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Way back in the day (okay, 2-ish years ago) iKon announced its fandom color and some people were a little upset.

And by some people I mean Cassiopeia, TVXQ's fandom, and the largest fan club in the world.

The color chosen by iKon happened to be similar if not identical to TVXQ's famous Pearl Red, and a number of (very wealthy) Chinese fans decided to remind iKon of that.

They hired buses to drive around the area of iKon's concert/showcase. They took out bus stop ads, they even bought advertising space on the buzzers used to call out people's orders in cafes in the surrounding areas.
They all basically say the same this - “TVXQ has been using pearl red as the official color since December 26, 2003. Hoobae-nims, please respect it!!”

Now I'm not saying this is right, but DAMN that is dedication on the TVXQ fans' part.

But really - there are only so many colors, can't we all just get along?
That's a bit excessive... I don't really agree with the extra level of rudeness but I do respect the devotion to the fandom
dude, there are many shades of red
I remember this and yeah there's only so many colors get over it.
arent there even fandoms of other groups that have the same colors like the heck
I remember this. It makes me really happy to know that tvxq has such devoted fans (myself included) because they deserve it after everything the group has been through. As an ikonic I do think that the extent they went to was a bit too much though. Like you said, there are only so many colors.
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