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Please forgive me and my constant tardieness with posting these cards. Well anyway lets get to it!
Waifu Wednesday on Saturday and this weeks theme was all about the lovely ladies that live thier lives with music. And here is who I chose, from the new on-going anime Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) I present the amazing Arisugawa Nino!!
I never heard of this manga or anything about it but after watching the firat episode i am absolutly in love! Not just with her but her voice and the entire anime! Even with all the great anime airing this season, for me this one is steadily climbing to the top!
I dont know much outside of what I learned from the anime so I wont say much about it, instead ill let you all watch it and you'll see why I love it so much!!
If you havent seen this anime go watch it!!! This is from the first episode, check it out and find out exactly why I feel in live with her and her voice!

Tagging some of thw Waifu crew! (If you want added let me know!)