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Hey everyone!!

It's been a while, so we have decided that it is time for another multi-community event! We are changing things up a bit this time by having several different categories that you can enter under!! The categories are:

Fanfic Smut (must have a warning)
Fan Art

Smut will only be allowed by some communities, so please make sure to double check the list before submitting.

The Event will start on May 7th and go through May 21st.

The participating communities

Smut Allowed with a warning:

• iKON
• Uniq
• B1A4
• Pentagon
• Monsta X
• 24K
• Boys Republic
• Day6
• CN Blue
• Got7
• Leeteuk (SUJU)
• G-Dragon
• Topp Dogg
• Cross Gene
• Seventeen
• Twice
• Super Junior
• Jay Park

*** Although smut is allowed in all of these communities, please be mindful of groups with underage members and do not include those particular members in any smut***

No Smut:

• Infinite
• JJ Project

◇ Include 'Spring Event' as well as the catagory you are entering in the title of your card.

◇ There is no word limit for fanfics, but please keep it reasonable

◇ Be sure to post in the Fanfic and relevant community

◇ Multiple entries/multiple communities are encouraged! 

◇ You may not enter any given story in more than 1 community.

◇ Be sure to tag the Moderators:

~ Moderator Tag List ~

◇ Supporters can enter, but cannot vote for their own story

◇ Mods may enter, but not in their own community

Judging Criteria:
• must be entered in the correct catagory and this must be stated in the title of the card
• must follow all tagging and publishing guidelines
• must have Spring theme

◇ Each mod team chooses a winner for their community

◇ The ultimate winners will be chosen by a small group of judges.

◇ Mods will put all entries into a collection featured on the community page to make finding and reading them easier

•included in card announcing the winners with a link to each winning card
•featured on the community page
•choice of - wallpaper, spam, or one shot

Get those artistic juices flowing, and start preparing for this May event! Remember to double check which communities are involved and what they will allow.
If you have any questions, please contact either me or @Bangtanss.

Thank you in advance to all of you who will enter this event!

Yes!!!! I can't wait!!! I'll be posting my announcement on Monday~ Ahhh I can't wait for all the entries!!!! C:
Super excited!!! Can't wait to see some awesome stories 😀
BEAST is not on the card as one of the communities participating. We should be.
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Thank you. We are a non-smut community.
Will be posting our announcement for Victon tomorrow! Can't wait to read all the amazing entries. And good luck everyone.
You should publish this card in all the communities participating..Just a suggestion.. I know we all will create our own but..Iam just suggesting it..😊
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@WinKonVIP oh ok got it..😊