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Hello Ikonics! It's Melissa with a very late Junhoe Thursday. I'm super sorry about that. Anyhow, for this week, we are doing horoscopes for our members. Here is June's horoscope for today..
Apr 29, 2017 - You are a force to be reckoned with and virtually unstoppable. The position of the heavenly bodies today creates a situation in which you have supreme right of way. A certain person, for reasons known only to you, is now subtly under your control. How you deal with this will not only increase or decrease the respect they naturally feel for you, but will also affect the partnership itself.
Now for his Love horoscope
Apr 29, 2017 - Today you should feel especially sensual, Aries. You will want to bask in the pleasure of being in love. A passionate encounter could occur at your home, probably after a wonderful meal you've prepared. You could have a frank discussion about the future of the relationship. You might decide to try living together if you don't already. Think carefully about it and do what feels right.
Here is my horoscope for today..
Apr 29, 2017 - There is a push-me-pull-you effect going on, due to the alignment at play today. One part of you really, honestly, and truly does, while the other part of you can't see why it should. You will never get anywhere with your love life with this particular attitude. So make your mind up before it's too late. You don't want to miss out on a golden opportunity.
My Love horoscope
Apr 29, 2017 - Your aesthetic sense may increase, Leo, leading to the discovery of an artistic talent you may not have known you had. You could decide to develop this talent, possibly by enrolling in a class. A current or potential love partner might decide to come with you, creating a new venue for bringing you closer together. This should prove very exciting.
I am not sure about my horoscope is true.. lol

The combination of these two fire signs is a hot one. The lioness is queen of her castle and the male ram is the most confident of all zodiac signs. Sometimes the Aries male's ego gets in the way of the Leo female and sparks will fly. But the shared Leo Aries passion can't be denied.

Well that's all for Junhoe Thursday! I hope you enjoyed learning about Junehoe's horoscope. And Yay! We have love compatibility! Do you and Junehoe have it too?

@LiyahBoon I didn't know that Leo was a fire sign 😀
I love it and I had no idea you were a Leo. My moms a Leo too