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Day 28 | Avoiding

My life sucks. 

Seriously. I have been avoiding Taehyung since that night but he is literally everywhere I go. In the fields, the house, when I sit outside to watch the stars out at night.... he needs to stop.

My heart jumps just at the sight of him and as much as I want these feelings to go away I don't think they are going to. So avoiding him just might be the key - if only he could stay away.

He keeps trying to start up conversations with me and as much as my little fangirl inside would like it to happen, I keep it short and simple. Can't he get the hint? Or is he too blind to realize it?!

Anyways, enough about this. While Taehyung has been everywhere I have not seen Jimin too much. It's like they suddenly switched. I would try to go up to him and start up conversations with him but he would leave me alone or quickly walk away.

Wait...is he doing the same thing I am doing to Taehyung? Is he avoiding me?! 

I never really thought about it that way until I put the two together. Maybe he is. But why is the only question that pops into my head. I didn't do anything... I don't think. Did I?

Confused, I relied on my the only person I could ask for help.

"Krryssstallll," I whined, placing my head on her shoulder as we sat outside after farming for a couple of hours. She laughed at how silly I was being.

"Whhhhaaattttt," She responded in the same tone, already completely used to how weird I am.
"I think Jimin is avoiding me," I stated, pouting. She turned to look at me and tried her best not to laugh again but utterly failed. "Ah, don't laugh! I am serious!" I nudged her arm, trying to get her to stop.

"I-I'm sorry," She stated in between breaths, "but your face was too funny." 

"Rude!!!" I yelled, splashing her with some of the water from the bottle I was holding. She yelped at how cold it was and immediately splashed some back in my face for revenge. I screamed as well getting up from where we were in shock. We chased each other around for a while until we called a truce. We then wiped off with some towels and sat out on the porch.

"I think he is," She finally answered, confirming my suspicions. "When we were at the cabin he would hardly ever leave your side and now it's like he stand being near you," I frowned at that, wondering what the hell I did wrong.

"Aish, I need to talk to him." I said, rubbing my damp hair with the towel in frustration. 

"I think I know why too," She said, making my eyes widen.

"What, really? Why? What did I do?" I bombarded, curious and just wanting to know. She glanced over at me and shook her head slightly.

"Oh Avri, how oblivious you are," She stated, patting my head like how a person would do to a little kid.

"No you really have me confused," I said, furrowing my brows together. At that time I bolted up from where I was sitting. "I can't do this. I have to go talk to him. I will be back!" I yelled, throwing my towel next to her.

"Good luck!" She watched as I left, shaking her head. 

"He obviously likes her. She is just too clueless to see it," She laughed to herself, hoping that in time, I would realize it too.


After running around for a bit I finally found him at the edge of the farm, setting up some defenses around the farm. I snuck up behind him and grabbed him by the shoulders, making him jump.

"Boo!" I yelled, being mischievous. He turned to look at me, getting mad. Usually he would say something along the lines of 'BUTTFACE' but instead he just turned away, not talking. I suddenly felt awkward, not knowing what to do in this situation. He continued to work on the fence and ignored me. After a minute, I spoke up.

"So whatcha-"

"Avri, please stop." He said, cutting me off. He got up from where he was standing and turned to face me. "I am kinda busy here so if you wouldn't mind I would like to be alone." He stated coldly, obviously not wanting to talk to me. I scoffed, crossing my arms at his sudden cold shoulder.

"Really? Or is that an excuse so you can avoid me?" I spat, getting upset from how he was acting. What the hell has gotten into him.


"You know what. Don't play dumb with me Park Jimin. Ever since what happened three days ago you have been avoiding me. I don't know what I did but I really wish you would just man up and tell me!" I yelled, fuming. He looked at me in shock, not having any idea.

"A-Av, that wasn't my intention to avoid you it's just that I..." He paused, looking away from my eyes, "couldn't stand to face you after that." He mumbled, making me the lost one now. 

"Wait... couldn't face me? What the heck are you talking about?!" I asked, not understanding his logic. He sighed heavily, thinking carefully about what to say next.

"It should have been me." He whispered, barely audible. "I should have been able to save you but I just stood there like an idiot, watching as you walked towards them," He confessed, leaving me speechless. "I felt useless and after Taehyung saved you, I couldn't look at you without feeling ashamed. I was supposed to be able to protect you Avri." He said, his eyes starting to water. So this is why all along, I thought. I quickly hugged him, wrapping my arms around his shaking form.

"Jimin. It's okay. I am fine and everything worked out well. I can't believe you were avoiding me for such a silly reason," I laughed, jumping a little when he started to hug me back. He placed his head against mine as he held me tighter. 

"That wasn't all of it," He started. not completely done yet. "It's because I couldn't protect the person I care about the most." He whispered, his cheeks starting to turn red. 

"Jimin. It's fine really, I am ok-"

"No, it's not Avri. You don't understand what I am saying," He said, backing up enough to see my face. His face was red and his gaze was intense, enough to make me embarrassed.

"W-What do you mean?" I stuttered, flustered at this side of Jimin I haven't seen before. I didn't know what to make of it when he suddenly grabbed both sides of my face and leaned closer. My heart started to beat like crazy, not knowing what is going on when his lips brushed against the top of my head. It was now my turn to be red. He leaned back and flashed me his signature smile, making my stomach do what felt like backflips.

"I will tell you soon enough," He said, laughing at my form as he hugged me again. The warmth of his body hit me like a wave and my ear was suddenly pressed against his chest. I could feel his heart beat fast as well, not knowing what to make of this situation. It was then that we were called back to the house for dinner. He grabbed my hand and we ran back to the house together, like how we would when we were kids.

I still don't fully understand what it was he was talking about, but I am just thankful that he told me the truth. Because without him, I wouldn't know what to do.


Ahh, Avri. So oblivious.

Well it seems like we have a love triangle at the moment... just how will it end I wonder?
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