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...I'm So Sorry...



Kim Taehyung carries his heavy feet down the road with his back slouched slightly, making his way towards the hospital. He refuses to get back into a car after the event that took place not too long ago.

Him & his lover, Park Jimin were arguing... He doesn't remember what, but he knew it was something petty. They argue all the time, but this one really strike a cord with him. All the shouting & swearing made him forget about the road, along with the many cars in front of them.

& then...

"Someone, call 911! There's been a horrible crash, there's people inside that car!" A woman shouted with intense fear. The loud sound of sirens & honking from cars were the last things​ he heard before blacking out.

He remembers waking up in the emergency room, in complete pain, yet he felt so numb. His vision was blurry, but it was slowly coming back. Doctors & nurses quickly rush to his aid after he wakes up.

"...Jimin..." He says quietly. "... Where's Jimin...?"

Taehyung manages to turn his head just a bit, enough for him to see the bed & the person next to him, along with the nurses doing all they could to help the patient. That patient was Jimin. He wasn't waking up, so they rushed to hook the life support to him.

He couldn't​ do nor say anything besides watch helplessly​ as his unconscious boyfriend gets completely hooked up as the doctors tried to save his life. Why wasn't it him? He felt like this was all his fault... he could've​ stopped arguing before it gotten worse... He could've kept his eyes focused on the road, instead of what they were bickering about until they got home... He could've done something different...

But nothing could change what happened...


Taehyung arrives at the hospital with his head down & his hook up. He makes his way slowly towards the main desk.

"I'm here to see Park Jimin." He says.

"Ok, may I ask your name?" The nurse asked.

"Kim Taehyung."

"What's your relation with him?"

"I'm his boyfriend." He then hands the nurse his ID for her to look over, gives him a green wristband & he was through.

Taehyung takes the elevator to the 7th floor of the emergency section of the hospital. As he waited for the elevator to reach his destination, he pulls out his phone & looks through the many pictures​ he took with Jimin.
Taehyung felt tears forming in his eyes as he looked at the last selca the took together... He thinks about all the adorable, emotional, & loving times they've had together... He wishes he could have those moments with him one more time, he'd give anything & everything he has to do so...

The sound of the elevator beep breaks him out of his 'trance state.' He turns off his phone & shoves it back into his pocket as he makes his way down the hall.

He slowly made his way down the hall, feeling an unbearable amount of guilt as he looked for Jimin's room number. Taehyung gets to the end of the hall & found the same room he first saw Jimin after the accident: Room number 301.

Taehyung stared blankly at the door, mentally preparing himself for what was about to happen. He shakily lifted his hand towards the doorknob​, clenching his other hand into a fist before finally opening it & entering.

"I'm back Jimin, did you miss me?" He says with a weak smile. Jimin doesn't answer. He was completely unconscious, hooked on to many wires that lead to the I.V, oxygen tank, etc.

"Giving me the silent treatment again?" Taehyung takes a seat next to Jimin's bed. He carefully moves the small strands of his blond hair away from his face.

"You have every right to ignore me..." He takes his hands away from Jimin's hair & gently ran his fingers in his cheeks.

"You know I love you right? Whatever I shout during a stupid argument doesn't mean anything..."

"When you wake up, you can yell, shout, swear at me... I'll be totally okay with it. I deserve it anyways..."

"I'll be right here for you... even if you woke up tomorrow, next month, or next year... I'll be right here, by your side.." Taehyung's voice cracks as he tried to fight back the tears & the large lumpy feeling in his throat.

He quickly wipes his eyes from the sound of someone​ knocking on the door. A doctor steps to complete his job.

"Are you ready Mr. Kim?" The doctor asks. Taehyung hurtfully nods his head & nuzzles his head gently into Jimin's neck.

"I love you so much... I won't forget you, I promise." Taehyung reaches for Jimin's hand & grasps it tightly as he watches the doctor walks over to Jimin's life support, waiting for Taehyung to give his word. He swallows hard before he speaks.

"...Cut the cord..." The doctor nods his head slowly before doing the deed.

Beep... Beep... Be...ep... The sound of the I.V was now gone, leaving the room in complete silence along with the soft cries Taehyung couldn't hold back any longer.

Park Jimin is now pronounced dead.




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