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Genre(s): Romance, Tragedy, Character Death, Time Travel AU, Angst, Dimensions?
Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Chapters: 9/? ( Not counting the Prologue)
Summary: Y/N goes back in time to fix something but things don't turn out quite the way she planned...

A/N: So, since I wrote the last chapter a while ago before finally posting it, the transition from the dramatic cliffhanger in the last chapter to whatever it is I'm about to write right now might be a little unfitting, forgive me. T-T

It was suddenly cold. Like, freezing cold. And dark. I realized my eyes were squeezed shut and slowly pried them open. It was still dark, and I felt weightless for a moment until something was pulling on me.

And then I realized that I had fallen in the pond.

" Y/N?! Y/N, are you okay?! Y/N!" It was Jimin, but why did he sound so far away? The water is burning my eyes, maybe I'll just...I'll just close them again for a little while...That should be fine, right?
Just a little while...

Nobody's POV (But mostly Y/N's POV)

You awake with a jolt, panting hard with a thin layer of sweat coating your body. A chair turns over and you look over to see someone on the floor but can't see who, the lights are turned off.
" Y/N?" Sounds like Jungkook. " Are you awake?" You hear him shuffle away before brightness floods the room and you have to squint to observe your surroundings.

" Oh! Sorry, I probably should have warned you that I was turning on the lights." Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

" Where am I?"

" Oh, you're in Jimin's room."

" Jimin's room?"

" After you passed out he panicked and brought you here. He refused to leave your side until you woke up, but we made him take a shower." You could hear the faint sound of the water running in the distance. "Bora took care of you by the way, after Jimin brought you in. Thought it would be best if a girl did the job for a girl, you know?" He blushed slightly, rubbing his elbow uncomfortably. There was a bruise beginning to form there.

" Oh, did you get hurt?" You reached out, taking his arm into your hands to inspect the injury. He tensed under your touch but you paid no mind to it, looking up at him with a sigh.

" Did I scare you?"

" W-what?"

" Didn't you fall when I woke up?" So that was what the sound was.

" Y/N," He scoffed. " I'm hurt."

" I see."

" N-no! I mean, that would think of me, a nice, good looking, strong man so weak to not be able to handle such a little brui-ow! Ow! Don't press on it!" He yanked him arm back, cradling the wound and pouting at you.

" What a strong man you sure are." You rolled your eyes sarcastically.

" Hey! Don't make fun of me, I am a strong- ow! Ow! Ow! Y/N!!! Stop pressing on it! Ow!"

A Few Days Later...

" Y/N's acting weird."

" You've noticed too?"

" What do you guys mean?" Jimin walked in, drying his hair with a towel.

" She keeps going out at midnight." Hobi explained.

" Midnight?" Jungkook looked confused. " Well how do you know?"

" I was up late a few nights ago and heard noises so I went out to check and she was already closing the door behind her. All sneaky-like, too."

" Well why didn't you just stop and ask her?" Jimin asked.

" This isn't the first time." Bora cut in. " I've noticed, too. And I have tried to stop her but she's always already out the door and I haven't brought myself to ask her during the day."

" Should I follow her?" Namjoon suggested.

" Oh no way, she'll hear you a mile away." Yoongi scoffed.

" What do you mean? You think I can't do it?" Namjoon whined.

" No offense dude, but you're not exactly the quietest out of all of us." Jin rested a comforting hand on his shoulder.

" So where is she now?" Jimin asked.

" Taehyung's keeping her company."

" Shouldn't we just ask her about it?" Jungkook looked unsure. " I feel kinda bad. I mean, we're kind of invading her privacy..."

" It's not like she'll just willingly tell us, though." Bora said.

" But maybe she will!"

" Then why don't you ask her?" Bora narrowed her eyes at Jungkook. He immediately tensed and looked away.

" Then it's settled. I don't like it, but I'll follow her if she goes out tonight." Jimin's expression was dark but no one objected so the matter was settled.

Jimin's POV

I hated this. Y/N didn't deserve this. But any other way, I still would prefer if it was me that followed her instead of the others. Not that I don't trust them, but the suspense would kill me if I didn't find out myself.

Sure enough, as Yoongi hyung had said, right around midnight there were sounds followed by the faint sound of the door closing. I guess there's my cue.

Everybody poked their heads out of their rooms as I made my way to the door. Which freaked me out a little but they looked concerned for me so I just reassured them I'd be back soon and closed the door behind me.

Y/N was already pretty far down the street and I had to jog a little to catch up to a considerable distance behind her. I soon found myself following her to a phone booth. But it was strange, she just sat down and made no move to call anyone.

Maybe this was just her thinking place? Or she was waiting for someone? Maybe she was just pretending to lose her memory and she's really working with someone else to plan something against us? Or even worse, she's waiting for a boyfriend?

Enough Jimin, the phone is ringing.


This is beyond exhausting. Like promised, Namjoon called every night at precisely twelve but getting up every night this late with all this wind just for Namjoon to say he's got nothing is kind of tiring and disappointing but at least he's trying.

The phone rang and I almost didn't want to pick it up. But I had to or Namjoon would get worried and it would such a handful to deal with.

" Any ideas yet?" I sighed, prepared for another disappointing answer.

" Actually, I might." I immediately perked up.

" Really?!" It was kind of upsetting how excited I was to leave so soon after trying most of my life to get here.

" I think..." Namjoon paused and there were sounds in the background. " I think I might have just fixed up the machine."

" Are you sure?"

" Well, there's no way to know for sure...but I can't exactly test it out on just anybody anytime." I could almost see him rolling his eyes.

" don't know how to use it?"

" Y/N, it's been a difficult process, especially since I don't have you this time to help me build it. Taehyung has been no help as you can tell from the many many days I've spent fixing it."

" Hey, I've been helping!" I could hear Taehyung in the back.

" Y/N is that you?" He must have taken the phone.

" No, it's not me."

" Then who are you?"

" Seriously Taehyung I wonder how you get through life everyday." I sighed.

" I'm just kidding, Y/N! I'm not an idiot!" He scoffed. " Well...not all the way, at least."

" Taehyung give me the phone." Namjoon scolded Taehyung and there was a bit of scuffling before he was back on the phone.

" Okay, so...Plan."

" Do you have one?"

" Um..."

" Am I going to have to wait another night?"

" So far, I've come up with a lot of ideas but I haven't found a logical one yet so...I'll see you tomorrow, bye!"

" Namjoon! Nam-" And he already hung up.

Jimin's POV

" It's really weird." Everybody began coming out of their rooms to hear what I had to say about Y/N.

" What happened? Where did she go?" Hobi peeked out from behind his door with curiosity.

" I'll tell you guys tomorrow, she's right behind me." As if on cue, the doorknob began to jiggle.

Everybody scrambled to their rooms while I tried to wrestle my shoes off. I had just gotten them off when the door suddenly opened. I sprinted to the kitchen and pretended I had just gotten up in case she wandered in.

But she didn't. And I watched her sneak back into her room.

Just who the hell has she been talking to on that phone to make it so secretive that she would have to keep it from all of us?

A/N: So...orginally I was going to have the plan go down in this chapter but...I didn't. Good news, it's going to happen in the next chapter! Bad news, it's going to be a long wait. I'm putting it off like a lazy jerk again and I'm sorry. But don't worry, no more boring build ups, next chapter, shit's goin' down.

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