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Seo In Guk recently revealed the strict diet plan that helped him lose 11 kilograms (~24 pounds). The idol appeared as a guest on October 31 broadcast of KBS2 “Happy Together” and shared his weight loss story. When the discussion turned to his strong and healthy-looking image in the swimming-themed movie “No Breathing,” he said, “I don’t have a nice body line by nature. When I first started training, I weighed 76-78 kilograms (~167-172 pounds).” He proved that his rock-hard body is the result of rigorous discipline by sharing, “In the morning I had an apple, my lunch was a simple vegetable salad, and in the evening I had some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and tofu. After following this routine for six months, I was lighter than ever before. I got down to 65 kilograms (~143 pounds).” While the other guests and MCs were impressed by his strong will to lose weight, they also wondered how the idol-turned-actor managed to resist enjoying a variety of tasty foods for such a long period of time. The other guests sharing their entertaining stories were IU, ZE:A‘s Gwanghee, and Sayuri.