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Ground Luminosity (Ott's New Yoghurt Loom Mix) by Entheogenic
In Dzogchen the fundamental, inherent nature of everything is called the "Ground Luminosity" or the "Mother Luminosity." This pervades our whole experience, and is therefore the inherent nature of the thoughts and emotions that arise in our minds as well, although we do not recognize it.[...] What happens at the moment of death, for everyone, is this: The Ground Luminosity dawns in vast splendor, and with it brings an opportunity for total liberation—if, and only if, you have learned how to recognize it.
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I am really loving this song. Thanks for posting it!
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@YinofYang - You are welcome! One of my absolute favorites. And the Terrence McKenna quote in the middle is a bonus for Nature lovers...!
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@CygnusX1 I had my brother listen to it and he loved it as well. Yes, I agree. :)
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