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I woke up early sitting in the living room working on the wedding ideas to help make decisions. I need something to keep me busy while everyone is still asleep. I still gotta be quiet since the kids all slept out in the living room.We are probably going to figure out the room situations later since we all just came in and crashed.Anyways this planning thing sucks since none of my ideas are looking right! Ugh. I scrolled through pictures choosing ones that look good enough for the collages I'm making for the wedding. I reached for my water taking a sip thinking of what else to add. "What are you doing up so early?"Amerie whispered sitting next to me."So this is what's got you up.Planning their wedding." "Mom wants to work on it still.I have to come up with ideas and then I'm free from planning during the trip." "Well I say close your laptop and let's go hangout." "Ok.Where we going?" "First to get some food." "True.I am hungry." I closed my laptop and quietly headed to the room I slept in opening my suitcase. I grabbed an outfit and quickly changed heading back out to see Gio getting up. "Good morning Baby."I said giving him a kiss. "Good morning Mommy."He said while rubbing his tired eyes."where you going?" "To hangout with Auntie Amerie.Go back to sleep its early." "Otay." He laid back down while I covered him up and followed Amerie out the house. "Let's go to Momo's."Amerie said opening her car door. "I'm down." I got into the car and fastened my seatbelt as Amerie drove out of the parking garage. "So Baby sister.Mom really has you helping with the wedding." "She does.I mean she couldn't put me on one of her other jobs." "What is this woman planning?" "I don't know but she was acting like the wedding is going to go south." "What she say?" "Tell me why she decided to be Jennifer Lopez's character and said their wedding colors will be the reason this wedding doesn't happen." "I blame you."She laughed. "Umm why?" "You watched that movie too damn much." "I cant help it." I laughed.
Walking into Momo's Amerie ordered out drinks and food while I found us a seat. I sat down at a window table and pulled out my phone seeing a text from Mom. I quickly texted her back letting her know we went out.Amerie came back with our food and sat down. "Now talk to me.How does it feel planning their wedding?" "Oh you know.Its one of the happiest times in my life."I sarcastically said drinking my coffee. "I know you enjoy some of it since it's your first big wedding,but please tell me what you really hate about it." "Yeah I do but wish it was another couple.It's annoying. The first meeting sucked. Seeing how happy she was with him. Ugh. I wanted to stab my eyes so I couldn't see it." "Did they talk about Gio being in the wedding?" "Actually they did.I need to go but him a suit." "Little Gio is going to be a ring bearer.Too cute." "Yeah too cute." "Did they say what color for him to wear?" "They didn't. Jay wants to take him." "Oh ok.Bonding time.But honestly what are you not telling me.There's something I can tell." "It's nothing.Let's go shopping." "Ok.There's a few stuff walking distance." "Let's go." I got up taking my coffee and followed Amerie out the cafe. "Look a dress shop."Amerie said walking inside. "Why?" "We all need dressed for the wedding." "No i don't." "Yes you do.Oh look."She said pulling out a two piece red dress. "That would look good on you." "I already have a dress at home."She said handing the dress to me. "When did you get your dress?" "It's been sitting in my closet. Oh I like this one."She said eyeing another dress. "White.Really?" "Yeah your right.What about this burgundy one wine whatever color it is?" "Ok Im loving it. What about this black one?" "Black.Really.You're not going to a funeral." "Um yes I am. I'm watching my love for him die as he says I do." "You don't have love for Chase anymore?" "Eh. I do but how do I tell him I did something.It was a mistake. Kind of." "What do you mean kind of a mistake?" I grabbed the three dresses and taking a deep breath in and exhaling ready to tell my sister. "Jay and I slept together when I went over to talk to him." "Gia Arianna Choi.You didn't." "I did. It happened so fast. I'm crying and next thing his lips are on mind and boom it happened." "He engaged." "I had no idea he had a girlfriend. His fault too." "True. Y'all are a damn rollercoaster that never ends.Now go try those on." I walked to the fitting rooms trying each dress on and walking out to show her. These are hard to choose from.i should just buy all three. "I don't know which one to choose."I said looking at the three. "I know they all looked good on you."
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