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Who: Reader x Huang Zitao x Lee Seunghyun x Kim Minjun What: Smut, Journey, Love Story: Welcome to The Panda Zoo a club meant to bring fantasies to life and for get about the troubles of life. A step brother, ex boyfriend and your friend with benefits have two things in common the first is you but the second goes much deeper...

Zitao's POV

I was handed a tough life lesson at a very early age. ~ Boomer Esiason

Life has a funny way of throwing punches, there's two ways it can go: either the punch connects or misses entirely. For Zitao, Life had thrown a lot of punches. Starting off with his step father expecting a lot of him, a lot more than his own father did but at the very least he could say his step father saw him. His own dad dismissed his prescene almost completely. Perhaps because his heart was a little more fragile than people could see. He smiled in people's faces, he looked tough when danger struck but he had fears. Like most people do.

His latest fear was that of his son.

Perhaps he shouldn't have had sex with her, perhaps he should've used protection when he did. Perhaps life just couldn't stop throwing fast balls at him. He worked hard to keep his son a secret from his family even his step sister Y/n but he knew she could tell when something was up with him. He was just lucky enough that she was too busy to be around him that often to ask. On the other hand, he really needed someone to talk to and a female might've just been the right person.

The mother of his child, Ji-yun was admittedly a one night stand. A good time at a party, a drunken fever, a means to forget. Forget that he'd fought with his step father hours before about where his life was going. Forget that he had fought with his mother for just about the same thing. His life was an on going battle and he was looking for an escape. So he went to a bar and saw a nice girl. At first he was shy, then he had a shot, then another, then another, then another... until it didn't matter if the words between the two of them were coherent or not it just mattered that she wanted him and he was willing to give her all of him. He did, a little too much to be exact. It wasn't until a few weeks later that she showed back up at the bar that he worked at and told him she was pregnant. He offered to take care of the baby and that seemed to make her happy that she wasn't doing it alone. He was there for the doctors appointments. He was there for the food cravings at two in the morning and the false labor, he was there for the birth of his son and did just as he believed every father should, he cried the moment he held his baby boy. She named him Geon- Wu. This small child that looked like him in the eyes was apart of him and that was something far more beautiful than anyone could know. Y/n would probably be proud of him. She'd be proud he was being a man and taking care of his son. She'd be proud that he was in his life despite not being in a realtionship with his mother. She would be proud that he was a father. It was being a father that made life difficult. He was a small child that required a lot of attention and a lot of time he didn't necessarily have. He spent hours with his son after he joined in with Seonghyun and Minjun's plan. He kept working until he had enough to stop and then supported his son while he waited for the building to be finished. Panda Zoo was born and he was the bartender, a great job for himself. Two quick shots before opening and he was as charasimatic as ever. He attracted ladies to the bar when they weren't swayed to the stage to see Minjun perform or Seunghyun. He flirted with them with the confidence of a god and racked in tips.

They all went to his son.

He might not have such a problem with giving his money to Ji-yun if he knew that she was using it for Geon-Wu. It seemed that her clothes became nicer, her hair and nails were always tamed, her bags were expensive; he knew real Gucci when he saw it. She had a nicer car too but his son, his son seemed hungrier when he was with him. He ate twice as much now, sometimes he'd still be sitting in his own filth like she'd been waiting to hand him over so that Zitao could do it. He wondered what was going on. Was Ji- Yun taking care of his son? Would he be able to take him from her or was he over reacting? Was he thinking something was happening because he was stressed about his finances and his parents harping on him? Zitao lived alone, he had his own place and the only time anyone really came over was if his best friend Yifan was in town or his son was over. Y/n used to come over but she started having adventures of her own. He kind of wanted that freedom but he understood he had a responsiblity to his son. His worries for Geon- Wu never seemed to cease. Unless he was at Panda Zoo...

