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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Mintaek's POV

Her anger had left her now but he couldn't deny the things that she had said to him. She was right he was relying a lot more on their Mark than anything. He believed that the Mark was going to make them stronger as a couple, bring them closer together but admittedly he didn't understand the Mark as well as he would like to. He thought that when he chose a Marker the connection was instantaneous. She would love him, she wouldn't have him. She would obey him, not that he wanted her to be a salve but she wouldn't be out right going out of her way to give him hell which only caused him more problems with the Grand Elders. She was understand more about the Mark than he was. Maybe it wasn't the Mark she was understand at all though. Maybe it was just how she was feeling.

It made sense, it was just how relationship were supposed to be but Y/n was his first relationship. He was baffled when he thought about it. A few women he had slept with before he was put to sleep but that more when they had that little under ground club he snuck into when his parents weren't watching him or when he'd slip past the whirlpool and go to Earth. Back then they called them something else, brothel's or something. Now they were much more extravagant with it. It wasn't that humans weren't still juding others that worked in them or even the one that visited them but it was just a lot more flash to it. When he'd woken up from his sleep though he was eager to get to her. He wanted her. He wondered if she was questioning his feelings for her. That's why he never wanted to tell her about dreaming of her and seeing her whole life play out for him while he slept. He didn't want her believing that he wasn't really in love with her it was just some duty of his. He didn't want her thinking it was just because she was implanted in his head that he thought he had feelings for her. He loved her in his sleep but when he met her, he truly fell in love with her. He did more for her then because he couldn't utlizie the information that the Mark would give him like how she was feeling. Even still, now he had the Mark and he knew how she was feeling and it was still the wrong thing. He already knew he had broken her trust but somehow now he was beginning to see just how much of the villian he was in her eyes.
He had gotten her to her locker room and she went to her mailbox to get her weapons out. He pulled out her staff that could collapse and become smaller or extend and become longer. She started to pull off her clothes so that she could change into her match clothes. He couldn't help but stare at her bare breast, her nipples were perked up and he wanted badly to lick them and touch her. He looked away trying not to give into that feeling he would only be making things worse between them. She slipped on her shirt and pants and let the staff hang on her waist and then she grabbed out her chain scythe. She liked that weapon and it was good for her no many people liked it but it had a flaw to it that even she saw. It was all about timing and whether or not her opponent moved when she threw it. She had used it in smart ways that first year that won her a lot of matches, which was probably why so many male Vampires were aggressive towards her. She looked over at him and stared for a moment before she walked past him silently. She hated these matches. It was a display of how well she could fight but she knew her ability to fight, she was the daughter of a Fae Warrior and the first guard of the Faery Queen. It was naturally in her blood to be a warrior. Still it was the human side in her that found it annoying to have to prove that. Fae normally jumped at the opprotunity to show their power and how well they could fight but Y/n wanted nothing to do with it. They came to the Royal hall and she stood by the path to the lower level. She probably felt like a monkey having to bend to her Masters will. She was just a tool at least that's what she felt like, that the Grand Elders were trying to use her as an example. One day when they decided to take action against her she would know why. They didn't like her but Mintaek loved her, more than he could understand himself. He felt the annoyance in her and he didn't know what to do. He was relying on his insight too much. He used to tell when she was sad by the was she stood, or the way her eyes sat low. He was looking at her to see if he could tell how she felt without the Mark. It was hard he wasn't sure how she was feeling because she looked as she always did when she was with him.

She looked like she was pissed.

"Is there something that you would like to say before you walk out?" Mintaek asked thinking that could be his first step.

Just asking.

She looked at him. She blinked silently then turned back to look out at the combat floor.

"This place is like gladiators, except you don't have to die. In fact, they perfer you not to. Janera said something to me that I've been wondering about- if Marks are being trained to fight and meant to breed does that mean that the Society is building an army?" she asked.

Mintaek looked away from her. It was best to tell the truth wasn't it?

"Yes." he said lowly.

She nodded,

"You knew this back then. Is that why you drug me here? Did you think you were running out of time? The Grand Elders always wanted to see me fight more than they wanted to see anyone else. So you knew they wanted to see how capable I was at fighting but why? Is it because you're a prince or is it because I'm half Fae? Is it because my mother was a Fae Warrior?"

Mintaek wondered how many answers Janera had given her. He didn't know that she knew her mother's role in the Fae community. He didn't want to lie, he wanted to rebuild this plus if he lied and Janera had given her the truth he would've been caught in the lie immediately and done more damage to their relationship. He tried to settle his heart, he should just speak honestly.

"Those two a only apart of the puzzle. They believe you're the one to help us win this war but if you can not fight, if you can not lead then they see it as a loss cause."

"If I can't lead? Lead with you?" she asked.

He nodded. She scoffed but it was more like she found that funny than that it annoyed her. Mintaek actually felt disheartend by that. He heard her whisper,

"Now I see what she means."

Maybe Janera had told her something she turned back to him and cupped his face and pulled him down to kiss her. When her lips touched his roughly he couldn't take it, he couldn't hold it back. He pressed her up against the wall and kissed her harder. He heard a little moan out of her mouth and his fangs came out by accident. He pulled away to get breath.

