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But like I want to write it as a full story! So I want to take one shot requests that I will do for the character. So it' about Jungkook and (Y/N) and how they met when they were kids and Jungkook was so shy and how they grew up and he became the Jungkook from BTS he is now. So I'l take requests like: When (Y/N) met BTS for the first time with Jungkook and he was shy. Or When Jungkook was sick and (Y/N) had to bring him home from school Just give me specific ages or time frame so I know if Jungkook is shy or not in the story!
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i vote for age 20 lol for the adult age and for the young age 13 cuz usually that is when u first start getting them feels lol
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if it gets enough fedback u can make it into a novel