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How exactly should I start this? I mean, just his existence is a reason to love him. Hey Anna. You are already being too biased...

1. He is absolutely adorable, even if he is "allergic" to aegyo.
2. He speaks English incredibly well. Sometimes I think he speaks better English than I do
3. Have you heard this man rap? If you feel attacked, I will apologize for this video, especially since the person who made the video started off with Young. Have fun
4. His calmness (bravery if you ask me) he has on that one pirate ship thing. I absolutely hate these rides with a burning passion. I am Kihyun and Wonho when it comes to these rides and I never, I repeat, never want to go on one of those rides ever again in my life. I do not know how he manages to keep such a straight face. You go I.M. You go.
5. He is the maknae and deserves all the love just as much as all the other members do! Changkyun is always there to make us happy and his hyungs. He is incredibly caring and I just really love this man with all of my heart. Monsta X just wouldn't be the same without him. We need our Maknae. Also, here's some funny clips of I.M that I love watching.
And here is an emotional one that almost made me cry... It shows how much he has worked to get to where he is today and you get to know him and appreciate him even more. Plus you get to see predebut I.M. Excuse me while I go cry now.
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I still can't get over I.M. being maknae of Monsta X. He's so mature for being maknae 😀
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@Changkyunie Right! Those are the moments that make you question, is he really the maknae? 😂