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Maybe it's just me, but the new animation in the animated series Pokemon Sun and Moon, was too different from their original seasons, that I'm actually kind of glad the movie's art style style is closer to the previous one's we've seen. I don't have anything against it, I still love my Pokemon. 😊 AND I'M SUPER EXCITED FOR THE NEW MOVIE
*tear* yes...yes he will
@JustinDiaz oh same here I may watch it with my friend who loves Pokémon
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Lol sure! Don't know when that will be but let's hope
where can I see it!!! I want to see it n those adorable keychains!!
you guys remember when ash died. like that shit still makes me cry as an adult. god cant play with our hearts like that anymore I dont think I can survive another one of those
I still cry to that scene to this day!
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