about her best friend’s health.
“Mi Sun, I have been taking cold meds and drinking fluids. I am fine. If it makes you feel better I will stay home tomorrow to get much needed rest.” Ji Su told Mi Sun. Ji Su was working on the third suit and she was nearly complete with the third suit.
“Fine you better stay home and rest.” Mi Sun pointed her finger at Ji Su.
“Yes, mom I will make sure to obey and listen to you.” Ji Su smiled at Mi Sun who gave Ji Su the one finger salute in return.
“You know Mi Sun I know that I am number one in your heart. Thank you for reminding me.” Ji Su told Mi Sun sarcastically.
“Whatever you say.” Mi Sun shouted before walking across the hall to her office. Ji Su just smiled and went to her desk to look at her sketches of the men’s line. She was on Namjoon’s suit that was making it a little hard for her since she was embroidering a design on the jacket. The parts of the suits she was designing was the pants and jackets. The shirts she was adding something special for each of the boys.
Sitting down when she felt dizzy and the room moving didn’t help. Ji Su knew that she was over working herself, but she needed to get the men’s line done before the Summer Show. Reason was that Jungkook was having a dance competition a week before, and she wanted to be there and support him. She didn’t want to worry about last minute putting the suits together while he was competing without her there.
“Hey Jungkook what did you bring today?” Ji Su heard Mi Sun’s voice. “Hey Noona, I just brought some ice tea for Ji Su and to see her for a bit, before I have to head back to teach a class.
“I’m sure she’ll need that to give her some energy.” Mi Sun said before Jungkook appeared in Ji Su’s door way. Ji Su looked up at him giving him a smile, while holding her head in hopes that the room would stop spinning. Jungkook smiled back, but it soon disappeared noticing how pale she looked. He walked over to her and felt her forehead noticing how hot it felt.
“Babe you need to go home or to a doctor. You don’t look so good and you have a fever.” He told her, voice full of worry. He placed the tea he brought her and put it on her forehead in hopes it’ll help cool her down.
“I’m fine and I told Mi Sun that I would stay home tomorrow to just catch up on rest.” She repeated what she told Mi Sun to him, before placing her hand on the one that was holding the tea.
“No, you are going home right now.” Jungkook stood up and walked behind her desk to pick her up. Ji Su fought him not wanting to be picked up, but epically failed when she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Noona can you grabbed her bag for me.” Jungkook asked Mi Sun who walked in to see what was going on. Mi Sun said nothing as she did what Jungkook asked her to do. Walking out the back way of the shop and to were Ji Su’s car was parked, Mi Sun opened to passenger’s door for Jungkook. He thanked Mi Sun and told her that he could handle the rest. Placing Ji Su in the car he looked at her with worry. He had seen what a body can do when you over work it. He been there and he never wanted to be at that point ever again.
Once he buckled Ji Su in and closed her door, Jungkook walked around to get in and drive back to the apartment. He hit every red light on the way back home which pissed him off since he wanted to get her home. Every time he stopped, Jungkook looked over at Ji Su to see that she was either sweating, shaking, or sleeping. When they arrived, Ji Su refused to be carried afraid that others would see. Jungkook chuckled and carried her anyway. Ji Su pouted the whole way from the lift to their floor and to her room. Jungkook gently placed her on the bed, taking her shoes off. Ji Su put a hand on his shoulder telling him that she could take her shoes off and change her clothes. Jungkook refused and helped her as she changed her clothes. Laying her back in her bed, Jungkook stood up to get a bowl of cold water and rag. Though he was stopped by a tug on his shirt made him turn.
“Don’t go.” She said in a whisper. Jungkook smiled and crouched down holding her hand.
“I’ll be right back. I’m just going to get something to cool your fever.” He told her using his free hand to brush hair away from her face.
“Just come back.” She told him before he left and when he came back, she was asleep. Crouching down, he took a dry rag and put it into the cold water in the bowl. Ringing it out and placed it on her forehead. He kissed her cheek and sat there until the sun was set. Her fever was slowly going down which made him feel a little better knowing she was slowly getting better.
Mi Sun came home after closing the shop. Asking if she needs to go and get meds for Ji Su. Jungkook told Mi Sun that he’ll go and get some. He told Mi Sun before he left to take care of his girl. Mi Sun smiled thinking how much Jungkook loved Ji Su and that he was so much better for Ji Su than the good for nothing ex of hers. When he walked out, Mi Sun changed the rag and checked Ji Su occasionally. Jin came over with some porridge for Ji Su to eat when she woke up. When the other boys heard that Ji Su was sick, they came over to help in any way they could. However, there was nothing they could do. So, they stayed over and watched movies or played games when Taehyung brought one of the game systems they had over.
An hour went by and Jungkook hadn’t showed up with Ji Su’s meds. Jin called to see where he was at and there was no answer.
Two hours went by and there still wasn’t word from Jungkook, and everyone started to get worried. The boys split up into groups heading out to look for him. Mi Sun stayed just in case Ji Su woke up and asked for Jungkook. Mi Sun just prayed that Jungkook was ok and would be here before she woke up.
Jungkook was walking back from the health store carrying Ji Su’s meds. The pharmacist told him that Ji Su needed to take the cold meds twice a day until she was feeling better and to drink fluids along with having an ice pack to bring her fever down. While he was walking back he couldn’t believe that he would be taking care of some let alone his girl. It felt like a dream to him after a few weeks ago when she agreed to be his.
