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A week after Jungkook’s attack, Ji Su was over at the boy’s apartment taking caring of him. Jungkook didn’t mind one bit being pampered by her. However, he was worried that she needed to be at her shop working on her men’s line.
“Babe, you need to go to work. I will still be here when you get back. I doubt Yoongi hyung will let me leave.” He told her as she was cleaning the cut on his left cheek. The swelling was gone, but it was replaced with black and purple splotches.
“That’s what you said last time and you came back as some ones punching bag.” Ji Su grumbled at him.
“Alright fine, but this time I won’t leave unless someone is with me.” Jungkook reassured her while grabbing her hand after she placed a new band aid.
“Fine but I will be back later tonight. Maybe I can make you something.” Ji Su stood up and pecked his lips. When she pulled away, Jungkook pulled back in to kisser deeper to make the kiss last.
She climbed onto his bed and straddled him. Her shirt lifted a little exposing skin giving Jungkook a chance to snaked his hand under her shirt. Ji Su moaned missing his touch. With him still healing they haven’t had that chance to have time alone. Ji Su was just too nervous and scared she would hurt him. Breaking the kiss, Ji Su placed her forehead catching her breath. The door opened causing Ji Su to turned around to see who it was.
“You got to be kidding me! Just because you are in a room doesn’t mean that you all can get lovely dove. Plus, he is still injured.” Yoongi who was grumpy from being the studio working with the lack of sleep. Jungkook and Ji Su laughed, but stopped when Jungkook hissed because of his bruised ribs. “See what did I tell you.” Yoongi stated laying down on his bed falling fast asleep.
“I better go.” Ji Su said getting off him to stand up giving him one last kiss on the lips before walking out. When the door close behind her, Yoongi opened his eyes and sat back up.
“Did you find anything?” Jungkook asked swinging his legs over to the edge of the bed.
“Why do you want to know so much about her ex anyway?” Yoongi asked avoiding Jungkook’s question. A few days ago, Jungkook asked Yoongi to look up Ji Su’s ex. He never wanted to step to that line to learn about her ex, but there was something about her ex that didn’t sit right with him.
“Hyung that attack wasn’t out of random. They didn’t take my wallet or take the meds that I bought. Someone is either targeting me or sending a message, and the only person that I can think that would do this is her ex.” Jungkook explain being serious.
“How they hell do you know that the attack wasn’t random?”
“That is another story for another time. Now what did you find?” Jungkook said bring Yoongi hyung back to the main question.
“Fine but not here.” Yoongi stood up with Jungkook behind him.
They went to the studio where the others were at. The asked what Jungkook was doing out of bed everyone full of worry. Yoongi told them, lying through his teeth, saying that he needed Jungkook for one his projects he was working on. Walking up to the genius lab, Yoongi closed the door behind them locking the door that way no one would walk in. Pulling up his chair to his computer, Yoongi motioned to the chair next him for Jungkook to sit.
“From what I could find on him is that he is a very wealthy business man. He and Ji Su were in the same business program at SU. They didn’t start dating until the end of their first year of college. Though during the time, they dated, he didn’t really show his affection. Most if his time is spent in Japan investing in small businesses.” Yoongi explained to Jungkook on what he found on Jae. Jungkook didn’t see anything wrong from what he was told.
“There has to be something else that would show that he could do something like attacking someone.” Jungkook rubbed his face and ran his hand through his hair. He was frustrated. “Look I can keep looking and see if I can find something, but it’ll take time.” Yoongi patted the maknae on the shoulder.
“I don’t want you to over work yourself, hyung. You should take a break since you been at this for a few days without sleep.” Jungkook stood up and headed for the door.
“Maybe you should talk to her about him. You might find something about him from her.” Yoongi said when Jungkook hand was on the door handle.
“I want to do this without her knowing hyung. If she knew she might put up a wall that would be unbreakable or worse, go after him herself to get the answers.” Jungkook opened the door and walked out. Yoongi smirked and shook his head before turning back to his computer to dig deeper about Mr. Jung Jae.
Walking down the stairs, Jungkook was stopped by one of the girls he had in his class. He swore under his breath, doing his best to walk past her without her noticing. Though he failed when one of them stopped him with their eyes lusting after him.
“Oppa, we were told you wouldn’t be back after two weeks. Did you come because you missed us?” One of the girls who spoke, Lee was her name or that is what he believed any way.
“I just stopped by to check something.” He told her irritated that she called him oppa.
“Oh, we thought that you missed us. We hope that you come back quickly that way you can teach us again. Also, we heard about the dance competition, we wanted to tell you that we’ll be there to cheer you on.” They giggled while lightly pushing him in the shoulder, flirting with him.
“I’m sure I’ll be back in no time. Now if you excuse me, I have somewhere to be.” Jungkook walked around, but was tugged by his left arm stopping him. He felt something moist on his arm, and when he looked down, the Lee girl was writing her number on his arm.