He was behind the bar now, Y/n and Minjun seemed to have a good time yesterday. She walked around on his arm laughing and looking as cheerful as ever. A bit skinnier than usual but happy. Minjun had delivered her the next invitation today and the men in the back had done the shuffle to see whose domain she'd get. None of them knew who would be next to have her. Hell Minjun could have her again. Seonghyun seemed to want her this time but it was obvious that when those two got together they usually had their tongues down each other's throats. Tao was orginally skeptical that she would agree to this. Even if she were the type to agree to almost anything he assumed that she would draw a line, since she didn't he wondered if she had something to escape as well. He supposed they all did in their own special way. Life just worked like that, even in your good moments it liked to come out of no where and sweep you off your feet and beat you down like the school yard bully. It was unrelenting and it was fierce. Life was that knock out sucker punch that came out of no where when you least expected it. No one truly dies a virgin, life fucks everyone some way some how. They needed the escape, they needed someone to ring the bell and call an end to the round so they could regroup, even if that meant they still had to go back into a losing battle, to get beat down and rattled to the core. It was hard.

Life was hard...

Y/n walked up to the bar and gave him a big smile, she ruffled his hair before fixing it with a giggle and said,

"How's my little brother?"

"You do realize that I could get picked anytime right? Do you really want to continue to see me as your brother?" he said.

She giggled,

"Yeah I guess you're right. Still for you guys to do this it must mean you really needed some relief from life. You want to tell me what's going on?" she asked leaning forward.

She had already seen it but this was a place of escape, not a place to bring reality into dream world. Zitao looked up and saw Seunghyun walking over in a well tailored black suit. He always came dressed to impress.

"Here comes Seunghyun." he said trying to distract her from looking through him.

She gave him an odd look and then turned and smiled at Seunghyun to welcome him over. He caught her chin and gave her a kiss on the lips. It seemed even if he didn't get her tonight he was marking his territory. Zitao wondered why they just didn't hook up? Then he thought about how the two were, not like water and oil but their lifestyles were life fire and water. Seunghyun was a kink master and he loved sleeping around where as Y/n liked being free and traveling especially as of late. She didn't see the need to stay in one place where as Seunghyun didn't see the need to stay in one relationship. The two of them were living their lives off of fun and cheap thrills. Nothing was wrong with that except that it made them both compatiable and incompatiable. On one hand, they got along very well as friends and even more as sex buddies but if they were ever to hook up for real Seunghyun wouldn't be able to sleep around anymore because Y/n wouldn't have any part of it. At the same time, she would feel like she'd have to stop her adventures. These days she seemed to like to explore on her own, taking Seunghyun along with her might be too much of a drag.

Y/n turned to see Minjun walking over from the opposite direction of Seunghyun. The club hadn't opened yet. They wanted to establish who had her first before they let anyone else in. They didn't want anyone thinking that they could do this as well, well at least not yet. They were debating the idea of getting more hosts to control more Domains; however, none of the hosts could sleep with their clients. They only reason they did was because they shared something in common and that was Y/n. Y/n greeted Minjun kindly and Seunghyun asked for her invitation. She pulled it out of the envelope and handed it to him. Seunghyun ran the black light wand over the card. Y/n said,


"Damn it." Seunghyun sighed.

Another day he didn't get to have her but Time was Zitao's Domain. Guessing from his reaction and already knowing Minjun's theme was Paradise. She turned to him and smiled,

"Looks like it's you and me huh."

She took the card from Seunghyun who was pouting at this point. He really couldn't wait to sink his teeth into her but Tao was willing to bet he already had earlier today. He was too greedy with her. Although she was his step sister, it may have been a little wrong to want to do this with her but they shared no blood. Their only relation was through marriage of their parents. He nodded to Y/n and Seunghyun called on the radio for the doors to open and let in the crowd. He walked off telling Y/n he'd see her later and she just chuckled at the fact that he was upset. She looked to Minjun while Minjun nodded to Tao.

"I'll have one of the guys come over to take your shift." he said.

Tao nodded and walked from behind the counter. He offered his arm to Y/n which she happily took. She was about the same height as him in her silver heels. Her black dress with a slit up her leg gave her a sexy look and her hair was in a pony tail sitting on her shoulder in luscious curls. She looked beautiful, he was itching to lose himself in her. He wanted to be free for a few moments before he went back to being a worried father. How was his son? Was he eating? What was Ji-Yun doing? Was she taking care of him?

His mind silenced as they came up the steps and to the front door of his Domain. He looked at her and said,


She nodded enthusicatically and he opened the door to walk her in. She stepped in to see a large light gray couch against the wall. The walls were steel gray and gave the room a sense of emptiness. A few clocks hung around but their hands were unmoving, no seconds, no minutes, no hours. An a hour glass sat on a desk in the corner of the room and the walls had these white lights hooked up to the bottom of them to give the room an luminous glow. She looked around with a straight face drinking it all in. The place was so quite he could've heard every breath that she took.

