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Hello Royal Family! It is Suki, here with our challenge of Bias vs, Bias. So in this challenge let's see who will measure up. Minsu looks kind of worry and OneJunn seems to have his guns out. Let the show down begin.
I would date OneJunn! Besides him being my bias and being so cute. He is also funny. I feel that he would make me laugh all the time. I mean just look at him.....
I would have to pick OneJunn for this one too. I would save hime if he was falling off a cliff. He is so cute with animals. I mean look he even put in the same bow.
I would have to lose my memory of bias #2 Minsu. I mean he is sometimes unforgettable but there are times I wish I could earse my memory of these....
Just to many flowers for me. And I think OneJunn agrees.
I am sorry OneJunn in a concert between you and Minsu, I would have to go see Minsu. He seems to enjoy being in front of the mic.
If one of them would propose to me, I would have to choose OneJunn!!! He would bring me flowers, keep me entertained with his sillyness, he would be there to comfort me when I am sad and he would feed me. I am a simple girl.
Well this comes to the end of Bias vs Bias! I hope you enkoyed this! Let me know who your bias vs bias would be. Till next time stay Royal!

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So who is the Winner? They seem pretty close to me 😉
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@sukkyongwanser Awesome!