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I'm really late on making this card, but I finished the drama a few weeks ago. Work just got in the way. But here are my thoughts on this drama: Genre: Melodrama, Comedy, Romance, Mystery Broadcast Network: SBS 16 Episodes Drama Description: Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak get killed in two separate accidents. Both of them arrive in the afterlife, but feel that they must return: Young Soo to reconcile with his wife and prove his death was not a suicide, meanwhile Gi Tak to protect his lover, Yi Yeon. They are given two months and return to life in new bodies: Young Soo as Lee Hae Joon, a handsome young man; and Gi Tak as Han Hong Nan, a pretty young woman. Cast Characters: Kim In Kwon as Kim Young Soo (40s) Rain as Lee Hae Joon (30s) Kim Soo Ro as Han Gi Tak (41) Kwak Dong Yun as younger Han Gi Tak Oh Yeon Seo as Han Hong Nan (20s) Lee Min Jung as Shin Da Hye (early 30s) Kim Min Seo as young Da Hye Lee Ha Nui as Song Yi Yeon (30s) Ji Ha Yoon as young Yi Yeon Sources Credited: DramaWiki

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