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Yoongi was Sweating, full on sweating. The manager said he would be right back! It's now been 15 minutes that he's been sitting in this hell heat . Yeah he had the window on his side of the car rolled down, but there wasn't even a single breeze. Yoongi even had to position his body so his back would stick to his shirt, sighing he really wish he was somewhere cool.

Yoongi lifts his head when he hears a knock at the othe side of the car and see's Hoseok. "Open the door." "are you sure its just as hot in here as it is outside." hoseok makes a face at the older boy and yoongi opens the door. "Have you seen the manager?" "Yeah he said he will be out in 5 minutes." "I don't think i'm going to survive another five minutes."

Hoseok and Yoongi look at eachother and sigh. "This heatwave is ridiculous." Hoseok nods his head in agreement. "You wanna play a game?" Yoongi frowns because he really doesn't want to but it would help to pass the time. "Fine what game?" "Rock, Paper -" "No!" "Come on yoongi what do you want to play then." "With you preferably." Hoseok blushes immediately, because Yoongi affects him way too much.

"I'm sorry i took so long." The manager says looking directly at yoongi. "It's fine i only melted five times." The manager rolled his eyes at yoongi and started the car. "By the way the others won't be home when you get there due to other schedules, so is there anywhere else that you guys would like to go." "No." Hoseok honestly has to agree with yoongi, its way too hot to do anything outside. Their manager drops both of the boy off after telling them he'll be back around 7 pm with the other boys.

After stuffing his duffle bag in his closet Yoongi collapses on top of his bed, just happy to be home.However it doesn't last long because Hoseok takes an invite right on yoongis back. "Hoseok its too hot for this." He exclaimed. "Hyung i want to play a game." "I'm not playing rock,paper, scissors with you." Hoseok punches yoongi playfully "Thats not what i meant, i want to play the game you suggested." it takes a bit for yoongi to register what hoseok said, and then it clicked. Yoongi was just joking. "Not today alright." "Hyung this is your fault, you should take responsibility." "I'm serious Hoseok." So am i.

Hoseok kisses yoongi's neck softly making the older boy emit a low whine. "Its too hot for this." "Then i'll do all the work today." Yoongi turns around to face Hoseok and Hoseok starts to unbotton Yoongi dress shirt but with each button his places a kiss after wards. and finishes by placing a seductive lick below yoongis navel.  Yoongis breath starts to quicken, and he hates it,  he hates Hoseok for this. But he knows he isn't going to stop whats about to happen.

Hoseok trails his hand into the waist band of yoongis pants and gives a few generous pats to yoongis tip, just enough for the older to emit pre cum.  Then he wraps his hand around the length and gives a few strokes. "Quit playing around." Hoseok looks up from his task to see yoongi perfectly inflamed face. Cute. Hoseok increases his pace on yoongi shaft, while he can see the other trying to maintain his control. "Hoseok!" "Yes, what is it yoongi." Hoseoks question is answered with another one of yoongi's mind boggling moans. "Tell daddy what you want." Yoongi glares at hoseok and he knows that he isn't going down with out  a fight.

Hoseok moves his head to face yoongi's tip and give it a rough lick. "AH!" afterwards he takes Yoongi in whole. Sucking roughly everytime he lift his head up. "Fuck, Hobie -" Yoongi grabs hoseoks hair as his legs begin to shake. "Hoseok , please! i want you." Hoseok release yoongi and looks at the older. "Was that so hard to say." "Fuck you!"  Hoseok moves his hand to the yoongis entrance and teases the opening. "FUCK! Hobie." "Ready baby boy?"

Yoogi weighs his option he can either get dicked out now, or be an asshole and have to wait, But he's so needy right now, his pride can come later. "Fuck me daddy." Hoseok positions his hips with yoongi's entrance. "Go fast." Hoseok is used to this, he guides his member to yoongi entrance and gives a rough first thrust making yoongis back arch off the bed. Hoseok gives a a rough second  and thrid as he starts to increase his pace. "You like this?" "Yes daddy please, Fuck me please." Hoseok increases his pace until all that can be heard is skin against skin and yoongi's moans. Yoongi is so tight, Hoseok can feel his control of reality slipping. And yeah okay it's hot as hell, and Hoseok is making it even hotter, but Yoongi is loving this moment.
Hoseok and yoongi both climax at the sam time both breathing heavy against eachother, bothe semingly content. "I said no." "Thats not what your action said." Yoongi punches Hoseok and swears. "hey Yoongi i have a questions for you." "What?"

"When did the TV down stairs turn on.?" Yoongi and Hoseok look at eachother and then at the clock. 7:45 p.m. "I'm guessing about 45 minutes ago."

Yoongi could swear the room just got a whole bunch colder.
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