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Hello B2UTY! It's Melissa with the hyungline. This week, we are sharing our favorite hyung Doojoon moments on a Variety show.

Let's start with @LemonLassie favorite Doojoon's moment on a variety show.
We all know he plays soccer and this just shows more of his talent and that slide to stop the ball! Doojoon teavh me yo skills man!
Here is @sukkyongwanser favorite Doojoon's moment on a variety show.
For Doojoon I choose this video. Because look at how much confidence he has and then his voice cracks and he gets embarrassed and nervous.

Now for my favourite Doojoon's moment on a variety show
I want to use this moment for Doojoon. I love how cute he gets when Park Shin Hye says he is the cutest

Well that's all for Beast/Highlight Doojoon Hyung Line Saturday! I hope you enjoyed Doojoon's moments on varieties shows.

great picks everyone!
Those soccer moves are so impressive.
@LemonLassie Thank! We did good this week 😆