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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.
Y/n's POV

You woke up to find Digit's head buried in your chest which made a smile grow on your face. You could feel last night you had given Mintaek a sense of hope that he could get you back. You weren't sure if that was a good idea but it was becoming increasingly harder to deny that your heart was being pulled towards him. It was different than when he took you here the first time. You could feel yourself pull away from him, so much so that he felt it was only right to release you. You didn't know what it was but either way you were sure you weren't ready to let him back in. You slipped out of bed away from Digit to change into some new clothes. Everyday you were working on your projection routine. Almost everything here was in red or black and you were sick of it. You decided to go with a white T-shirt instead and you kept the black theme with your leather pants and black boots. Comfortable and stylish, you smiled to yourself and looked over at Digit who was still fast asleep. You peeked out the windows. You were sure you had slept through the night and had reached their version of mid morning. There was still a lot of morning hours to go. You turned to Digit and shook him to wake him up. Mintaek was gone and you vaguely remembered him saying something about the Grand Elders and that they wanted you to go to the training hall. You weren't in the mood for that. You didn't really see it necessary to go there any way you refused to enter the torunament and they sure as hell weren't going to make you. It wasn't a question of whether or not you liked to fight it was a question of obedience and you'd rather be just as disobedient as you possibly could because- well, Fuck the Society.

That was your biggest problem with Mintaek, he wasn't seeing it your way, you were dragged here against your will where as everyone else actually made the decision to leave earth and live in the Society with their Masters. They followed the rules to the T and it was almost disgusting to watch. You wanted to barf anytime the Vampires barked orders and their Markers just blindly obeyed. That's probably what made things harder for Mintaek. You never really realized how much he might be going through because you didn't behave. He wouldn't have had to go through it in the first place had he just been honest with you but either way the Elders must've been giving him hell about your behavior. The stubborn side of you said 'serves him right' the logical and sympathetic side of you was saying sorry.

Digit poked his eyes open and looked up at you, you smiled at him and said,

"Come on buddy, let's go to the library."

He sat up and stretched and you had to cover his mouth because he sounded like a wolf when he let out a whine in his stretch. You looked at him and gave him a nervous smile.

"You should be more careful." you said.

"I'll be fine. I trust you." he said.

He reached up and poked the tip of your nose with a childish smile which made your heart melt. You reached down and picked him up from the bed and set him on his feet. You looked him up and down and tried to visualize him in clothes for little boys. You smiled when you got the perfect idea and you happened to snap your fingers in realization. You didn't mean to but as soon as you snapped your fingers what you had seen him in had been put on him. You smiled,

"Well that's a cute little trick." You said.

You chuckled as you looked at him. He was in blue jeans a white t-shirt with navy blue tennis shoes. You grabbed his hand and said,

"Alright let's go."

As you two made your way to the library, a lot of Vampires were whispering about Digit. They kept saying they smelled both you and Mintaek on him but they were well aware that you two didn't have some long lost child. One Vampire stopped right in front of you out of no where. Digit kept holding your hand and looked up at him as if nothing was wrong. The Vampire smiled at him, big and his fangs out as if to try and scare him. You could tell he was testing to see if it was a human child.

"Save it Jay we didn't go through the Whirlpool yesterday anyway." you said already annoyed by the Vampire's prescene.

"Then who is he and what's he doing here?"

"Who he is, is none of your business and what he's doing here is- oh yeah you guessed it, none of your damn business." you growled.

"Now get out of my way."

He looked down at the child and then back at you.

"You and Mintaek playing house. Doesn't sound like you two at all. Last I heard you two were feuding."

"Last I heard your Mark was screwing Kiseok in the back lot perhaps you should go pay more attention to her than me. I won't say it again, get out of my way."

Your growing annoyance probably reached Mintaek which may have been the reason Hyukwook had appeared right behind Jay. He bowed to you and said,

"Perhaps you should move along and let Y/n return to the library that Mintaek has gifted her. He would much rather her be in a place he is sure she won't cause trouble."

You rolled your eyes but the message sounded like something Mintaek would say. No one went against Hyukwoo. He served Mintaek but even if Hyukwoo said something back to Mintaek, he would obey. It was some Vampire code thing you didn't really understand. Since Hyukwoo was a servant to the royal family and put in charge of Mintaek he was to serve Mintaek but he had also been around long enough to watch him be delived as a child. He was like a second father to Mintaek and therefore he was loyal to him. To top it off every other Vampire obeyed him because he was the one that rebuilt the Vampire community after the Vampire and Wolf war. He was responsible for the upbringing and the order within in the Society. Though he didn't act like it, Hyukwoo held power over the Grad Elders simply because he was the one to put them into power in the first place. Honestly, not a lot of Vampires got your respect and those that did, didn't get it so easily but Hyukwoo had yours. Jay wasn't going to stay around to try to solve the mystery he turned and bowed to Hyukwoo and then looked over his shoulder and said,

"See you at the tournament."

Even Jay had to know his idle threats didn't scare you. He couldn't beat you before there was no way he could beat you now. Just because you had been gone for three years didn't mean your skills got rusty. You got into plenty of fights with Wovles back on earth. Of course, since Mintaek's Mark was mostly covered up, they didn't realize you had training from the Society.

