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The GOT7 community is joining once more to the Multi Communities Fanfiction Spring Event..
Hey everyone!! where are all my kids..all the members of these Awesome GOT7
This EVENT will run from May 7th to the 21th.. it will be Spring Theme. I invite all you to participate to make fun.
So come on writers start getting your tools wait to read spring themes can fics with our boys..well you know how some of them like picnic by the Han gang ..hehe

Ok Let's talk about the GOT7 community rules..
* If you are writing a smut please be considerate of minors and please post warnings..
*Theme Spring.
* GOT7 must be included or your GOT7 bias of your favorite Ship.. Whoever GOT7, Yes you might I include other members of other groups in the Fanfics but don't forget GOT7 are the main ..
*No word limits..but be considerate..of Mods..we have to read many
*Mods. Team members are allowed but can not vote on their own stories..
Here is the Main card with the posted general guide lines and prizes ⤵️⤵️
come everyone lets participate..
I can't wait to read all of your one shot stories.
I will make a collection for the GOT7 community entries..and for us to find it faster..
So ..lets get to our first

So let's have Spring Fun!!

IGOT7 TEAM & Community Supporters

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