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I be asleep or tripping. I cam barley sense where I am. I know where ever my body is it is with Jimin. Bre and Yoongi are around it. But my spirit is wandering. It feel so free but scary. However ao familiar. Then I heard the voice again.

Jessamine....over here.

I follow the voice and a bright light hits me. I feel warm and grass under my bare feet.
What's going on?

I notice that wherever I'm at I cannot speak verbally only with mind. Then I heard the female voice again.

That Namjoon he just thinks he can barge in and bring me back. Jimin instinct was right by protecting you...I mean

What the hell? If this is a joke stop it. I'm out of here!

Stop! KAMILAH I mean Jessamine. I'm you from another life. I'm here to give you the insight you need. What best way then to get the truth from yourself.

How do I know this is not a joke? Past me? Who the hell is KAMILAH?

Look okay I love it when Jimin is savage in the bed and that you seen Yoongi naked but never told Jimin.

Okay I'm listening....

Okay Kamilah is your real name. It means perfection. Your parents will address you as this. I'm part of you. I'm sorry about Namjoon. He was plotting to awaken me to take over so he could have me. This war should have been happened when I was you in feudal era.

What? You as me?

Just bare with girl. Namjoon is a Prince and Jimin and Yoongi knowns him well. Their families are close. This was the actual realm mother sent me to. I was being raised by a noble named Lady Kai. She was as powerful as beautiful. Any how Namjoon and I were lovers. However, we had issues. His family did not want him to be with me cuz I was considered a foreigner even though I was raised there. He began acting strange he was even physically abusive. I caught him sleeping with another woman who was rumoured to be carrying his child. During all this drama I was very strong with my powers. Lady Kai trained me well but inside I was weak. Jimin always told me that I was supposed to be his but I never could see him past Namjoon. But then again Jimin would say I'm supposed to be his but at a different time. He was speaking on you...well in your present. Long story short I killed myself. Poison and slits. I cursed Namjoon to never find love.

Okay wow. I'm ao sorry me from the past. Guys can be so nasty. But if you killed yourself...

As an immortal we can only die if we take our own lives. We do face judgment from our elders. The elders took showed me mercy and sent me to live where you are from. They said it would not be a royal life like my parents had planned.

Yeah my life sucked until Jimin found me. I was in foster care and then adopted. You were a beauty. I would kill to habe that body. I seen you reflect how you looked back then. A much smaller cuvy me.

Kamilah you need to stop with worrying about your outer appearance. It is the spirit that counts. I'm here to make everything complete. Your skills are pathetic to be real and this time the war has began. It has not reached the realm of nobility where mom and dad is dormite. Only you can pass into their place of rest and you will know what to do. However, Bre can only read the map. I will travel with you. Once you awake them the army will awaken. I will know be able to rest passing you my skills. Our allies are fighting tough and soon Jimin and Yoongi will come up to bat and lead our army.

We touched hands and then I was slammed back into my body. Bre was right next to me and Jimin was pacing. I opened my eyes and woke up. Then I walked right to Jimin. I kissed him deeply and forgot about the two other ppl there. Jimin kissed me back and used his powers to take me into the room where he was staying.

He ripped off my clothes and I did the same to me. He reached down to touch my womanhood I moved his hand.

"Skip foreplay baby." I gasped.

Jimin grinned and he took me against the wall. He parted my legs wide and entered me without mercy. He felt so good. He looked me deep in my eyes.

"Baby I love you so much." He moaned.

"Jimin I love you too."

We switched ovee to the bed. He bent me over and slammed into me. The juicy noise turned me on. He pulled me onto him hard as I bounced back and forth. He stopped moving and watched as I bounced on him back and forth.

"Yes baby just like that." Jimin moaned while smacking my butt.

He then pushed me down and began stroking me from behind while rubbing my clit. He was so deep. I screamed out his name which feed his ego. He flipped me on my back and lifted my left leg as he pounded me.

He licked my toes and bit down on the side of my foot as he made love to me. The sensation caused me to hit my climax as Jimin pulled my leg back he hit my spot I found myself squirting as he dropped a huge bomb in me.

He pulled out and I could fill our liquids dripping out of me. He stuck his two fingers deep inside me stroking me. I was already super sensitive. Then I squirted again. I gasped and grabbed his hand.

"Ah I know what makes my baby rain." Jimin said.

"Jimin stop you gonna kill me!" I moaned.

"Oh there is more where that comes from baby." Jimin flashes his fangs.

The rest was history......

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