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Chanyeol Prom Game Card 3
The last enstallment of cards for Chanyeol.
You and Chanyeol arrive at the hotel ballroom where the prom is taking place. All eyes are on the two of you as you enter the room. Chanyeol take ahold of your hand, smiles at you and enters. Okay pick a theme to bring this baby home! What kind of prom will you have?

Scenario 1.
Scenario 2

Scenario 3

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I want to say 2...but I don't wanna lose him by accident. I'll go with #1. Channy is so cute in his Mickey hat for Peter Pan.
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2 please!! 馃槃
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Scenario 3
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I was gonna continue the trend of 2s but I want number 3 soooo #3!
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