“Oppa, if you need anything, anything at all, just give me a call.” She winked at him and blew him a kiss before she walked into one the dance studios. Jungkook sighed and tried to wipe off the ink but failed when it hit him that she used permeant maker. Taehyung came around the corner and say what was on his arm and laughed walking away to find Jimin and tell him. ><><><><><
Ji Su sat at her desk taping her pencil. She had half of the suits done, with only having three more to do. However, she didn’t have the motivation to get up and work. Laying her head on the desk closing her eyes. A pair of lips touched her neck moving down her shoulder. She knew who it was and smiled. Ji Su lifted her head up to see her baby bunny behind her. Ji Su stood up to face him, leaning against her desk.
“Taking a break?” He asked placing his hands on her desk blocking her.
“I just don’t have any motivation to work today. I finished one suit a few hours ago, but I just couldn’t bring myself to start another one.” She told him running her left hand on his right arm feeling his well-defined muscles.
“Well maybe we could head back home and you can cook me that wonderful dinner you promised me this morning. After that maybe we can sit and watch a movie.” He suggested to her while his lips hovered over hers, teasing her.
“We have to go to the store first before we head home.” She said in a whisper as she looked down at his lips and then back at his eyes. Licking her dry lips, itching for his lips to touch hers. Brushing his lips against hers, teasing her again before placing a gentle kiss on those lips that molded well with his. Taking her free hand, Ji Su cupped his face, pulling him closer. Jungkook’s tongue brushed against her lips asking permission to enter. Allowing him, she shuddered as his tongue brushed against hers making her moan slightly. Taking his hands, he picked her up and placed her on the desk. Jungkook then placed his hands on her thighs to spread them, so he could be in between them. With his hands so close to her core she felt hot and wanted his touch. Breaking the kiss, he moved his lips trailing kisses down to her neck up to her ear, nibbling leaving marks of the trail he was leaving. A sharp pain went through his chest causing him to stop and place his forehead on her shoulder.
“Jungkook what’s wrong?” Ji Su asked in a slight panic in her voice.
“I’m ok just at my limit with these damn bruised ribs.” He said lifting his head, pecking her lips.
“Until you are fully healed, only light kisses and nothing else.” She told him pushing him lightly to step down from her desk. Out of the corner of her eye she caught something black on his left arm. “What is that?” She asked pointing to a string of numbers written on his arm.
“One of the students at the studio, she wrote her number down thinking that I will call her if I need anything. I have told her many times that I wasn’t interested. Apparently, she doesn’t know what no means.” Jungkook smiled explaining to Ji Su that she doesn’t have to worry about anything.
“I’m sure that is what you said.” Ji Su moved his left arm to grab her bag. Jungkook walked behind her wrapping his arms around her. “
Is my Ji Su jealous?” He whispered in her ear. “
Nope, just need to head to the store and pick up the ingredients to make dinner.” She said taking her keys out of her bag. She tried to remove his arms so she could walk to her car. Only his hold went a little tighter. “Jungkook, if you want to eat, let go or you won’t have anything. No food, not even a movie. Maybe I can make food and share it with the others.” She told him turning her head to look up at him.
“Oh, I see we are playing who can admit they are jealous first.” He leaned down to kiss her making her giggle. Taking her hand, they both walked out to where her car was at.
Before heading to home, they went to the store to buy what Ji Su needed for dinner. Jungkook pushed the cart around watching her hips sway side to side. It was killing him that he was injured and he couldn’t do any physical activity with Ji Su. The time they were in the store, Jungkook would mess with Ji Su by putting things in the cart. It would make her confused thinking she put them in the cart. After a while Ji Su caught on what he was doing and would send him to put the stuff away. They spent an hour when they were supposed to be in and out grabbing just few things.
Back at the apartment, Jungkook and Ji Su bickered on who was going to carry the bags. Ji Su ended up winning not playing fair saying that she wouldn’t cook for him right when his stomach growled.
“Since it is only 5:30, how about I come over around 7?” Jungkook asked changing the subject. “That sounds good. That’ll give me time to clean up my place and get dinner started.” Ji Su agreed with him walking down the hall on their floor.
“Sweet, I’ll see you at 7.” Jungkook said giving her a quick kiss before she walked into her apartment. Jungkook turned around and walked into his. He went to his room to grab a change of clothes before heading to the shower. When he was done, Jungkook took his time to dry his hair and style it. He was nervous since this felt like a first date. After styling his hair, the way Ji Su liked it, he walked out and back to his room. Upon walking in, Yoongi was laying on his bed playing on his phone. When Jungkook walked in, Yoongi pointed to a file that was on Jungkook’s bed.