You and Digit entered the Library and you immediately went to the top floor and all the way to back on the right hand side. Shelves covered you two back there and what was better is that not a lot of people came in here. Actually no one came in here but you. Digit climbed up the chair to sit on the table while you grabbed one of the books about powers. Digit looked at the cover as you walked over and said,

"You know Janera could answer any questions you have about your powers." he said innocently.

"Yeah I know but I can't go without Mintaek so the answers just have to wait for me until I get there. Until then I have to figure out this projection thing myself."

"You don't have to wait for Mintaek to go to Janera. You can take yourself there, like you did before."

"Yeah but I couldn't get in, I wasn't real." you said.

"You don't have to be and that's the best part. People who go to Janera tend to get trapped by the truth which is why I had to wait for someone to open the door for me. The warning on the door isn't to warn of dangerous creatures but a change in nature. Sometimes that nature isn't always good for people." he said.

"Well then how will I know it'll be good for me?"

"You don't, the only way to know is to actually go to Janera. The change will come naturally on it's own. You'll have a better handle on your powers though and you'll be able to do much more. Time moves differently there so you'll probably learn a lot in the matter of a few hours. The way I see it you're already confused and rebellious, how much worse can you get?" he chuckled.

"Gee thanks." you said reaching over to pinch his nose.

He gave you a little giggle that warmed your heart. If you had, had a baby you wondered if they'd giggle like that. That postive had broken you heart- - no it wasn't the postive, it was what the doctor said afterwards that broke your heart. You hated thinking about it. You pushed the thought away. Digit was an adorable little boy and for some reason the answers he found in Janera not only led him to you but made him trust you without you two knowing each other. You set the book down on the table beside him and leaned against it.

"I got to Janera by accident I don't know if I can do it again." you said.

"Just concentrate on the place you want to go. Your just allowing your mind to jump to the city. Your mind has no limits, no walls, nothing can stop you so even if you see the door and even if you see the lock you don't need a key to get through, you just walk through. Once you do that you'll be able to get the answers you seek in there even when your body is over here. It's a cool power I wish I was born with it. It's better if your mind travels to Janera anyway. You can't get stuck behind the door you can just walk out."

"You really think I can do it don't you?"

He nodded happily while crossing his legs and holding onto his ankles.

"I know because Janera is waiting for you." he said.

You smiled and nodded.

"Alright I'll try it your way kid." you said.

You pulled up another desk and placed it in front of Digit. You sat on top of it and crossed your legs the same way he did. He smiled at you which made you laugh before you closed your eyes. You sighed and heard Digit say,

"Now just imagine being back in Janera, you've already made it down the stone steps across the platform and you're standing in front of Janera's statue. You're walking behind it now and you're at the door. You want to go inside right? So just walk through." he said.

His tiny child voice made everything sound cute but you started focusing on what he was saying. You let your memory run back to the first time you were in Janera. The stone walls that were damp with the flowers on them. You walked down the stone steps allowing your hands to graze the walls and touch the white flowers as you did. Everything felt twice as real now, more than it did before. Maybe because you had actually been there in person. You walked across the platform, turning your head to see the crystal blue water, beautiful with its glow. You looked up and saw the large Statue of Janera, you were sure any minute she would looked down at you. You walked up the steps again and behind her to see the door where you first heard Digit.

Just walk through?

You stuck out your hand and saw your hand disappear through the rock. You gasped but smiled when you saw it. It was cool. You walked closer and closer until you were passing the stone wall and now surrounded by an all white area. Nothing existed, it was maddeningly silent. Nothing was there.

"Hello?" you said.

Your voice echoed a few hellos back to you. You looked around. This place seemed endless, nothing for miles to see, no life, no landscape just all white.


"Janera?" you called.

"What do you wish to know?"

A calm voice from behind you startled you and made you turn around. You saw a beautiful woman of brown skin and long black hair. She wore an orange and yellow dress with a sort of wrap around her arms. She smiled at you and didn't seem surprised that you were there.

"Who are you?" you asked.

"Don't you know, you were the one to come see me. I am Janera Queen of both the Domain of life and death. Answers about your path in life rest in me." she answered.

She had such a regal elegance to her there was no bluff that she was a Queen, an angel or even a goddess. Her beauty admitttedly over shown yours and you were in awe of it. She was the statue that you were uncomfortable with. The one you were nervous would turn to look at you. Janera chuckled,

"You do not like when the truth looks you in the eye. Is this why you stray from me outside? Every time you come near I sense your discomfort. The idea of truth and answers scares you."

"That's because I don't know what I'll find. Not everyone likes the truth." you said.

"You say that but you're the one that demands truth. At least from your mate. Come we must talk." she smiled.

She turned around and began to walk and you followed behind her even though it didn't seem like you two were walking any where.

"What are your questions?" she said.

You had to think about it for a second. You had a lot of questions but where to start.

"What happened to my birth parents?" you said.