"I'm sorry." he apologized about taking out his fangs during the kiss.

She exhaled softly to slow her beating heart. She looked to the entrance again and said,

"Protect our son." she said.


"If you're my Mate and I'm your Mark you take on my baggage the same way I take on yours. I don't like having to kiss ass and suck up to others but I'll do what needs to be done for your sake. I trust you'll do the same for me. Digit is my son therefore he is yours. Protect him." she said.

She walked out to the combat floor. Mintaek watched her, how could she care so much about a wolf?

She lost a baby...

Any child at the moment would be a blessing to her. He meant a lot to her. He headed upstairs and tried to put aside his annoyance of wolves. Hyun Jung and Nano were sitting between him and Mintaek dismissed Nano so that he could sit next to the boy. Digit looked up at him and smiled,

"She's a great fighter right? I'm excited to see it."

Digit spoke to him as purely as a child could. Where he saw a wolf Digit saw nothing. He didn't really see the hate between the races he just saw a man that loved the woman that would now be his mother. He was a smart kid, he knew what pulled Wolves and Vampires apart was territory stole, holy ground disrupted, killings that were unjust but he also saw that not every Vampire was like how to tales told and he was starting to see how not every Wolf was how the tales told. Even if he was a child. Mintaek forced a small smile and nodded. Digit smiled bigger and then turned to look at Y/n walking out with her chain scythe in her hand. The Grand Elders were looking at Digit in a suspicious sort of way, they didn't like his sudden arrival or that Y/n was taking care of him. They were probably plotting a way to get rid of him, Y/n wouldn't be happy about that. They soon turned their attation to the combat floor and Hyukwoo stood at the bottom between both Jay and Y/n. Hyukwoo suddenly stopped and said,

"This exhibition match will be two on one. Park Jaebeom and Jung Kiseok against Y/n the Mark of Prince Oh Mintaek."

Mintaek looked to the Grand Elders,

"What the hell is that, that's not what was agreed." he said

The Grand Elders looked at him and said,

"But it is what will be done anyway. One on one is easy to do two on one is a challenge." Thanton said.

"That's not an excuse Thanton, you can't just take her by surprise like that." he said angry.

"I strongly advise you to control your anger around the child. You could hurt him." Thanton retorted.

Mintaek knew damn well he didn't give a shit about Digit and that he was basically just telling him to shut the hell up but this was what as causing the rift between them. He followed after them more than worrying about how she felt. He acted like what they said went over her feelings. He was frustrated now, he could see it now. He wasn't sure why he could see it now but he could and that was eating away at him.

"He won't hurt me." Digit said looking down at Y/n.

"I'm sure he won't. Momma will be fine." he said.

Mintaek looked down at Digit in shock that he called her momma. It was adorable but he never thought he'd hear a child call her that. It hurt and felt amazing at the same time. Mintaek looked out to the combat floor and Hyukwoo announced the beginning of the battle. Kiseok came from behind her with his sword swinging high and Jay came to attack low. She quickly whipped the chain out to latch onto Jay's leg by holding on the wooden end of her scythe. She leaned back just in time to used her staff to block Kiseok's attack. She yanked Jay off his feet and kicked Kiseok away. She pulled her chain back and Kiseok came at her again. She blocked by swinging her scythe in front of his sword which only forced it to move in a different direction but gave her time to move out of the way. She Jay swung behind her and she ducked locking his arm in the chain and flipping him over. She used the chain to wrap him up and then came for Kiseok. She extended her staff and they sword and the staff clashed together. Her staff was made of a decently hard metal but Minatek could see it breaking sometime soon. He looked to Jay who was still struggling to get out of the chains. She back up and hyper extended the staff into Kiseok's stomach. She had timed it well. His sword had been coming for her face and she ducked under it fast enough to miss. She switched her stance and disarmed Kiseok just as Jay had freed himself from the chains. He used her scythe chain and swung it at her. She quickly used the floors texture with her pants to drop to the floor and slide to get to Jay's feet. She kicked him in the back of the leg to make him drop. She started wrapping the chain around Jay's neck and pullled on him as hard as she could. Kiseok came up behind her and tossed her to the side. She hit the ground hard but she was a tough girl. She got back up quickly. He couldn't sense any fear from her just more and more annoyance. She looked at Jay and Kiseok knowing they had the speed but she had the skill. She could fight them.