“I found a few interesting things about Mr. Jung Jae.” Yoongi sat up telling Jungkook the he found something. Jungkook bent down to pick up the file. “He bought the building that Ji Su’s shop is in, but she ended up buying it from him a few years ago. He also has a sting of women, along with a fiancée.”
“So, he was cheating on Ji Su the whole time he was dating her?” Jungkook asked flipping through the documents.
“No not the whole time. It started after he went on his first business trip after they were together for three years. I asked Mi Sun about this and she told me that she wasn’t surprise. According to her, his whole personality changed after he came back. Before he was completely in love with Ji Su and do anything for her. However, that all changed when he came back. He would always be gone, or when he was around, he would ignore her.”
“That doesn’t explain on why he broke up with her and then come after me.” Jungkook closed the file and placed it within one of his notebooks.
“From what I found he ended things with her when he became engaged and he didn’t want Ji Su to find out. Though I don’t think he likes the idea of her already moved on.” Yoongi explained laying back down.
“So, the attack was a message telling me to stay away because he still owns her.” Jungkook huffed at the thought feeling rage build up.
“Here.” Yoongi said throwing him something small. Jungkook caught and looked to see what it was.
Condoms, a whole lot of them.
“Really hyung?” Jungkook crooked his left eyebrow looking at Yoongi.
“Well the way the atmosphere felt this morning, I’ll say that you two are in heat and been holding it in.” Yoongi said yawning. “
I don’t need these.” Jungkook said.
“So, she likes the real feel huh? Is she on the pill?”
“Ok, well just keep those just in case. I’m sure when you’re healed, you two will be going at it like rabbits. Plus, the pill doesn’t work a whole 100% or you can just you know pull out.” “Hyung please just stop.” Jungkook shuddered when Yoongi was telling him what to do about preventing Jungkook and Ji Su from having mini Kookies and Ji Su’s running around.
“I’m just saying different ways to not get pregnant. Anyway, be a good Maknae and close the door when you leave. It’s the least you can do since I have been working day and night to help you.” Yoongi yawned again while rolling onto his left side.
Jungkook shook his head before walking out, putting the condoms in his pocket. Looking at the clock he had 15 minutes before he had to head over. However, he shrugged his shoulders walking out not caring if her was early. Ringing to doorbell, Mi Sun opened the door.
“Hi Jungkook, she is in the kitchen. You too have the who place to yourself for the night.” Mi Sun told him while walking out with an overnight bag.
“You and hyung going somewhere?” Jungkook asked. “Yeah, Jin and I are visiting his parents for a few days. His mother has some ideas that she wants to share with me for the wedding.” “Sounds like fun.” Jungkook just gave her smile before telling her good bye and walking in. After taking off his shoes, he went in hearing music play. He smiled when he knew who was singing. Crush, one of Jungkook’s favorite singers. His smile grew even bigger witnessing Ji Su in the kitchen. She was dancing and humming along to the song. Jungkook took his phone out and hit record as he watched her. Ji Su turned jumping to seeing him behind her. She threw a towel at him for one scaring her, and two for recording her. Ji Su didn’t even try to take his phone away, knowing he was going to reach up to where she couldn’t reach. Pouting she went back to cook dinner. Jungkook walked over and wrapped his arms around her telling her that he was sorry and that he couldn’t promise her that he would never do it again.
“Yeah whatever.” She said still pouting. “Is there anything that I can to do help?” He asked. “No, but if you want, go and pick a movie you would like to watch.” She told him. He gave he a quick kiss on her cheek before walking into the living room. Looking at her movies he picked three that he liked. Two were action movies and the other was a romantic comedy. He didn’t care what they watched.
Ji Su put the food on plates and carried them to the living room, placing the plates on the coffee table. They ate in silence saying a few things here and there. When they finished, Jungkook, helped with washing and putting away. Once that was all completed, Ji Su grabbed one of the movies that Jungkook picked.
Jungkook sat down on the couch and waited until Ji Su got the movie started and sat down next to him. Wrapping his arms around her, she snuggled closer loving his musky woods scent. While they watched the movie, Ji Su couldn’t help, but think how safe she felt being in his arms. She looked up at him seeing his eyes shine watching the action unfold in the movie.
“I love you.” She said in a low whisper. Jungkook turned to face her, his eyes shining brighter like starlight.
“I love you too.” He said leaning down to kiss her.
“Did he get the message?” Jae asked his sectary who was standing in from of him.
“I’m not sure as they were seen shopping and smiling.” His sectary shared with him while handing an envelope. Jae took the it and opened it. Photos were inside showing a young man beating another young man. A smirked appeared on Jae’s face.
“Send these to her. Maybe she’ll understand and leave him.” Handing the envelope back, a woman in a tight red dress walked in.
“Oppa, you ready for dinner?” She asked.
“I’m all finished here. Where would you like to go for dinner Lee?” Jae asked her as he took her hand in his while they walked out.

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