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Scenarios are in for the Chanyeol prom game!
It took me a day to get the part finished, sorry for the delay in Results!
So here we go!!!

Scenario 1
1. Picks you up in a Limo and you enter hand in hand. (Red dress) “Thank you” you say accepting the bouquet of flowers, he also held a corsage in his hands, it had both white and red roses. “I wasn't sure what kind of dress you would be wearing” he said shyly as he came into the house. When he moved you saw a Limo sitting at the curb. A smile tugged at your lips. “No it's perfect, red dress, red flowers” you say. “I'm glad I chose right” he smiled at you. “Is this him?’ Your father said standing behind you all of a sudden. “Oh he brought you beautiful flowers” your mother gushed standing next to your father. “Now your not going to do anything to my princess are you? I know what prom night means” your father said sternly. “Dad!” You exclaim. “Ignore him please, nothing is going to happen” you exclaim shocked your dad would actually say something like that. “No sir, I would not do anything she would be ashamed of” Chanyeol smiled shyly at your father. “It wouldn't shame me” you mumble under your breath “What was that?” Chanyeol’s eyes were twinkling, like he actually did hear you. “Nothing, is it acceptable to take pictures. My mother wants to have some of my prom night” you move on. “Yes, I figured you would want to” he nodded. “Good, thank you” you say. Your mother leads you to the backyard where there is a large area, next to her garden that looked perfect for pictures. At first you got a picture of only you, than Chanyeol standing next to you. “Put your arms around her dear, she's not fragile” your mother instructs making you blush again. After several pictures of different poses your mother is satisfied and nods. “That's all” she announces. “Okay, ma’am, do you mind if I get a copy of those too?” Chanyeol asks surprising you. “Why? What will you do with them” she asks sternly even as she's confused “ I would just like to have a picture to commemorate this night as well” he said. “Oh yes of course” she nodded. After a little bit of talking, chanyeol asking you questions about yourself the two of you head out in the Limo to the dance. @MsLoyalHeart  @ArmyVIPKayla

Scenario 2

He picks you up on a motorcycle (Purple dress) Chanyeol stood in the doorway, a helmet in his hands as he was dressed in a fine black suit. It surprised you and leaning around him saw that there was a motorcycle sitting at the curb, eyes wide you weren’t sure about this. “U/N, good evening” Chanyeol said making you look back at him. “You drove a motorcycle here?” The words rushed out of your mouth. “Yes, I wanted to drive” Chanyeol nodded. “I’m in a dress” You state the obvious. It was than that he looked you up in down, you had picked out a pretty purple dress, thankfully that wasn’t a ball gown type and was more simple and knee length with it cascading down behind you. “Shoot, i didn’t think of that” he scratched the back of his head now nervous. As Chanyeol came into the house you took a look at the beauty at the curb, you had an inkling that you did want to ride on that thing, be pressed to his back and wrap your arms around him. “I can call my manager and get a car to come instead” Chanyeol offered. “Did you not bring a car?” Your mother said entering the room. “He brought a motorcycle” You answered. “Oh” she looked at you. “Well at least your not in a long gown like I wanted you to be” she stated than smiled. “Really? Your alright with your daughter going off on the back of a motorcycle?” You question. Chanyeol was trying to hold his laughter in next to you, but the shaking of his shoulders gave him away. “You think this is funny?” You asked him. “It is, oh sorry I should not say that” he said even as he smiled at you. Narrowing your eyes as you stare at him for a long moment. “Is this apart of some fan service? I get to hold onto you on the way there, or are you trying to insinuate you need a breath of fresh air cause I have to much perfume on?” Scenario's popped up in your head and he looked bewildered, than sniffed the air around you. “You smell like flowers” he noted. “Maybe its because I can have you close?” he suggested. A moment later you were smiling and laughing as he grinned at you. “Oh that is so sweet!” your mother exclaims before you could get a chance to comment. “Well, either way I’m going to enjoy the ride, plus we’ll arrive in style” You laughed. “Lets take some pictures of you two before you go off for the dance” your mom says “You have a corsage to give U/N it looks like” she noted. In his hands was a corsage of red roses and black ribbon. As he put the corsage on you pictures were taken than an idea popped in your head, you had your mom take pictures of the two of you by the motorcycle. When she was through taking them Chanyeol got on the bike and than helped you get on so to make sure your dress wouldn’t get ruined then wrapping your arms around his waist after you got on, you heard the click of the camera just before he revved the engine and the two of you were off to the dance. @WinKonVIP  @JaxomB  @BTSxEXO

Scenario 3

Horse and carriage ride to the prom. (Cherry bliss dress) Chanyeol was at your doorstep as you answered the door. His eyes scanned you from head to toe, a smile crossing his face. “Cherry blossoms” he muttered. Upon hearing the words you smile. “Do you like?” you ask him. “Yes, you look very pretty U/N” Chanyeol said as he slips past you and into the house. Your transfixed by what’s in front of the house. There at the curb was horses, two horses attached to a carriage. “You brought a carriage ride here?” you question. “Surprise” his voice was close, next to your ear. “That’s amazing!” you exclaim turning and bumping into him with how close he was to you. His hand wrapped around your waist holding you close so that you didn’t fall. Your heels had slipped and you almost had if Chanyeol didn’t grab ahold of you. “Ah sorry!” You exclaimed as he slowly let's go of you. “Its okay, I got you” chanyeol said. As you two talk for a moment you request to have pictures taken by the carriage before leaving. A couple were taken standing next to it, than chanyeol helped you step up into the carriage and a couple more pictures are taken. “This is so sweet of you to do” you tell him. “I wasn't sure what to do, but one of the stylists was giving me ideas and this one stuck out” he said. “I've never done this before” he leaned in to tell you making you giggle. “Neither have I’’ you tell him making him chuckle.   @QueenPandaBunny ***************

ah.....so much for my hair. The helmet will totally mess it up, but I guess that's okay. I still get to put my arms around him.
Oohh I love it!!!
I love it motorcycle ride!!!!!
aww, I love motorcycles!! 💕