Mintaek was excited by the fight it seemed much more competetive than it did before. She shortened her staff again but held it out from her body. Kiseok took back his sword and Jay and Kiseok watched her. She stared at them. Kiseok then flitted in front of her coming down with a slash. Jay was behind her kicking her leg back making her drop the block from his sword. She switched sides avoiding the backlash of his sword. She extended the back of her staff hitting Jay then flipped it around to wack Kiseok in the face. Jay was back on her ass like a leech. He caught her arms to lock them. Kiseok came towards her and she quickly jerked her head back to hit Jay in the face. She leaned back with Jay and kicked Kiseok's sword away. She wacked Jay with the staff and hit Kiseok low on his shins. She kicked Kiseok in the face then turned quickly as Jay was coming back to block a punch by swatting his arm like she was playing baseball. She kicked him in the stomach then swatted him in the face with the staff. She twisted his arm back and dislocated his shoulder making Jay scream out. Kiseok had gotten back up and ducked under her swing. He lifted her off the ground and slammed her into the floor taking the wind out of her. Mintaek looked to Digit who had been watching intensely but his expression hadn't change a minute. He looked back down at Kiseok aiming for her face but her guard was up to protect herself. She finally gripped both his wrists and they struggled. She was trying to pull him off of her, he was trying to push his weight back onto her. Mintaek was getting increasingly annoyed by this but he tried to keep his attitude in check. She ended up biting his arm making him recoil back. She brought her knees into her chest and pushed up to kick him in the face. She stood up and kicked Jay in the face knocking him out cold. She must've sense him trying to push his arm back into its socket. She came to Kiseok and kneed him in the face. His blood trickled down his nose. He quickly moved and got up. He kicked her from behind knocking her down and kicking her in the stomach .She cough out blood from the intense force of the kick and Mintaek growled lowly. His teeth had popped out and he was ready to bite Kiseok's head off.
Kiseok placed his hand on her throat and lifted her up. She groaned and her hand went to his wrist. She kicked up enough momentum to hit him in the face. She landed on her feet coughing and Kiseok cam back to her. She ducked under his punch and looped her arm around his opposite arm. She closed the space between their bodies and her hand came to his neck. There was a blade in he hand that even with Mintaek's intense watching he didn't notice how it got there.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" she yelled into the room.

Her eyes flashed up at the Grand Elders. She broke Kiseok's leg swiftly and walked up closer. The grand Elders looked down at her with stiff faces the same as ever. She showed them her blade a slight smirk was on her face.

"There's a warriors blood in me. Three years out of your care didn't make me rusty, it enlightend me. You will not challenge me again do not force Mintaek into making me do this again. I will train how I see fit and I have nothing to prove to you." the growl in her voice was undeniable.

Thanton cracked a smirk and whispered,

"Spoken like a true Queen."

"The winner of this exhibition match goes to Y/n. You've pleased the Grand Elders. Congradulations." Hyukwoo announced.

She looked at him and nodded. Mintaek looked at her hand and saw the knife dissolve. He thought back to the first nihgt he brought her back. She had cut her wrist but he was sure he hadn't left a knife in the room. He never saw her hide it or get rid of it but he couldn't find it afterwards. She hadn't brought it or snuck it in, she had conjured it. Digit stood up clapping but he was so excited about her win that he howled like wolves do in celebration. He instantly felt the jolt in Y/n's heart. She ran as fast as she could to get to them. The Grand Elders stoo up and Mintaek pulled Digit behind him.

"That boy is a wolf. I knew there was something off about him." Mist another Elder hissed.

Y/n was up there in no time and she grabbed onto Digit quickly.

"What is a wolf doing in the Society?" Thanton asked.

"He's our son." Mintaek said.

He didn't necessarily see him as his son just yet but Y/n had said he was. He was their son, if she claimed him then he had to as well. They shared their with each other this would count as well.

"Your son, neither on of you are wolves. So you've taken to adoption? Markers are meant to breed not adopt." Thanton said.

Y/n stood up and said,

"Okay first off I'm not a damn baby making factory okay. When the time comes a baby will show up but Digit is still our son. He has no family so I don't care if it gets your panties in a bunch we're keeping him here with us. Or would you rather me live with him back on earth and away from you?"

Mintaek stoo his ground in front of them.

"What do you have to say about this Mintaek?" Thanton said.

"I say that Y/n has already told you what you wanted to know. Either he lives here with us or we go to Earth."

He felt her heart skip. He had choosen the Grand Elders over her feelings too many times this time he had to be on her side.

"You would disobey us?" Seonghwa said, the third Grand elder.

"I choose to follow my mate and my Mark. What is the point of us being together if I don't respect her wishes. Look at where that pattern has gotten me now. I've chosen you over her out of respect and out of obedience for the old ways. However, this is thousands of years later. I've dreamt of her and now I'm here with her and I'd much rather her love me the same way I love her than think of me an her enemy. You' said so yourself. There's an age of change coming into the Society. The packs numbers have fallen, the Fae are in hiding, a trinity had been divided but you stand here right now a representitive of three races, and two worlds. Here and earth, Fae, Wolf and Vampire. It's a better unity than we could've ever asked for. We got what we wanted. I can't continue to put you before her. I shouldn't have done it in the first place. That's what I've decided." he said.

Mintaek turned to Y/n and she stood up straight holding Digit head close to her leg. He walked up to her and place his hand on top of the one on Digit's head. Digit looked up at them but Mintaek was focused on her eyes.

"I should take you to see your brothers." he said softly.

She nodded but she was silent. He allowed Digit to walk in front of them and they headed for the whirlpool. Mintaek walked behind her and tried to gague how she was feeling. The quetions in his head was just that.

How are you feeling? Do you think we can fix this?

He had hope for their future. He just couldn't allow himself to keep putting himself or the Society before her....

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