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So this era was the one that actually helped me to realize who my bias was in up10tion. Wooshin made his way into my heart. I also believe this was the first song I heard by them, so this era will always have a special place in my heart.
I honestly do not know why it took me so long to get into Tonight, because this video is really adorable and I love what their company did with the music video and everyone's hair in this video! *cough cough* Especially my bias... This is a more cutesy video, but it is absolutely adorable and I just really adore this era.
Anyone who has been around me these last couple of months will know just how obsessed I was with this music video. I adore their hockey uniforms so freaking much and just ahh! I love this music video so much. Also, if you put anything with black and yellow together, I will more than likely love the thing even more because I am a proud Hufflepuff. Also, have you seen Hwanhee is this video? He isn't even my bias, but goodness gracious he's fine.