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Well obviously. He has a major type advantage against Venusaur. He went up against Gary's Blastoise in a battle and one. He has not just one, but TWO mega evolutions, which are both badass themselves (although I prefer the Y mega evolution compared to the X mega evolution). And finally, who in the right mind doesn't like a dragon 😂😂
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OH, there's some other facts I forgot to mention. When they first introduced Blaziken as the first Hoen region pokemon released, Charizard went up against it. He may have lost in the end, but it was a draw in my opinion. AND he went up against the legendary pokemon Articuno and BEAT IT!! 😂😂
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I love it when I see otakus like you @EmilyPeacock where they go full on in depth of things
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I just love fire and charizard
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