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“The Heirs” actor Kim Woo Bin is currently filming for movie “Friend 2” as his character, Sung Hoon, and having fun with giving the camera a bit of aegyo while at work. The two photos shown below have recently been circulating on online forums and consist of Kim Woo Bin making adorable peace signs in a car and with a staff member. In contrast to his tough guy image recognized from “School 2013” and “The Heirs,” Kim Woo Bin charmed fans with his cutesy side. Fellow “Friend 2″ cast member Yoo Oh Sung said, “Kim Woo Bin really has a lot of aegyo. During filming sessions, he’ll either hook his arm with yours or even embrace you from behind. He seems to like having contact with others.” In other news, Kim Woo Bin is starring in “The Heirs” as the bully and Kim Tan’s rival for Cha Eun Sang’s affections, Choi Young Do.
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this boy is really cute and kind why always give him roles make him awful