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E Squad
Word Count: 1005

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Recap/ Spoilers:

Scarlett learns that she is in immediate danger, but still doesn’t know how or why she has to go into hiding. She refuses to back down when the guys don’t tell her what is going down. Chief JB finally gets a call saying that the van was on its way to pick them up at the safe house and deliver them to their long term /temporary house to live in. Scarlett hears an interesting conversation between Agent BamBam and Agent Jinyoung before falling asleep. She wakes up with her head in Agent BamBam’s lap and gets embarrassed, then trips on the frame of the van’s door as she tries to escape from the situation. Keep reading to find out what happens next...


Part 4: The New Beginning
I readied myself for the impact of the concrete against my face. I put my hands out in front of me and tightened the muscles in them, hoping that would help me keep from hitting my face on the cement. I feel the gravity tugging on me harder as I, in what seemed like slow motion, fell inches from my palms before I felt a tug at my neck. I briefly choked as the neck of my hoody was being pulled upwards.
I someone helped me stand up right and met Agent Wang's face. “Do we need to wrap you in bubble wrap?” he asked sarcastically. I gave him a glare. “Thanks, but no thanks.” I yanked my hood from his grip and rubbed the part of my hand that actually did make contact with the cement. Thankfully it was only a scrape. “Just go get in the house, and try not to hurt yourself on the way there,” he said in an irritated tone. I rolled my eyes at him. Even though I didn’t want to obey him, I still wanted to go inside and check the place out.
“Wait,” Agent Jinyoung grabbed my hand. He examined the scrape for a brief second before I ripped my wrist away from his hand and I walked towards the house as the rest if the guys came out of the house. “All clear. Back door is locked and there's no other way in. She can come in,” Chief briefed. “Good, I'm going in…” “Your room is in the center of the house…” I explored every room, which out of all six of them except for two of them upstairs, were set up to look like we all just moved in. The house was huge considering that it had a big kitchen, dining room, Livingroom, two bathrooms and a closed in wrap around porch. I then went to my room in the center of the house. Boxes were piled along the walls.
“Scarlett, can we see you in the Livingroom, please?” one of the guys called out. “We need to have a meeting…” another called. I signed and tried to remember where the hell Livingroom was. Finally finding it, I grabbed a seat on one of the couches.
“So, what's the game plan?” Agent Jinyoung asked.
“Jackson, can you listen and work on that computer the same time?” Chief proposed.
“Yes, sir,” Agent Wang responded.
I sighed. Why was everyone ordered to keep me in the dark? This was driving me insane and I wanted answers. I fact I deserved answers. “Okay, so I’m here to give everyone their new identities. First, Agent Jinyoung…” Chief began to rummage through his bag, got out a stack of envelopes and started to hand them out to their new owners. Agent Jinyoung took the envelope from chief and opened it to read the contents. “Agent BamBam… Agent Tuan… Agent Wang… and Scarlet…” I took the dense envelope from his hands as he held it out to me. I undid the seal and pulled out my new license, student ID and a description paper. What caught my eye was the birthday of my new identity. I opened the folded paper and began to read. Adopted…no living blood relatives… second year…high school transfer student. “What the hell is this?” “What’s wrong?” Chief asked. “What do you mean?” “High school student, you don’t expect me to go back to high school, do you?!”
“That’s exactly what it says… you’ll start first thing Monday morning…” Chief tried to avoid getting into it. “Don’t you think it would be safer if I would stay here?” I suggested. “Yes, but so we aren’t suspicious in the new town we have to make sacrifices…” He replied. “Fine, but I can’t promise you that I won’t get into trouble…” I gave him a glare. “Are we done here?” I asked before I was about to take off. “No, we finally connected…” Agent Wang answered. I turned to look at him “to what?” he turned the computer around and met the faces of both of my faces of my parents.
“Mom… Dad! You have no idea how much I’ve worried about…” “Honey, honey calm down…” My Dad said. I took a deep breath, took a seat in a nearby chair, and let my mother talk. “Swe…ety…” the connection was still going in and out as she began. “I’m so sorry, Hon..ey…” the screen flickered. “We have lied to … for twenty years of your life…” “What do you mean?” “We asked the men to not tell you… happening because we thought it would be better that we told… who…” the screen goes black then comes back on. “What? I didn’t catch that…” “Just remember, we love you… we always have and always …ill”
“I love you, too,” I replied frantically as it flashed their faces once again before it stopped flickering back on.

I stood there in silence for a few minutes, making sure that I was there if it came back on. The screen flickered one more time before something popped up saying ‘LOST CONNECTION’. I sighed and stared at the blank screen, wishing I could talk to them some more. I felt all of their eyes on me and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, so I left the room.

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