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So... I honestly can't remember which video I watched first, but I do know that it was either Jackpot or Very Good. When I first started listening to kpop, Block B had had a comeback a few days after my descent into the kpop world. The video was Toy, but at that time I wasn't very interested in getting into other groups, so I didn't check them out. A few weeks later, and I decided to finally look into Block B after something my friend had said about this Zico fella. I didn't even know who Zico was, but I somehow managed to "pick" him as my bias... Oops.

In case you haven't watched Jackpot or Very Good, the links will be down below.

So, it is actually incredibly hard for me to pick a favorite song of Block B's. Instead I'll say what my top 3 are because you can't make me choose, @monbebearmybbc Now, even though Jackpot and Very Good are both fantastic songs, they aren't my favorites.

Walkin' In the Rain is absolutely one of my favorite songs and I adore this song so freaking much! I have always really enjoy Nalina and I will always be a sucker for Nillili Mambo. That's almost like putting Stay With Me by Chanyeol and Punch. I will come running, or crawling, anytime I hear that song...

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