"It's not as extravagent as Paradise but this is my Domain." he said.

"Paradise has a certain beauty to it but so does this place. There's beauty in silence." she smiled.

"My Domain is time and in this room all time stops." he said.

"That explains the clocks."

"I like the idea of not having to move forward and not having to move back just existing in a single moment."

She nodded,

"Although, just existing can get exhausting sometimes. I mean at that point we're just breathing in air and waiting to die. I like living in the moment... I'm not okay with waiting to die. Sometimes what's most precious about moments is that they don't stay, you tend to cherish them more."

"Whether I like it or not time still moves. I can't control it the way I want it to. There are just moments I need it to be still." he said.

She stepped up closer to him and gave a smile. She ran her hands up his chest,

"Still like right now?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Time is realtive anyway just because it stops in here doesn't mean it stops outside these doors. So let's live in the moment now and catch up on time later." she smiled.

He nodded. His hands came up to cup her face. He kissed her softly, just trying out how it might feel for her lips to touch his. Her lips smelled like fruit, like a pomegranate. She smelled delicious. She even tasted good her lips were soft and inviting. His lip sank deeper on hers. He slipped his tongue inside her mouth. It was an odd feeling for him but he pushed the thought that this was his step sister out of the way. Time didn't exist here, she wasn't a blood relation. This was purely living in the moment. A moment that wouldn't move but instead last. His hands went to the slit in her dress and his lips became heavier. He kissed her harder and her heavy breathing let him know how turned on she was. She looked up at him for a second to unbutton his vest and pull it off of his body. She kissed his neck and bit the sides lightly sparking a small moan of his own. He placed his hands on her waist and moved her back as she continued her kisses on him. Her hand slid down to his shirt to pop buttons open and then her hand slipped into the shirt to touch his bare chest. He looked at her curiously. She was smaller. She smiled at him and he came to recapture her lips after he'd sat her down on the couch. He slid his hand up her thigh and slipped his hand into her panties. She gasped in pleasure and looked down with a smile on. Tao kissed her neck as she watched his fingers come to play with her heat. He teased her clit first then ran his fingers down her folds to collect her jucies. He slid his fingers up and down her folds making them deliciously slick. His heart was racing, it was like how he acted with Ji-Yun. He felt more in control than anything and he liked it. He changed his position and had her lay down on her back on the couch. He propped himself between her legs and pushed two fingers inside her. He pumped his fingers quickly inside her. Assulting her walls with his fingers. He kissed her neck breathing heavy against it then sucking on the skin to leave a mark. He wasn't thinking about how that might make Seunghyun feel but he would probably mark her more just to show that he was dominant. He bit her lightly like she did him. Her eyes were closed and she inhaled sensually. Her back arched and a smile came to her lips. She bit her lip and moaned,

"Right there."

"You like that?" he said.


"How about this?" he said.

He pushed a third finger inside of her and pulled a strap to her dress down. It was backless so she opted for no bra which gave him perfect access to suck on her perky nipples. She squealed happily and sank deeper into his hard thrusting fingers. She was soaking to the point, with each pump his three fingers made, he could hear the squish loud in his ears. For some reason that sound was twice as erotic mixed in with her moans.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." she warned.

That made him work harder. He went back to her neck allowing his tongue to roam around it and her moans became louder. She got closer and closer until he felt her walls tighten down on his fingers. It felt like she was leaking her juices into his hand while her body jerked a bit in the orgasam. She looked up at him and grinned in a greedy fashion. She sat up and pushed her panties all the way off and pulled her dress down. Tao stared at her naked body before him. She looked amazing and his heart began to pound harder than before. She looked down at him with a smile and she licked her lips,

"My turn." she said.

She leaned over to undo his pants and he watched in amazement. She got down on her knees between his legs and pulled him out of his boxers. The moment she stuck her tongue out his member twitched in want. Her warm mouth came over his heat and she began to bob up and down on him. The sensation of her warm wet muscles cradling his hard member had him rolling his head back and grabbing her hair. He moaned into the room and gave into pure pleasure. His purest escape...

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