She sighed,

"Your mother was a warrior, the first guard to the Fae Queen Genevieve. She was sworn by oath to protect the Queen no matter what and when war broke out she was forced to send your father to earth along with you. Your father was human, he was taken to the world of the Fae when he was a child. That Kingdom was the only world he knew. Fae are often known for stealing children in the night: however, they take the ones that are mistreated and nurture them. Still he had no way of caring for you once he was on Earth so he gave you up for adoption hoping you'd find a better life."

You scoffed,

"So much for a better life."

"Do not be ungrateful Y/n he did the right thing. The life that you would've lived would've been much worse had either of your parents kept you. The truth it harsh and some times cold and unforgiving, it's not always warm. However, you were loved by your foster parents and your brothers more than you can ever measure or ever understand. They will never stop loving you whether you live in this world or theirs."

"Am I never to return home?" you asked.

"You will, in time. You are human and Fae you own both worlds. Both are your homes."

"The Society is not my home." you shot back bitter.

She chuckled,

"You refuse to make it your home because of rules and regulations. Because you were forced to come here. Your destiny is in this world but also in Earth. Your destiny is tied to Mintaek's just as Digit's is tied to yours."

"What part do they play in all of this?" you asked.

"Digit is the son you needed. The replacement of the child you carried for little more than a week before it was gone. You can not expect to be told the truth when you withhold information yourself. You can't give Mintaek a baby, that's your fear."

"In order for me to fear that I'd have to be in love with Mintaek enough to want to give him a baby."

"Yes but you were in love with him once and with your connection no matter how much you fight it or him your love will come back. Love is infinite your hate is temporary. It's driven by pain but pain evenutally heals and disappears into memories. Mintaek is your future just as you are his. Digit lost his family and he needs one to take care of him now. He was my way of getting to you. You saving his life has given you something no Vampire could ever earn. A wolf's loyalty. Fae, Wolf and Vampire. King, Queen and a prince. Three bodies two worlds untied as one."

"Are you saying our Union is some power trip shit?" you said.

She smiled and nodded,

"Mintaek slept for thousands of years. The great Moon gave Wolves power unimaginable and killed off many Vampires and their clans but likewise the Vampire Clans were able to weaken the Wolf packs numbers. The Fae had already forced themselves into hiding, now three great Kingdoms are weakend and lack true guidence. A triple eclipse is coming soon Y/n and this will give Vampires the advantage in an on coming war. One that you must be prepared for. Your powers are great and even your fighting skills but you are nothing to this army if you do not trust your Mate, if you feed into your hate of the Society and if you refuse to work as a team. You make a difference in Mintaek's home and he will see to it that you see yours as much as you want."

"It's just more conditions."

"Fae need conditions. They don't like them but they need them. They are only disciplined under a Queen and a Queen you will be once Mintaek takes his thrown back. Believe me it will happen. I gave Mintaek the gift of sight, meaning while he slept he dreamt of you. He saw your entire life; he knows everything about you-"

"Yeah right." you scoffed.

"He knows everything about you Y/n but just beacuse he knows doesn't mean he knows how to properly utilize that information. It's because of that, that you're having problems."

You took in a deep breath.

"So does Mintaek actually love me?" you asked.

She smiled big and nodded like a child might.

"He's loved you since the moment you were born. You are the greatest gift in his life and he wouldn't trade you for the world."

"Can you teach me how to use my powers?" you asked.

"I can but I won't, not now. You have some things and places you need to be going and I will not interfere. Return to me when you've completed your tasks. I will give you one piece of information you didn't ask for though as an incentive to bring you back." she said.

"What's that?"

She waved her hand behind her and the white turned into the entire Society, for a moment you thought you had been pulled out but you weren't in the library you were in the Royal hall. You were sitting beside Mintaek in a gold dress with a ruby red necklace on. Mintaek wore a black robe on top of a button up red shirt and black suit jacket along with black pants. A little girl in red and gold sat beside you with a young wolf by her feet. She had her own little chair and she had golden locks that were naturally curled. It made you touch your hair and think. You looked at her eyes, as icy as Mintaek's. You took a deep shaky breath.

"Is that Digit?" you asked referring to the wolf.

"Yes. Your son by your throne."

"And the girl?" you said tearing up.

"You need to get back but don't forget about that little spell you found. Remember I am Queen of life and death, they are my Domains. " she smiled.

You closed your eyes and a tear rolled down you cheek. When you opened them back up you were in the library. Digit was sitting in front of you. You quickly wiped away your tears and smiled at him when he smiled at you.

"I told you the truth was hard sometimes." he said.

"It was." you said with a little chuckle.

"Did you see me in your future?" he beamed.

You nodded your head and raised your hand to pat him. He didn't ask about the girl. You were sure of it though but you didn't understand how it was possible.

"Janera gave you a gift!" Digit said bringing you out of your thoughts.

He reached up for your hair and pulled out a white flower. Her flower. You recalled what you said to Mintaek when he asked why you came here.

Janera is a city of life and death. The flowers that grow here- they were used in ancient practices for fertility

Janera said something about it too.

You need to get back but don't forget about that little spell you found. Remember I am Queen of life and death, they are my Domains.

The flower was needed for the potion. The same potion that was used by ancient people for fertility. The same potion that would give you a daughter...
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