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Ingredients: * 0.75 oz rye whiskey * 0.75 oz lemon juice * 0.75 oz maraschino liqueur * 0.75 oz green chartreuse Shaken on ice, double strained Background This is a variation on the Last Word cocktail, a cocktail that originated in the 1920s in the Detroit Athletic Club, before being published in Bottom’s Up! by Ted Saucier in 1951. It fell off the radar until 2004, when Murray Stenson, who seemingly single-handedly developed the cocktail scene in my hometown of Seattle, came across the Last Word and began serving it at his first joint, Zig Zag Café. The Final Ward cocktail is a variation on the Last Word that substitutes rye whiskey and lemon juice in place of the original gin and lime. This is a great example of what seems to be a very simple and straightforward substitution, but because of its thoughtfulness, has become established as a well-known cocktail in its own right. It was conceived of by the famed bartender Phil Ward of Death + Company, a highly regarded cocktail bar in New York City. Its name is obviously derived from the Last Word, comprised of half synonym (Last:Final), and half homonym (Word:Ward), that may give a slight nod to the Ward 8 cocktail that also calls for rye whiskey.