Out of the corner of his right eye, Jungkook noticed a car slowly driving beside him. He ignored the car and picked up his pace. He kept thinking that he need to get back and not worry about the car that was following him. He pushed the thoughts way and memories of his time in the states flashed. His time in the states was hard not just emotionally, but physically. The young man that he put under coma and passed away few weeks ago, Jungkook got on his bad side one day. From that day Jungkook was jumped at random times. It got to the point where Jungkook took self-defense lessons, instead of focusing on his studies. The self-defense worked until the last year when the young wanted to teach him a lesson. Jungkook defended himself by putting the young man in a coma. Jungkook swear that he would never use his self-defense in fear of killing someone.
Without pay attention, Jungkook was slammed against one of those garage doors that shop owners used. His head hit the metal door hard that he fought to not black out. The group of men said nothing on why they were attacking Jungkook. As much as he wanted to fight back, Jungkook bit his lip and let the men swing punches at his face. Jungkook slide down only to have them start kicking him. Jungkook closed his eyes and thought about Ji Su. Thinking about her eye smile helped him forget on what was happening.
“YAH!” Jungkook heard someone shout pulling him out of his day dreaming. The group of guys ran when they looked up to see six men standing at the corner.
“Shit, Jungkook can you hear me?” Jungkook heard Yoongi’s voice and Jungkook cracked his eyes as much as he could.
“Hyung.” Jungkook said closing his eyes and blacking out.
Ji Su opened her eyes to see the sun shining and Mi Sun sitting on the side of her bed. Trying to sit up, Mi Sun woke up hearing Ji Su struggling. Mi Sun helped her and grab ahold of Ji Su’s hand in fear that she would ask where Jungkook was at.
“Where –” Ji Su was about to say before Mi Sun wrapped her into a hug. “Mi Sun what’s wrong?”
“Jungkook was attacked last night when he went to get you some medicine. He is fine don’t worry. Just some bruises and cuts. The boys took him to the hospital to make sure there wasn’t anything else. He is at home resting.” Mi Sun explained not sugar coating anything. Ji Su broke out of the hug and stood up from her bed. She didn’t care that she was still in her pajamas, Ji Su walked across that hall into the boy’s apartment. Jimin stopped Ji Su before she walked into Jungkook’s room.
“Ji Su, he is asleep and he asked to not have you go in. He doesn’t want you to see what he looks like. Trust me you don’t want to.” Jimin told her taking a step to the side when she tried to go around him.
“Dammit Jimin move.” She raised her voice. Ji Su was feeling bad thinking it was her fault that he was attacked just to get her meds.
“Ji Su, we are just doing what Jungkook asked us to do. Plus, you’re sick so you should head back home and get better.” Namjoon step in between Jimin and Ji Su.
“Namjoon, I don’t care if he looks horrible. I need to see him to see if he is alright. I’m sure he is from what I am told, but I want to see for my eyes. It’s my fault that he went out to get meds for me.” Ji Su said tears flowing down her face. Everyone stood froze unsure what to do. Namjoon stepped aside letting Ji Su through with Jimin complaining that she couldn’t go in there. Namjoon just told him to leave it.
Ji Su’s hand hovered over the door handle while she took a deep breath before entering. Yoongi was in there glancing at her when she entered.
“He won’t be happy when he wakes up.” Yoongi stood up and walked past her to be stopped when she placed her hand on his arm.
“Thank you.” She told him.
“I know you’re a good person and that you won’t hurt him. However, if I find out that he ended up like this because of you, I will not be happy.” He told her sternly.
“Let just hope it doesn’t come to that.”
“He is the maknae in this miscellaneous family. He is want makes this family complete. You better take care of him.” With that said Yoongi walked out closing the door behind him. Ji Su turned to see Jungkook asleep. His face was bruised with a cut below his left eye that was slightly swollen. Walking the short distance to his bed, Ji Su sat on the edge, holding his hand. She looked to see if he had defended himself. There were no marks that showed.
“Why didn’t you defend yourself?” She whispered.
“Because I swear to never defend myself for what I did in the past.” Jungkook said voice groggy. “I told them to not let you in here.”
“Like they could stop me.”
“How are you feeling?” He asked her. Ji Su shook her head and let out a chuckle while thinking that he was more worried about her than himself.
“I’m sorry.” She said not answering his question.
“Why are you sorry?” He gave her a smile, but decided against it when a cut on his lip opened. “It’s my fault that you went out to get me meds and that I was sick.” More tears fell as she spoke.
“It’s not your fault.”
“Yes, it is.”
“Baby, you were sick and you needed the meds to get better. I choose to go and get the meds to help you get better.” He told her trying to convince her that it wasn’t her fault. “Come here.” He told her since he couldn’t sit up and hold her without wincing in pain.
“No I can’t. What if I hurt you or cause you pain?”
“Baby, come here.” Was all he said to make her cave and cuddle up next to him trying her best to not hurt him anymore then her already was. When she was settled in his arms the laid there in silence for a few minutes. Jungkook closed his eyes as he hissed feeling every joint in his body ache. Ji Su watched seeing the pain go across his face, breaking her heart. “Now can you tell me how you are feeling?” He asked.
“I’m better, but still sleepy and worried about you.” She told him wanting to touch his face to move his hair out of his eyes.
“What are you worried about? Before you know it, I will be healthy as a horse in no time.” He reassured her wiping her tears away. “I am ok my ‘Miss Coconut Cherry’, with you by my side I will heal in no time.” Ji Su just nodded and leaned up without moving too much and kissed him. She laid her head in his shoulder and closed her eyes in hope it was horrible dream she was going through. Falling back asleep, Jungkook watched her, looking at her innocent face. He knew that when he was attacked it wasn’t out of random. No, someone put a target on his back to either send a message or a warning to someone, that someone being Ji Su. The person that Jungkook could think that would do that was her ex.
Dont worry guys our baby bunny its ok!

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