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I'm super excited we get to go to this other realm. I get to learn more about me. Basically all I have known was a lie. When we are transporting you can't see each other but you can feel each other. Jimin was wrapped all over me. I could feel his energy over the others. I'm wondering why is he so protective.

It's raining and we land in some city across from a bullding advertising sex and drink. I smirk and look at Namjoon.

"You tell us to slow down with fucking but you land us here?"

Bre busts out laughing and Jimim shakes his head.

"She does have a point. Just seeing the words sex and drink makes me wanna partake." Yoongi says while grabbing Bre.

"Okay so maybe this does have some type or irony but I meant what I said." Namjoon adjusts his glasses and zaps us into this modern library.
"I'm ready to get started but I know you all may want to take a break. Dinner will be served soon. My partner will show you all to your individual rooms." Namjoon said

"Individual rooms?" Yoongi and Jimin both say in unison.

"I didn't stutter. You all need to focus not fuck. Hobi please show them to their rooms."

A tall slender guy dressed in a black hoddie. He had stylish black short hair with perfect skin and a bright smile. Positive energy poured from him.

"I'm Hobi I will show you to your rooms. Don't mind his attitude he hasn't had any... you know pound cake in a while. His last lady jumped off a balcony. Such a lost caused. He's known as captain save a hoe."
We bust out laughing and Namjoon threw a book at Hobi but missed.

"Captain Save a Hoe?" Yoongi said.

"Yeah he always trying to save these hoes." Hobi said while laughing.

"Well I'm going to stay here and have a word with Namjoon." Jimin says.

Hobi show us our rooms. I was impressed how each room was different. Namjoon must really knew my style.

I could hear Jimin cussing at Namjoon. It was funny but Namjoon was hard to read. All I heard was Jimin yelling out you can't tell me and my mate what the fuck to do.

Jimin is right cuz um...I got plans...

We had dinner. It was awesome to have real Korean style food. Our cook was named Jin. He was so good with cooking and super stylish. After dinner I took a walk with Jimin around this huge place. Jimin was still pissed and I was trying to calm him down.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but Jessamine let's get this work done. I'm going to awaken the real you so you feel comfortable with yourself. Then assess to see what gifts you naturally have." Namjoon said.

I kiss Jimin on his lips and follow Namjoon back to the modern library. Namjoon opened up a bottle. I could smell this sweet fragrance causing my eyes to roll.

"I see you already want it. This a drink your family loved. This is called the forbidden drink. They drink these during special occasions and before battle." Namjoon says while handing me a glass.

I smell the drink and take a sip. Then a sip turned into me gulping it down. I began seeing visions of whatever the source of this drink came from.

"Why am I seeing images of a magically forest?"

"Unicorn this is unicorn blood mixed with rose nectar and honey. When drink from something you can see their truth..their lives. You can also take their gifts too once you are stronger." Namjoon said.

Suddenly I could feel my senses getting stronger. I could feel everyone and every thing in the who realm. I remembered what Jimin taught me and quickly I was able to mute it and control it.

"Well I guess Jimin did teach you something." Namjoon said in a sarcastic tone.

Namjoon went forth and taught me how to control the elements. We worked on water and air. I naturally had fire, earth, and ice. I was happy to be finished. I felt like Ive been with him for days. However in his realm time does noy exist.

I walked to the door. "Namjoon I was never yours to have."

"Ah you have seen my truth...our truth." Namjoon said while walking towards me.

I could feel him breathing on my neck. He ran his lips on my neck and his hands down my side.

"You should have been mine. I still love you...that's why I can't move on. I was fool in that realm. I did you wrong. I just..."

I pushed him away. "Namjoon and your atupid ways is what caused me..."

Suddenly I felt myself shut down I was my "human" like self. A tear feel from my eyes. "I know now I know. You asshole!" I smack Namjoon.

"So now you know your truth." Namjoon said while rubbing his face.

Jimin busts through the door. I ran right to him with tears rushing. Jimin begins cussing at him in Korean. The voices beginning to fade in the background. Then suddenly I hrard a faint voice calling me.


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Looks like 'captain save a hoe' needs to keep his hands to himself! Tsk, tsk Joonie *smh*
oml u got my dying rn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