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Morning Survivalists^^

Wow we are already at 25 chapters!! O.O

For that there is a little surprise at the end for you guys and you will either hate me or love me LOL.
Welp, I hope you enjoyy ;)

Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~

Day 31 | Cute

It's been one month since this whole thing started. 

So much has happened since it started and it seems crazy that so much time has gone by. We are still at the farm as well. I am honestly surprised that we are still here in all actuality. I thought that this place would have been run over by now but I guess I was wrong.

Things have gotten better with Jimin. He doesn't avoid me like he was and is talking to me like normal again. I still wonder what he was going to tell me but I guess whenever he is ready to I will be here. 

Taehyung on the other hand...well...I think I like him. God I am such an idiot to be falling for someone at this point in time but I won't bore you with sappy details and how every time he looks at me I melt because that is the exact opposite of what I do.

Instead, I run away. Yeah that's right. Now that I know my feelings, if he even glances at me, I go into hiding like being chased by a monster. He probably thinks I am weird but I couldn't care less. I just don't want to act on these feelings. I have decided to just like him from afar, and instead be friends. It makes my life and his a billion times easier that way so that is that.

Krystal's bump is growing little by little. I think she has finally decided that no matter what happens she is going to do her all protecting the baby, as it is the last thing she has left of Kai. She still cries every now and then but it has gotten a lot better compared to when he first turned. I think she just now focuses on working with the farm with the rest of us. 

Lisa and Namjoon are still bickering like crazy. It's less intense then when it was when we first met them though. Maybe they are finally warming up to each other? Who knows.

Jae is still hitting on anything that moves, despite being bedridden all the time. I would usually bring food up to him and he would flirt and crack some pick-up lines and I would just roll my eyes. I think he just honestly likes being the life of the party more than anything.

My father and Jimin's parents are working on building a fence along the farm, wanting to keep it safe. They are out all day, building it to protect us. It's at least 7 feet tall all around, allowing the zombies to not see us if they are close and to distance ourselves from them.

Bomi and Jung-Yoon are always helping with the animals, probably happy to be able to do something. I never got to talk to Bomi after everything that happened that day. I think she preferred that I didn't talk about it so I did just that. I pretended like it never happened. 

They said they would be back but we haven't seen a single thing from them yet. It terrified me, thinking that they could bring tons of people and overrun the farm, but I tried to put it in the back of my mind as much as possible.

Yijong always made us food, and brings such a lively atmosphere to the place. I am really happy we were able to find this place. It is safe, for now at least, and we have met some pretty amazing people.

Hyuk and Irene have also started hanging out more often. Everywhere I go, I see the two of them together, laughing or talking. Sometimes I catch Hyuk's eye and give him a thumbs up to cheer him on making him laugh. They are adorable together so I ship them hard. Even if I can't find love in this hellhole, maybe at least those two can. 

I on the other hand have been learning how to shoot whenever I have time. Everyone else seems to be better with guns than me and so I need to catch up. There is an area in the back of the fields that has a lot of empty space, allowing me to practice. I put a silencer on the gun I am holding, to keep it from attracting any nearby zombies.

I placed empty cans on the end of an old broken-down tractor that they don't use anymore. I carefully lifted the gun, closed one eye, picked my target, and took a shot. The bullet went flying past the can and instead hit the front of the tractor. I winced at how bad I was.

Being careful again, I lifted once more and did the one thing I remember Kai telling me to do. I closed my eyes for a split second before opening them again. Holding the gun in both hands, I focused in on my target and took a breath in. As I breathed out, my finger hit the trigger, hitting the can right on. Shocked, I did a little happy dance, finally happy to hit one. I turned around in a circle to stop when seeing Taehyung behind me. I immediately stopped, embarrassed.

"Uh, tell me you didn't just see that," I asked, giving him an awkward smile as he laughed. He slowly walked over to me, holding his stomach.

"Nope sorry. I saw everything." Oh god, I am such a dweeb, I thought to myself. He just saw me doing my weird dance. Heavens save my soul. "It was cute though, so don't feel too embarrassed," He stated, leaving me in shock. He just called me cute. Called me. Cute. I quickly shook my head, wanting these thoughts to disapper. No. Don't get your hopes up Av. "How did you get it that second time?" He wondered, probably seeing how badly I missed that first shot.

"It was something Kai taught me back when we were in the cabin. He told me that if you breath out will focusing on what you are aiming at, it helps you get the shot," I explained. "So I did just that and I hit it, thank heavens. I mean I am a horrible shot so every little bit helps," I said, rubbing the back of my head out of nervousness. God, stop talking Av.

"Really? Can I try?" He asked, sticking his hand out. I nodded and handed him the gun, standing behind him as he held the gun up. He took a deep breath in and as soon as he let it out, he took the shot, hitting the next can down. "Daebak, it does work!" He said, ecstatic at this new found thing. He then ran over and gave me a hug, making me freeze. He lifted me up and spun me around out of happiness and then set me back down. I didn't know what to say or do so I stayed still. 

What I didn't realize however was that he was staring at me, looking over each one of my features on my face. His face suddenly turned serious as he stared, making my cheeks start to burn. I quickly felt like I had to do something. To get away.

I escaped from his arms and backed up a bit, wanting to keep a distance. Instead I did what I can only do best in situations like this - ramble like an idiot.

"Heh, wow you did awesome! You are a good shot, much better than me, I mean I can barely even hit a can and a can doesn't even move, can you imagine me hitting a walker like wow would I suck I bet you that it would get me before I could even shoot at it and then I would be gone for sure it would totally eat my brains and-" Stopping me mid sentence Taehyung shut me up with the last thing I expected. 

He pressed his lips against mine, holding my face up with his two hands. I was shocked beyond belief, not even able to kiss him back. He then stopped all of a sudden, the warmth of his lips still lingering on mine. My face turned beet red as he smiled at me.

"You really are too cute." He said, and I was pretty sure my heart just leaped out of my chest and exploded. 

"W-Wait, what- I am so- Wait..." I stuttered, unable to process what just happened. 

"Shh, just be quiet," He whispered, leaving me speechless. And then he leaned in once more, his lips gently touching mine. I wasn't as shocked this time as he kissed me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer as he deepened the kiss. I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck as I started to kiss him back, not believing that this was actually happening. What did it mean? I don't know, but I only thought one thing.

Screw Rule Number 9.

So who's team are you on?

Team Avmin or Team Taeri?
Thanks for reading all you beautiful people! See you next time ;)

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Yup! Screw rule number 9!! 😂😂 Hmmm.... but, but my poor little mochi is gonna be heart broken😔
Oh my stress!!!!!!
yes u are 😭 but its ok cuz its a great story but I'm scared that tae or chim chim might die and i will throw my phone if that happens so plz don't hurt me that way 😉
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God damn it, Lex!!!! How dare you try and make me pick a side!?!?!? Not fair!!!! 😝😝😝😝
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